Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trip to Bangka Island - 2/2

Day 3 – Sunday, 5 August 2012
Went to the church (HKBP Pangkalpinang) in early morning 7 AM coz there is only 2 times, another one in Batak language which I wouldn’t understand :D we had breakfast around Bintang area, Mian (Mie) Bangka..this noodle is so delicious, not to thick and there are so many people at that place, my friend said its famous place & no wonder ^^. Plan for that day is going to the beach at Sungailiat. Me & my friend’s family went at 2 PM to Tanjung Pesona Beach journey took ±1 hour @IDR 10,000, there were many people on that beach. There is also many room to rent on that beach, this beach surrounded by big & beautiful granite, had so many spots to take pictures J I like this beach!! Some area covered with trees so not really hot. Exploring the beach til corner..quite far from our starting point :D but interesting for me. From there we went to Parai Tenggiri Beach, still at Sungailiat. Since this beach organized by Hotel so entrance fee lil bit pricey @IDR 25,000 for adult, IDR 20,000 for children if you just go to the beach & IDR 30,000 if you want to swimming. And wowww this beach is really clean, same like Tanjung Pesona which surrounded by big & beautiful granite. At this beach, you can also play water sport. On the left side from entrance there is ‘The Rock Island Grill & Bar’ while you eat, you can also enjoy the weather & wonderful scenery, cool!! I climbed up rock behind that place, and daebakkk!! I love itttt..sooo beautiful ^^b anyway beside water sport & hotel there’s also another cafĂ© & swimming pool inside this area. And you can exchange your tix with free soft drink. This Parai Tenggiri Beach becomes my favorite beach at Bangka Island, recommended! :D
at Bintang area
Mian (Mie) Bangka
at Tanjung Pesona Beach
those big rocks looks awesome~!! ^^
yunho style :D
(MAX)imum power, hwaiting~!!! XDD
Always Keep The Faith~~ n__n
old Superman~~!! :D
Parai Tenggiri Beach
swimming pool~
junchan love this~~ coconut >.<
Day 4 – Monday, 6 August 2012
Today’s schedule is culinary time!! Since Bangka known with their tasty yummy food so I will hunting for sure :D i was feel so grateful coz I met Sen from CS Bangka. She will accompanying me to go around Pangkalpinang with her big motorcycle ^^ she knows a lot about food in Bangka. Our journey start at 9 AM, first meal is Thew Fu Kok IDR 12,500 at Pasir Putih area, its a bowl filled with meatball made of fish, dumplings, soybean etc. Next place is Waroeng Kopi Tung Tau, I ordered coffee with milk IDR 5,000 & toast cheese-chocolate IDR 13,000, this place already been since 1938, most of customers are adult. I love their coffee & toast, usually when I bought toast, ppl always use dry bread but this is different & oishiiii J From tasty coffee we moved to  Mie Koba IDR 9,000, this noodle is not really different with Mie Ayam (chicken noodle) but the one that made different is the soup(broth) made by fish. My stomach already full so while waiting til the food going down :D we went to LCK at Jl. Jend. Sudirman to buy snacks for gift to my family. Bangka known with its chips made by fish, so I bought many chips with various flavour. I feel like wanna buy & taste all of it!! Along Jl. Jend. Sudirman there are so many store whose sell chips or souvenirs. Finished with buying snacks, we went to Otak-otak Amui, some ppl recommended this place @IDR 2,000 they also sell Pempek, the taste?? Hmm for me who already tried Otak-otak at Belinyu, Otak-otak Belinyu is the best & more tasty than this one. Took my bag then we went to one more place Resto Anggrek to tried Es Anggrek IDR 15,000. This Es Anggrek not much different with Es Campur, the different are they put red bean & cendol (small green rice-flour). From Resto Anggrek I will heading to airport & I want to try using a cab coz when I was looking for information most of people will use taxi, luckily my friend from CS, Asen told me about this cab (yellow) so I will take this cab. Usually if you try to stop the cab in front of Ramayana (shopping mall near market, center of Pangkalpinang) there is no cab will go to airport, so you have to walk a little bit from Resto Anggrek then you will find few yellow cabs that will take you to airport, asking first, usually tariff is IDR 3,000 but if you will go to airport you can pay IDR 5,000. It took around 20 minutes to airport, hmm at least I don’t have to spend IDR 50,000 to airport by taxi but IDR 5,000 by cab instead :D
Thew Fu Kok
Warung Kopi Tung Tau
totally in love with this coffee & toast~~ <333
Mie Koba
buy chips or other souvenirs? :D
Otak-otak Amui
Resto Anggrek
Es Anggrek :D
me with Asen, CS from Bangka ^^
with Asen CS Bangka & Dida CS from Belitung~
inside Depati Amir airport~
what a small plane from Belitung to Bangka ^^;;
cool stuff that made me busy during flight~!! love it!
i bought various chips :D
If you’re planning to go to this city, it’s better to rent a motorcycle or car, not much public transportation there plus they just operate from 6 AM – 6 PM even at 5 PM already hard to find. I could tell I really enjoy doing culinary at Bangka, maybe next time beside culinary I’d like to visit another place outside Pangkalpinang :D during this trip I never spent my money for food or admission fee except the last day coz my friends paid it huhu dilemma being happy or not ^^;; next time I should treat them..
click to enlarge :)
Pangkalpinang map, act. i didn't really use this map
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