Monday, September 21, 2015

Delicious Kolak Pisang at Bailey's & Chloe

Trying out another Real High Tea Challenge (RHTC) menu and this time from Bailey's & Chloe at Tanjung Duren area. We went there for having good lunch, I went with Ruth & Fio. They are going there and asking me too to come with them, yeay! 

Bailey's & Chloe is located at Rukos and from the outside the place is petite and looks nice. There are 2 floors, and the decoration looks really nice, There are some ropes hanging to give some accent and grass on top of nice blue bench.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dear Agent, Find Your Mission at Spy Club

Bam Barambam..Bam..Bam Bam Barambam #nowplaying James Bond soundtrack was our opening song before heading to this restaurant (haha..sorry kidding), Spy Club. This restaurant located at Kemanggisan area and looks like a secret agent quarter ever since you entered, so we feel like a spy who going to have special mission. Or if in Running Man, we will feel like our PD called us earlier to have special mission and put Spy tag on our name tag, haha, if you watch that reality show you may know it *daydreaming* There are some guns, police line and even T.N.T woowww..O_o
They have big space on the back which decorated nicely but since its an open area, it would be really hot if you come in the afternoon. But the decoration at that backyard are awesome, they put cooking equipment in the wall, hanging T.N.T on the ceiling, some part looks like unfinished wall with some green from the leaves. There were also band equipment so you might like to come at night, enjoying good food and live music. I just loveee it. Especially the long bench with red pillow make such a great spot to take pictures, like we did :) The waitress wearing S.W.A.T vest for their uniform, so it's kinda unique and make the restaurant concept fit in, in addition most of their menu name are so unique, Let me share what did we order below with some explanations and pictures for sure.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nice Neighborhood named Goodhood Coffee and Kitchen

At one night due the traffic was pretty bad I decided to walk from JDC to Pejompongan few meters to find a taxi. And I found this place, with nice light and totally will attracted your eyes to see it comparing others building around them. So, I found this cafe, Goodhood Cafe and Kitchen, the good thing is the place is not really far from my office. After fasting month, me and office mates planned to having lunch there and here we go :)

We feel so excited, I usually go with them for lunch most of the time. We love to explore new places like this one which located in our neighborhood. I already visited 2 times and when I came for the first time, half of their menu are not ready yet. Since the restaurant is still brand new and not yet to have Grand Opening so it was still trial when I went there first time. There are 2 level for this restaurant, you may find nice murals at stairs and they also have some chairs in the terrace. The front door was unique with brown wood & big window that perfect to having OOTD photoshoot like my friend did.
credit : lunchgetaway

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Mingle at De Mingle

Starting with a contest called Real High Tea Challenge (RHTC) Cafe & Restaurant 2015 by Dilmah, there are some restaurants in Jakarta & Bandung who participated this event. This challenge is teach us to appreciate tea and enjoying afternoon High Tea which is might not (yet) really common in Indonesia.

RHTC is organized by Dilmah Tea Indonesia. For the cafe & restaurant, there are some items that will be judged such as Hot Tea Pairing Dish (Sweet or Savory), Mocktail or Cocktail Pairing Dish (Sweet or Savory) and Tea Inspire Cuisine (Food with Ingredients Tea). They need to promote their RHTC menu to customer. I found it interesting to see which one is the best pairing to enjoy tea and what kind of menu they are going to make.

Happy Mingle & Let's Giggle! probably the perfect quote for this cafe, De Mingle , located at Rukos in Kebun Jeruk area, you may spot it in the corner right in front of entrance. It looks so cute from the outside and feels like telling you to come in right away into the big wood door. The interior is so nice, the right side is wide-window with black list sticker which is totally so cute and the left side you may find another different chairs with black lamp hanging on the wall and not forget the floor which is I found it attracted since they make it little different and how they make seat arrangement. High ceiling make the space look bigger, and look at their stairs containing of nice words with doodles and they also put some nice quotes on the wall. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Enjoying my Duck - Bebek Tepi Sawah

Quick post to share a good-food ;)

Due to curiosity about this place, like some friends of mine keep tagging this place or had a gathering or even meeting in here. So, one night when I'm to starving I decided to enter this place, Bebek Tepi Sawah, it was crowded and the visitors are mostly family. The place is decorated with some touch of traditional yet modern.

Food that I ordered was the recommended one and the waiter said it is their signature traditional food, Tepi Sawah Crispy Duck (Rp99.000) the duck was so big and juicy, the sambal was delicious, there are 3 kinds of sambal and it mixed perfectly in your mouth when you dip your duck into the sambal and eat it, and like usual I put soy sauce into the sambal because I can't eat spicy food. The food served with rice, Balinese vegetables and sambals. You can also choose your duck whether deep fried or grilled, I choose deep fried.

For dessert I ordered Ice Jembrana (Rp27.500) it was refreshing finale made from blended sweet coconut, milk, cassava tapai and special syrup, served with grass jelly and coconut on top. So refreshing and usually I like something that made from coconut ;) The service was great, the ambiance of place also calm & comfortable. If you want to have fancy dinner with great duck food, you should try this restaurant.

Bebek Tepi Sawah
Location : Cilandak Town Square, Lantai Ground, Jl. TB Simatupang, Cilandak, Jakarta
Open : 10 AM - 10 PM
Price : Rp15.000 - 200.000

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Good Food on Weekend at Pantrynette

I keep passing this Ruko area at Lebak Bulus since my grandmother living there and this place is so catchy comparing with others building and gaining my curiosity to walk in. Once you enter the place it feels like home, it's like a living room that changing into restaurant with different kind of chair, some rattan, furry or plastic. Decorated with some frames in the wall and cute things inside the cupboard that placed in the corner near by window.

Pantrynette serves Asian and Western cuisines and the price were so affordable and I already visited this place for few times since I love their food and the location is really close with my grandma's house. Sometimes me and my sister or brother will visit this place straight after visit my grandma's house in the weekend.

So I will share things that I already ate with some pictures, pardon me because I didn't take picture before I decided to make some review on my blog so after few times visit, I decided to take picture and make review of it.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Best Korean Beef - Born Ga

I decided to make a review for this restaurant, Born Ga because beside I love Korean food, this restaurant also offering good price, good food & also good service. This restaurant decorated with the usual look like the other korean restaurant but more modern and looks exclusive from the outside. This is definitely one of the best restaurant to have Korean BBQ.

Best Korean Beef - Born Ga

I decided to make a review for this restaurant, Born Ga because beside I love Korean food, this restaurant also offering good price, good food & also good service. This restaurant decorated with the usual look like the other korean restaurant but more modern and looks exclusive from the outside. This is definitely one of the best restaurant to have Korean BBQ.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Work-to-do at Coffee Institute

Lots of work to do and I think I gotta bring home my work and do it extra on weekend. So I asked my friend who also might need to do their paper or task on weekend and I ended up went with one of my best friends since playground.

We went to Coffee Institute nearby Senopati area, it was on renovation in the ground level so we take upstairs and sit in the corner when we thought the high level of seat would properly for working. In fact I would rather to choose the sofa cause it looks so tempting. But keep reminding to myself, work work and work.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fried Octopus Jjang!! Chunghae Soosan [ 청해수산 ]

Started from a friend statement "Fried Octopus in that place was the best, go take your taxi and say Cheonghesusan to your taxi driver!" And due to my curiosity I went to that place to tried that Fried Octopus/ 낚지 복음 at Cheong He Susan/ 청해수산 , Senopati.

After you put your order, the waitress/waiter will start serving you with Banchan/반찬/Side dishes in every varians and don't worry where they put things that you didn't order cause it's FREE! haha..yep yep you didn't read it wrong since it's really FREE, including Ocha.

I ordered Fried Octopus on my first visit according my friend recommendation with small portion (Rp180.000) cause I was alone. I got lots of Banchan and me totally love it too much, tteokpoki soup, salad, veggie pancake, kimchi etc. It was soooo tummy was very happy ;) ;) ;) especially when you mixed your rice with fried octopus..vert delicious, its quite spicy but I still like it. Rice is ordered separately (Rp15.000) and I don't know why but the rice taste so delicious too.
Fried Octopus/ 낚지 복음
the Banchan was totally awesome ;)
During my second visit, now with friends, we ordered Japchae (Rp120.000) stir-fried sweet potato noodles with meat, vegetables and Haemul Sundubu (Rp80.000), spicy seafood soft tofu stew, and we got different Banchan, apparently they will change Banchan menu periodically. And as expected all the menu taste was very good, we were so full, usually they will get us dessert also for free when we finished our meals ;) they will offer us coffee/fruit or there is one more menu that I'm sorry I forgot the name ^^;;
happy tummy ;)

There are so many Koreans eating there and sometimes we felt like we are in Korea inside that restaurant, I went there few times already since this is one of my favorites Korea restaurant. So I put title Jjang / 짱 means Great! in Korean. I learned Korean a bit so I can read and talk in Korean and until now I'm still learning my Korean.

Chunghae Soosan [ 청해수산 ]
Location : Jl. Senopati No. 49, Jakarta
Open : 11 AM - 10/11 PM
Price : Rp70.000 - Rp1.000.000
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