Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Yogyakarta

This is one of my favorite city in my country, I’m glad for being away from Jakarta. Sometimes I can’t bear with the traffic jam, air pollution & works. So tired with all those things hehe that’s why I need to breathe on the fresh air. And this time I bring my sister, actually I want to bring my brother also but at that time the tix price already increased, as usual I bought promo ticket :D I went to Jogja (3D/2N) 29 – 31 March 2012 Eventhough I’ve been to Jogja for few times but I haven’t explored alone by public transportation so this is kinda new experience for me & I wanna share it here.

Thursday, 29 March 2012
I hope my sister wouldn’t whining or have a bad mood while we are on the trip :D I’ve been thinking of it before we started our trip lol xPP. It’s gonna be her first time in the plane. From CGK to Jogja took around 1 hour, and from airport to the city we can take Trans Jogja. Unfortunately there were demonstration about increasing fuel (BBM) at that time so most of road have to closed. So our bus should took a long time to city. We get off on Malioboro, exploring & windows shopping. I stayed with my friend, Indie, I always stayed at her house when I’m going to Jogja. Her place at Jl. Wijilan & we could just walk from Malioboro to her house. Before heading to her house we had meals around Malioboro street like Meatball, Sate & Wedang Ronde. At night we are going to Alun-Alun Kidul (South), that was really fun there. At that place you can rent a bike with sparkling lights or even some bikes have music player that bike called “odong-dong”, having meals on the street, try to pass the 2 big trees with eyes closed & if you made it, your wish will come true (that’s a myth) ;D I suggest don’t forget to bring something like shawl or something to cover your eyes but if you forgot, you can rent it for IDR 4.000. Me, my sister, Indie & her cousin try the bike, we rode for 3 rounds, IDR 30,000/ 3 rounds. Well, it’s not that bad to burn my fats at that night lol xDD
at Malioboro area

Wedang Ronde :)
Jl. Wijilan
Odong-Odong ^^v

our bike DORAEMOOOON!! ^^

try to passing big tree~~

Friday, 30 March 2012
On second day, this is my plan : Keraton – Taman Sari – Taman Pintar. I posted about my plan at CS Jogja group, hope to meet locals or any travellers. Then I met few ppl at Taman Sari, Andy from Canada, Steve & Sinta from Jogja. Too bad, it was really short time meeting & Sinta had to go first. Thanks for Steve who guide us & exploring Taman Sari, we managed to see different spots at Taman Sari including Underground Mosque, I’ve been there but I forgot how to get to Underground Mosque. I heard Taman Sari is a bathing place for King, from upstairs he will take a look at the pool, place where girls took a bath & then he will choose one of them & take the girl to his private pool. There is also an unique architecture at Underground Mosque, nice place also for take pictures :) From Taman Sari we heading to Benteng Vredeberg first before Taman Pintar. Having lunch at Gudeg Yu Djum Jl. Wijilan, Gudeg is a famous traditional food from Jogja made from Jackfruits. Besides Gudeg Yu Djum there is also Gudeg Bu Lies, located not far from Yu Djum. After having lunch just cross the street there is Bakpia 145, my favorite Bakpia besides Bakpia 25. Bakpia is a cookies from Jogja, inside the cookies they filled with greenpeal & they have various flavour like greenpeal,chocolate,cheese etc., range price IDR 15.000 – IDR 30.000 for 1 box (15pcs/20pcs). I bought greenpeal for IDR 20.000(20pcs) & IDR 15.000(15pcs), it’s really delicious ^^b so from Wijilan we went to Benteng Vredeberg by walking. Benteng Vredeberg (Fort Vredeberg) is more like museum, in this museum you will know about history especially related with independence moment in 1945. Taman Pintar (Smart/ Science Park) is next to Fort Vredeberg, this place similar with Museum IPTEK at TMII, Jakarta. You can learn & play also, it’s a good place for student to learn :D We took a rest at one of restaurant in Malioboro Mal before meeting up with others at House of Raminten. There were 9 peoples on that night, Me, my sister, Indie with her boyfriend, Cindy, Steve, Nando & Nuno from CS Jogjakarta & Andy from CS Canada. This place is really crowded, food is tasty but took long ages to served ^^;; from dinner we are going to Alun-Alun Kidul (South) played around the big trees & some of them try their luck again to pass the tree. Doing sports at night by rode bike with sparkling lights for 3 rounds :p that was really fun! Too bad it was my last night on Jogja but thanks for them I had fun!
inside Keraton

traditional music equipment~

Taman Sari~

King's private pool~

Andy, me & Steve~

Becak :D
Underground Mosque
inside Benteng Vredeberg
why '05?? should be '45 right??

Taman Pintar
what do you see in this picture?

sitting on the nails~~
i love the colors~

dinner at House of Raminten

Saturday, 31 March 2012
We went to Beringhardjo Market in the morning to buy some batik. There are so many choices in this market plus price is cheaper too from others place. Sometimes people from outside Jogja will buy batik in this market then sell again. This market located at Malioboro area, from exit you can just cross the street & find Mirota Batik. Usually after I went to Beringhardjo I always visit Mirota Batik to chill :D & bought few things. It’s a good place also to shopping, price is not really expensive. From there we went to Prambanan Temple by Trans Jogja 1A (Taman Pintar St.) & no need to transit :) Alight at Prambanan St. & walking about 10-15 minutes to entrance. Sightseeing for less than an hour & heading to airport. Too bad I should go home :( but thanks God I had a good time in Jogja, will be back again for sure ^^b
me & my sister~


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