Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where to go ( EAT) at Bali - Bali 5/5


In this post I am going to tell you some places that you might don't wanna missed out when you're in Bali or I could tell some of these places are happening now in Bali hahaha :)

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon
One portion consist with 10 pcs Pork Satay and Lontong (made from rice), with Ice Tea only for Rp25k and the satay was very delicious, street food you might want to try and not missed it. Totally recommended!!
sooo deliciousss totally recommended!!

Wandering around Bali - Bali 4/5

Day 4 - Sunday, 28 Feb 2016
I decided to rent a motorcycle for today to wander around and went to Legian area, using Gojek to rent motorcycle at Uluwatu II when I rent a motorcycle for the first day, I got Scoopy with different color, cream, same price Rp50k/day. Had lunch at warteg nearby my friend's house for Rp8k before rent my motorcycle, I went to Legian, park my motorcycle there and walking around. Went to Kuta Beach and decided to go to Beachwalk to have aircon..haha :p Went and sitting inside the Starbucks and luckily met some new people, new friends from Australia and Indonesia, chatted few hours away before I need to go first because I am going to Baby Orphanage, set my GPS to meeting point at Warung Bamboo at Jl. Imam Bonjol and go.
my (rent) motorcycle :)  haha

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Exploring Ubud and Hidden Beach at Bali - Bali 3/5

Day 3 - Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
Yayy..I'm so excited for today because we're going to Ubud, located at North of Bali. We already rent the car for this trip since the weather was not really friendly to go there by motorcycle and neither of us could ride that far though so to avoid the rain we rent a car. I don't know where to go at Ubud so I browsed and let's see what should we visit at Ubud. I come up with some ideas after browsing, since it would be only for Half Day trip to Ubud so I decided to come to some places that becoming Ubud icon, since this is my first time. Why half day? because we are planning to see the hidden beach in the afternoon, so we thought if we rent a car it would be easier to go around.

Our first stop in Ubud is Tegallalang (Rice Terraces), from Jimbaran Uluwatu to Ubud took around one and an half hour, we leave at 8. It was just nice along the way to Ubud, because you can see how different the ambiance and they still keep the traditional cultures, some of ladies wearing their Kebaya (traditional clothes) with the belt. I love it :) Actually the rice terraces area was not too big, once you reach the top, you can just park your car and wandering around, since we living in Indonesia so we already get used to see this kind of view, haha, so we are not that excited to wander around but I love the weather and the green color that always mesmerizing me wherever I go. 
Tegallalang (Rice Terraces)

Cafe Hopping at Bali - Bali 2/5

Day 2 - Friday, 26 Feb 2016
Made a phone call to extend my motorcycle for another day and heading to the north, Seminyak area, there were so many list cafe that I want to try and got some list from my friends. Went alone to Seminyak and apparently I already rode around 15 km from my friend's house to Seminyak,'s a record for me lol xDD And here some places that I went for that day, mostly I drink ginger tea to warm myself and keep myself fit.
lovely Sea Circus :)

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