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Trip to Makassar - 1/2

It's been a long time since my last trip to Bangka last year, this year i have a mission "Explore Indonesia" curious with my own country, so many places that i haven't seen yet. Hopefully more to go this year n of course i'll share my stories with you. I just moved to my new office last October & luckily already got annual leave after 3 months probation so when Air Asia opened their new route Jakarta - Makassar without hesitation I booked directly. I went to Makassar, Sat 9 - Tue 12 March 2013 (4D/3N), Makassar located at South Sulawesi. I went alone this time n hoping to meet someone there. Unfortunately I got cold 2 days before departure and at night I got fever too, was thinking to cancel but I need & want traveling so badly. So here am I, keep insisting to go & live the rest of it.
Makassar at that Green Color :) this pic from Google

Day 1 - Saturday, 9 March 2013
From my house to airport only took 1 hour due early morning flight so no traffic at all. Hasanuddin Airport was really nice, it looks like a little Changi. I was planning to go to Bantimurung or Rammang-rammang from airport coz the location about 1 hour from airport n 2-3 hours from downtown so i thought its better to go to both places before going to downtown but unfortunately its rainy season so i didnt make it and went to downtown instead by Bus Damri IDR 20,000. 


My destination was Losari area so I get off on last stop (Jl. Riburane) i was so hungry then i asked some ppl where is the famous restaurant in riburane (Nasi kuning RM Riburane) but when i went there, they already closed. I was planning to stay in Backpacker area which is Jampea street, so i browsed and found references about New Legend Hostel when i went there & asked about dormitory room IDR 75,000 she said i can't stay in dormitory coz she was afraid if i took bed on top, the bed will broke coz there were 2 ppl just booked and not sleep on top plus she said dormitory not available for local..oh crap! dormitory where used to be have 2 bed top & below but ppl can only use below one..heh? I dont get it. So the only bed for me at that time is deluxe IDR 135,000/room/night. Others room were fully booked at that time so looking for another place. There were New Legend Hotel, Yasmin Hotel, Wisma Jampea & Wisma Semeru in this area. Finally according that woman maybe i can try to go to Wisma Jampea (IDR 135,000/room/night ~ cheapest room in that place) or Wisma Semeru for IDR 80,000 so i thought i'll take that 80,000, This place is located in Jampea street too but you must go straight and passed intersection, there was no signage at all, location is on your right side..the building looks like 'Kost' i was asking the price and he said IDR 80,000/room/night (AC, double bed, bathroom inside,TV) so i decided to take that room due to budget & travel alone. Get in my room at 2nd floor and take a rest..still had a fever at that time and honestly in that place i didn't see any traveler like me who stayed there, most of them are contractor or husband-wife etc. Feel little bit anxious, i don't really recommend this place if you a woman and solo backpacker. But if you a man i don't think is a problem. 
Jampea Street - Chinatown

New Legend Hostel
Wisma Semeru
the corridor~~
at Semeru
Room in Wisma Semeru
I don't wanna stay any longer in hotel so while waiting my travelmate i went to Losari area by walk. Anyway its really easy to recognize Jampea street coz in the main gate you can find Chinatown thing but only for the gate. I went to Losari by passing Jl. Riburane - Fort Rotterdam - Kampoeng Poepsa - Jl. Ujung Pandang - Jl. Penghibur its quite far from Jampea street. Losari Beach is not a real beach that we usually thought. But usually many people will come here to hangout etc. Took photos and since i haven't ate I went to Culinary Area 'Kawasan Kuliner' at Jl. Datu Musseng, ate in famous restaurant RM. Mie Titi to try Mie Titi, its like I fu mie with broth on top. Even i ordered the small portion, it still a big portion for me (IDR 18,000 for small & IDR 19,000 for big portion). After had my late lunch i took a stroll in Losari area, took the Duck Boat for 1 round IDR 7,000 while waiting for sunset but there were cloudy so couldnt see sunset clearly :( 
Duck Boat for IDR 7,000/person (nego)

at Jl. Datu Musseng

Mie Titi (small) IDR 18,000

From Losari I went back to Jampea street where my travelmate stayed, they were staying in Wisma Jampea (IDR 180,000/night/room) with the same facilities like mine. Heading to Losari again at night for dinner by cab (IDR 10,000) by negotiation for 5 ppl then 2 of us had dinner in Mie Titi while 3 of us inc. me tried Pallu Basa in one if tent in Jl. Datu Musseng IDR 16,000/portion inc. rice. Finished with dinner we headed to Losari Beach area n enjoyed Banana Press (Pisang Epe) you can find in all stall along the Losari area. For one portion around IDR 7,000 - 15,000. It almost 9pm and 4 of them went back to hotel coz they were really tired due late night flight and went straight to Bantimurung & Leang Leang before heading to downtown. There was a small gathering with CSers so i went there..passed Jl. Penghibur & Jl. Somba Opu and ended up by take Becak IDR 6,000 to Pisang Nugget Cafe, asking there n there to find the place. So glad to have a little gath while traveling, had a nice conversation for almost 2,5 hours then went back to my place. I couldn't sleep well that night, thinking too much :/ and only slept for few hours zzz..zzz
Banana press aka Pisang Epe
Cheese + Durian flavour IDR 9,000
my travelmate from CS Jakarta, Ani & her friends
Banana Nugget or Pisang Nugget

Day 2 - Sunday, 10 March 2013
Few days before my arrival i was planning to join to go to Samalona Island with bunch of CSers but unfortunately it was rainy so we decided to wait til rain stop. While waiting for the rain, i checked out from my place then heading to my friend's hotel and took breakfast at Nasi Kuning Riburane. Another big portion for breakfast, this restaurant was really famous and so many ppl came to have breakfast, @IDR 30,000 quite expensive :p for me not really tasty. My another travelmate who just got back from Toraja joined with us for breakfast then I stayed with her for a night at Wisma Sanur at Jl. Ujung Pandang IDR 200,000/room/night, such a nice place to stay ^^ i recommend this place, located in the middle losari area. 

Nasi Kuning Riburane IDR 30,000

Wisma Sanur
my room~ :)

I put my bag there then go to Fort Rotterdam, there were 2 museums in this fort, the area wasn't big. The museum named Museum La Galigo, to enter this fort is free but you need to fill the guest book and paid voluntary and to enter the museum the ticket is IDR 5,000 since its drizzled we decided to go to Fort while waiting til rain stopped before heading to Samalona. It only take around 45 minutes inside the fort since my friend kinda rushed with time so after sightseeing Fort Rotterdam and took pictures, they asked me to join. My friend who prefer stayed in hotel while we went to Fort was unable to contact. After tried so many times to contact her then there were 5 of us ready to go to Samalona Island. We rent the boat for IDR 300,000 to Samalona n Kayangan Island, the harbour just in front of the fort. Rain was already stopped when we got on the boat. It took around 30 minutes and rain came again when our boat about to arrive in lets say 1/4 way more. We got off the boat and find or rent gazebo IDR 50,000. Waiting for the rain, then when it stopped yeahhh finally we could take a walk and took pictures. It was a small island and i heard that island was owned by 7 family. When we were there, there were so many ppl rent the house, might big family or just some travellers who wanna spend time in that island. I heard if you just want to change your clothes, they will charge IDR 5,000 for it and if you want to took a bath, since there were nothing in that island so for the water they will charge per gallon IDR 20,000. It was really nice in Samalona, don't miss this island if you go to Makassar, beside Samalona maybe you can go to Kodingareng Keke Island too, i heard it quite nice too. From Samalona we heading to Kayangan then its rainy again, to enter this island the ticket is IDR 30,000 we didn't go to that island so just saw it from faraway then go back to harbour. 2 of them will go back to Jakarta that night and others 2 will stay for a night more. 
Entrance to the Fort Rotterdam
Fort Rotterdam
you can buy souvenirs there~~

Ready to go to Samalona Island :)
say cheeseee~~~ :D
sky was really dark & start raining~~ T.T

at Samalona Island~~
7 owners of Samalona Island
Samalona from faraway~~~
Kayangan Island~~

I went back to hotel and took a rest, hihii this time my trip kinda laying back..not rushed like my others trip maybe due my unwell condition and unfriendly weather. In the afternoon, me & Ade went to Jl. Somba Opu to buy souvenir etc. then we ate at Kiosk Sentosa in Losari area located at Jl.Penghibur, had Meatball IDR 12,000 for lunch and Es Pisang Ijo IDR 8,000..yummy~~^^ from there we tried to find nearer mall then we found by gps that Mall Ratu Indah is the nearer then by took pete pete we went to that mall, there's nothing interesting on that mall then after seen a little bit we went back to Losari area then again n again Losari Beach, killing our time while waiting for sunset :p went to Kampoeng Poepsa at night, there was a live music there and soooo crowded. Couldn't go back to hotel because rain was coming so we have to wait little longer. Range price for food in Kampoeng Poepsa is around IDR 20,000 - 35,000.
Kiosk Sentosa
Es Pisang Ijo *nom nom* X) IDR 8,000
Meatball IDR 12,000

Souvenir Shop at Jl. Somba Opu
at Losari Beach with CS friend, Ade from Jakarta
Sunset at Losari, too bad that cloud ;(
 to be continued~~ ^^v

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