Wednesday, September 28, 2016

F.I.T Redemption Program by KTO - Free Coupon Book and T-money

Amazed with Korean government that really taking care traveler like me. My friend told me about this program that we should go to Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) to get free coupon etc. after our visa is approved. I kind of interesting to hear it so I browsed for this program. Luckily this program valid for departure until December 2016, yay!
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F.I.T Redemption Program is a program for F.I.T (Free Independent Travelers) which is for those of you who are going to Korea without tour below 9 peoples. Through this program you can get special coupon book, T-money 10,000 won, Korean Booklet, CGV Blitz ticket etc for FREE!

How to Apply Korean Visa for Indonesian

(mixed English - Indonesian post)

So after 4 years finally I will go back to Korea again, and need to apply visa again. Many people telling me and even I heard some news said that nowadays are quite difficult to apply Korean visa. Hmm but for me I think it supposed to be okay if I can fulfill all the requirements, right? *trytocalmdownmyself*

Looking back my previous post about how to apply Korean visa was actually still same but there are few changes, anyway this blogpost is made for Indonesian who wants to apply Korean visa based on my recent experience. On my first trip to Korea, I was staying with my teacher but this time I will stay at hostel/ guesthouse. I applied Korean visa around 1 month before so I prepare the requirements that I saw in their website in a flash because too lazy to take long time. In addition, I want to apply alone without travel agent as usual.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Back to Yogyakarta : Gumuk Pasir, Klinik Kopi, Upside Down World

Being friends for more than 20 years already and still counting, we grew up together and now attending your best friend wedding is definitely makes you happy :)

I am back again to Yogyakarta! haha..since the last time I also talking about Yogyakarta for my previous trip and here I am, back again to this city. This time actually it's not totally for holiday but for my best friend's wedding and of course I love to explore some places during my spare time.
Gumuk Pasir, Parangtritis
Heading to Yogyakarta at Friday night Sep 2 at 9.45 PM from Pasar Senen Station by Bogowonto, Economy Class (Rp220k) to Lempuyangan Station, same train like the last time. We will stay at Greenhost Boutique Hotel Prawirotaman, we choose this hotel because this hotel is kinda famous nowadays plus it became of one of filming sites for movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (What happened with love) so we want to try it. We only have weekend for this trip 3 - 4 September 2016.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tasty Korean Restaurant at Cheongdam Garden Senopati

Did I tell you that I love Korean food? Yes..I love it too much especially when I feel like I haven’t ate vegetables in a while so I prefer to eat in Korean restaurant, hmm or I just telling that for excuse to go to Korean restaurant? haha lol but few things that I love eating in Korean Restaurant is they will provide side dishes in advance called Banchan in Korean and it’s for free and also the green tea or ocha are also free flow :)
generous banchan :)
I came to this restaurant, previously named Hanyang Garden and they change their name to Cheongdam Garden. I asked the waiter and she said they just changing the name but overall is same. The first experience with Hanyang Garden is spectacular and pleasant for me so when they changing their name I feel like want to coming back and try it out again. One day at night after office hours I came to this restaurant.
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