Saturday, February 26, 2011

One step closer to Disney World Florida

Hmmm..waiting her to announce the result is unforgettable moment for me. Because I have to prepare for 2 things, bad and good things..
actually i'm soooo freakin' out, scared to hear the result..she told me that she will announce it before 23rd December..but til that time she hasn't announced yet. Sendol joined this program too..he interviewed on 22nd December'10, that was his 2nd try for this program. He hopes that he will go together with me. And Sue told him that he will got the result at 2nd weeks of January.

Finally Jean called me at that morning (1st week of January) and asking me to check my mail coz Seandy has been accepted to this program. That news made shocked and I'm cried that day..I can't holding back my tears at that time..I checked my mail but there is no mail from Sue. I kinda desperated at that day, because I really wanna do this program, working overseas, meeting new people around the world everyday, kids, youth people, families, new friends, it's gonna be amazing days for me. Everyone loves Disney Character, Who's not??

And then on that Friday noon, it's mean Saturday morning around 4 am..i got an email, from Sue. Suddenly i felt so scared to open that mail. That's the answer for my prays, I've been waiting for so long for this. At night before I do some chit chat with Seandy, he tried to convince me that no worries about the result because he and her sister, Jean were pretty sure that I will accepted. Thinking about Keep The Faith too was make me strong enough. At the first time I saw the email, I just read that glanced then I cried because there was no such a word like "Congratulations...bla bla bla.." like Seandy had for his email. I cried..cried n cried..*sob sob sob then I 'm trying to understand again what that email actually wanna said to me..and yess I missed that. I want to ask my cousin first regarding this email..and I tweeted so much regarding this email..hahaha..

On 8th January 2011, i tweeted as my doubts :
"Finally she replied my email,omooo..what is it mean?Do I accepted?But not going this year?Huwaaaaa..this is so ambiguous n freakin me out!!"
"I need my cousin to explain all these things..TT TT what's the meaning and I need to convince that a bad news or good news??"
"And this email makes me hard to go back to sleep..*sigh sigh sigh it's 5am n weekend, no wonder she hasn't reply yet~"
"no worries~ apa ini maksudnya??? plis jgn bikin klo baca email ini kykny artiny itu..huwaaaa spups cpt bls bbm gueee TT TT"
"If I got accepted n still need a long time to go..should I keep looking for another new job while waiting for the day?? Big question~"
"Or maybe I'll try for kinda job with short period or just take its probation..coz act I'm afraid to stay any longer in my off."
"I have trip plan in March, June & September..will hard to take permission coz I haven't get my leave if new office~"
"plus JYJ Concert which I don't know what month exactly..aigooo when will I save my money??kkk xDD"
"If next year then I should forget korean trip for a while..I want to book my tic by myself too so they don't need to deduct my salary :D"
"Too much if since I got her replied..haha..but God thank you very much, I'm so thankful to let me had tht intvw..great experience~"

And finally my cousin bbm and she told me the answer regarding Sue's answer. So I've been accepted buat I'm not going this year except there is cancellation!!!

"Yes, I've been accepted but I'm not going this year except there is cancellation, I'm in waiting list and when it's my turn~"

Thank you so much God, You hear my prays~~~~ geeeeezzzzz I'm dying in happiness because of this matter


Below is her email for anounce the results..:D
Hi Trita,

Will certainly keep you in mind.

Take care,



Hi Sue,

Thank you very much too for giving me a chance to interview last December.

I do understand about the limited number of positions and accept your offers.

Please kindly inform me if there is any available position.

I would love to do this program.

Once again thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Trita MJ

Always Keep The Faith~


Hi Trita,

Thank you for taking the time to interview with me for the Cultural Representative Program.

Due to the limited number of positions we have for this program, we have made our offers.

We will keep your application on file for any future openings or cancellations.  Please realize you did a good job in the interview.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our Cultural Representative Program.

Best regards,

Sue Sharpe

International Recruitment Recruiter

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  1. Hi Trita,

    Would you by chance have Sue's email address? Thanks.


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