Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trip to Melaka - Singapore part 3/3

Day 3 - Thursday, 30 April 2015
My bus leaving at 07.30 AM, I left around 7 AM to the terminal. It took around 5-6 hours from Melaka to Singapore. I had bad things happened in the Singapore immigration, I planned to stay at my friend's apartment, when I filled the immigration card, hmm I think there was different like usual, because this time the filling is more details, by mistaken I wrong mention to the officer when he asked me what floor since actually how do I know from the address which one is street number, floor number or whatever. We will meet at Bugis Street so I think it's okay and just leave it to my friend who will take care everything, but because of that I got problem, he thought me that I was lying and I'm not, he asked my old passport and the he held me and told me to come in and sit next to him, I was like...errrr...since I'm not lying and I was afraid if my bus will waiting for me or not, he also tell me that he can send me back to Malaysia, I mean, what for? my plane will fly back to Jakarta from Singapore, after a while there was another officer who take me to upstairs using elevator and they send me to another office, I was kinda scared actually since I was alone and that was my first time. It's not my first time to Singapore and I feel like, what's wrong with this time? So I gave the officer explanation, I showed them my ticket to going home then that's it, they allowed me to go. Well, that was such a learning for me and yeahh..maybe its government things or I don't know. But still, I was disappointed with the first officer, he can ask me nicely or let me show my ticket instead shout at me and mad at me,hate it, and if I remind those things was like..;( pissed off. 
having my breakfast there
Mamak Mie
My Bus to Singapore, 707
inside the bus
Queen Street Terminal
Finally arrived at Queen Street and I met my friend at Bugis MRT and go to her apartment at Tampines, we were having lunch at hawker food stalls before go to Apartment, from there we went to Sentosa Island via Sentosa Board Walk, this time we don't have to pay SGD 1 like usual, passing Trick Eye Museum which I didn't go because pretty expensive and then go to Universal Studio, hmm..only to the globe and take picture there since it's been a long time.
having my lunch at hawker street
Avengers exhibition at Vivo City
Sentosa Boardwalk
hello again Universal Studio! :)
me & Tika :)
escalator to Madamme Tussaud
And then we went to the new attraction at Sentosa Island, Madamme Tussaud, I bought ticket online so I got discount SGD 10, and when I go there, actually there was promo for Master Cardholder so my friend also got discount SGD10. It's not same like Hongkong one, before we went and see the wax and see many characters, we will get to see some short movie and things like tour the museum and then we got to ride the boat and I love this part, it was kinda long time, about 40 minutes to get inside the wax museum. The characters were not totally same like Hongkong, some character were had different pose and some were character that I haven't seen yet. As usual I took tons of pictures there, it was really entertaining & I was excited! :) From there we went to Little India because I saw a post on CS Singapore that they will have gathering there, so I go there and got to see new friends, didn't talk much and we decided to go home :p
get extra discount SGD 10, yeay!!
get in the boat
with Mr. President of Indonesia (1st)
awwww :3

Day 4 - Friday, 1 May 2015
Today we went to Gardens by the Bay, I haven't been here because this also new in town, free entrance and I just feel so good to see so many green in the middle of city. Crowded because it was Labour Day (National Holiday) We ride the shuttle instead walking since the weather was very hot! haha..going up to the skyway was very cool! you can see the view from the top, SGD 6 and it was worthed, I like it very much! :) from there we went to Merlion Park by walking through Marina Baysands and then we were going to Orchard Road and staying there til night and back to Tampines but we went to IKEA first before going home, it was my first time to IKEA and wowww..just knew it and I love it!! :) even I didn't buy anything but I just love it even only for sightseeing :) :) :) For this trip my plans were very simple, visit Gardens by the Bay, Madamme Tussauds and eating ice cream SGD1 :) missions completed! yeay!! 
I love eating there :) :)
new subway at new line
shuttle for SGD 2, return
Garden by the Bay
going up for SGD 2 and worthed!!

Marina Bay Sands
Ice Cream SGD 1,2 yummy!!! my favorite ice cream
great sale...haha
Orchard Road
so crowded at Orchard Road
inside the IKEA
famous meatballs
IKEA Food Court
Day 5 - Saturday, 2 May 2015
I was waking up very late because I didn't have any plan to go and my flight is at noon so just lay back in the apartment while waiting my flight, get ready, having last lunch at cafetaria at apartment, and I love the menu, had rice with vegetables or meat for SGD2,7 and definitely delicious :) will miss the food >< well, I almost late because I was too lazy, so when I arrived at the airport I kinda rushed to the boarding room, cause my flight almost boarding time :D well, thank you Singapore & Melaka, you made my day!! Even I got lil problem with Singapore and it made me sad & mad but I might visit again though, pls be nice to me when I visit you again and Melaka, hmm I don't know when will I visit you again but hopefully someday I will have time to visit you again :)
Thank you so much for reading my post and see you to another trip!!
yeayy love this view! :)
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