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Trip to Yogyakarta-Sempu Island-Mt.Bromo

We got promo ticket to Yogyakarta last November for less than IDR 50,000 round trip Jakarta-Yogyakarta 21-24 September (4D/3N). I went together with Ulfa, both of us already been to Yogyakarta so we decided to go somewhere else, Mt. Bromo!!! But we also curious with Sempu Island so here we goes. Since our flight on Wednesday early morning so we stayed at our office :D. Get up on 3am, took breakfast then ready to go to airport.
Day 1 – Wednesday, 21 September 2011
We arrived at Jogja at 7am then we went to near station but the next train is like 1 hour more so we decided to take Trans Jogja to go to Terminal then we go to Surabaya by Bus, we try  to find the cheaper price of bus then with PO Sumber Kencono(AC) IDR 34,000 we went to Surabaya, 9 hours by bus. We heard the bad reputation of that bus coz they drove like crazy but we are on the tight budget so whatever will be..will be~ arrived at Surabaya we directly find another bus to Malang, there was a man offered us to take bus with good condition(business/executive?) but we straightly ask for economy bus and we got Bus Non-AC IDR 8,000 to Malang . There was a mistake about my arrival date but luckily our host keep hosted us, her name is Opi(CS), she & her friend were really nice to us. We chatted few hours away til sleep time, we have to prepare our stamina for tomorrow to Sempu Island :)
Welcome to Jogja! :)
Step down here to find bus to Sby~
Economy Bus with AC :D
Surabaya ^^
Our Late Lunch-Dinner at Malang :)
with our host Opi (CS Malang-green) & her friend
Day 2 – Thursday, 22 September 2011
Sempu Island located at Malang, South side, if you look at the map in general maybe you couldn’t find it. Sempu Island is not an island for tourist but for nature conservation so you have to get permission before enter that island. Usually they will ask for administration fee (voluntarily) then you have to fill guest book. I was there while the official patrol the island so I just left my identity card then give administration fee IDR 5,000. We cross the sea by boat @IDR 100,000 that boat can fit around 10 people to Semut Bay then do trekking to Segara Anakan at Sempu Island. We didn’t hire a guide to lead our way and that was our first time to go there, just hope that we won’t get lost ^^;; if you want to hire a guide you have to pay IDR 100,000 for 1 guide. We just follow the way, the track hmmm quite hard, it’s better for you to wear shoes or sandal trekking & don’t forget to bring air mineral coz at Sempu Island it’s no way to get air mineral. After 1 hour trekking shessshh it’s like found a treasure when we almost arrived at Segara Anakan(lagoon) we felt so happy..we did it!!  Usually we heard trekking to Segara Anakan needs around 1,5-2 hours but we did it for 1 hour only without get lost..wohoooo!!!! because there were few people that said want to join this Sempu Island trip then cancelled last minute so the sharing cost will be more expensive. That’s why from Terminal Arjo Sari we didn’t charter  angkot(round trip ±IDR 150,000) which is will arrive to Sendang Biru for about 1,5-2 hours but because we took public transportation & had to change public transportation for 2 times, then the the journey took 4 hours to Sendang Biru, it’s a risk that we had to take. There just both of us on this trip but holiday must be always fun! ^^ we spent 45 minutes there, then back to Sendang Biru n trekking for only 45 minutes! We didn’t believe it that we made it for 45 minutes, wow! Amazed with ourselves hahaha..we can’t spent long time at Sempu coz we planned to go to Mt.Bromo at night. Went to Probolinggo, met another friend, Ohim (CS) at Terminal Probolinggo then go to Cemoro Lawang. Already 20:30 then after negotiation with bison or motor bike taxi then we decided to take motor bike taxi(ojek) for IDR 75,000. If you arrive at Probolinggo before 5pm maybe you can go by bison/elf n you just have to pay IDR 25,000/person coz maybe there is a lot of people who wants to go to Mt.Bromo. But coz it’s already night so we can charter that bison for IDR 200,000 but we’re not lucky coz they want IDR 250,000 so we took motor bike taxi. It should be 3 motor bike taxi to pick us but there were just 2 motor bike taxi soooo me & ulfa was on the same motor bike taxi, 1 motor bike taxi for 2, it means 3 people incl the driver n after bargain we got IDR 115,000 for our price each of us had to pay IDR 57,500, good price though :D after freezing, windy night for about 1 hour we arrived at Cemoro Lawang. But I’m fallin in love with that place coz the sky was full with stars, I was hoping that I could that that picture but if I took it, the only thing that I could see just black U_U. Ohim looking for sharing jeep n he got IDR 60,000 (include entrance fee) hmmm…I preferred spend my money for jeep rather than hostel so we took that offer then find a place to drink hot tea or whatever til jeep pick up us at 4am. Just fyi rate hostel at Cemoro Lawang around IDR 50,000-75,000 for 1 room which can fit 2-3 peoples, there is hotel also. For the jeep you can rent for IDR 275,000-350,000 for 6-7 peoples. Entrance Fee Mt. Bromo for domestic IDR 6,000 & foreigners IDR 25,000.
our couch :)
nice flower :)
take that angkot to Sendang Biru from Turen
the road to Sendang Biru~
Get permission there before enter Sempu Island~
Sendang Biru~

boat to Sempu Island~
First track that we saw before do trekking~

after almost 1 hour~
almost arriveee..
arrive at Segara Anakan (lagoon), Sempu Island (^^)/

hohoho we did it!!

behind the lagoon~ be careful with that sharp rock
meditation :D
back to trekking to Sendang Biru
Bye Sempu Island~~

Day 3 – Friday, 23 September 2011
From another place to drink hot tea & chatted we moved to another place, got incident lil bit with one lady there :P then 4am!! Couldn’t sleep tight at that night coz we didn’t have a place to have it was really cold out there..even my jacket or socks can’t bear that freezing cold night. We shared a jeep with a couple from Germany or Dutch(sorry I forgot) Birdi & Flo, after the jeep parked we have to walk to going up, it was really dusty, crowded & hard to walk coz full with sands. I almost thought that I couldn’t make it to the top, my heart beat so fast that early morning. But I keep moving & finally I made it to the top and we’re waiting til the sunrise show up. When the time came, I was so exciting to see’s like an egg going up slowly, that was sooooo beautiful, on the left side we can see the sun and on the right side we can see Mt. Bromo, Mt. Batok & Mt. Semeru with the sea sand underneath. God made all of this? great is that, n I can see by my own eyes ^^b finished with sunrise we went to sea sand & crater by jeep then we have to walk again. It was a looong distance to walk & we have to going up by stairs to see the crater. Walk in the sand is hard, more heavy than trekking at Sempu Island ^^;; but we made it though!! :D not really interesting up there so after few minutes we directly going down again n back to the jeep, anyway there was a temple on the middle of sea sand but it really dusty. We back to Terminal Probolinggo by Bison/ELF IDR 25,000 at Bromo there were so many tourist from overseas rather than local people, at Bison that we had, 3 of us were the only Indonesian who visit Mt. Bromo haha we felt like where we at? Another country? Hahaha xDD arrived at Terminal Probolinggo, Ohim straightly go to Situbondo (home) and both of us continued our trip back to Yogyakarta through Surabaya coz there was no bus directly go to Yogyakarta. Anyway both of us took a bath at Terminal coz we already felt so dirty, that was my first time took bath at Terminal. Feel so fresh afterward,  had our lunch then by 2 hours journey by bus we arrived at Surabaya then ready to continued to Yogyakarta by 9 hours bus trip. We stayed at my friend’s house at Wijilan, Indie. We had our dinner at Angkringan Wijilan, Angkringan is a place & really famous at Yogyakarta, usually there is no chair or table at Angkringan but not with Angkringan Wijilan, it’s still crowded at night.
Foreign IDR 25,000; Domestic IDR 6,000
waiting for sunrise...brrrrr~~

tik tok tik tok..
almostttt :D *excited*
you see that??? :)
wuaaaaaaaa ^____^

on the right side, we can see this ^^
already hot ^^;;

Mt. Bromo, Mt. Batok, Mt. Semeru

Edelweiss Flower on the mountain~
soooo dusty~
our jeep~
walk or ride a horse? hmm i walked >.<
going up to see the crater of Mt. Bromo~
the crater~
the temple mid of sea sand~
JUMP!! *failed*
Day 4 – Saturday, 24 September 2011
Woke up in the morning, breakfast with instant noodles, chatted with Indie’s mom then we went to Beringharjo Market to buy something for my mom, enjoy cool weather Mirota Batik after hot Beringharjo then we went to Prambanan, there was someone who never been there before :D not even 1 hihihi xPP eventhough already been to Yogyakarta for many times. Prambanan Temple still rebuild after that earthquake, we go round & round at Prambanan Temple til the time that we should go to airport to catch our flight back to Jakarta. Luckily we didn’t take our lunch at airport coz when we go to boarding room, our flight already boarding :D anyway  thanks ndie coz we can stayed at your house, actually if I go to Yogyakarta I always stayed at her house :D my trip was SUPERB!!! AWESOME!! Thanks God for everything ^^ can’t wait for another trip~
Gudeg Yu Djum, Jl. Wijilan
at becak :D

Beringharjo Market
inside the market

Mirota Batik, Malioboro
inside Mirota
inside Mirota

Vredeburg Fortress
President Palace
inside Trans Jogja
Entrance Ticket IDR 23,000 (weekend)
Prambanan Temple

JUMP!! JUMP!! ^^b
still rebuild~
souvenirs? ^^

Here is my itinerary inc. cost etc :

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