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Trip to Bandung

How I miss this city very much! usually I went here to visit relatives, gathering, window shopping at factory outlet and always by car. So this time I went here with backpacking style ;) going with two friends for weekend getaway to Bandung, 28 - 29 December 2013 (2D/1N). Last destination for 2013 trip.

Day 1 - Saturday, 28 December 2013
Our meeting point at Terminal Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta 7.30 AM. We will go there by bus Primajasa (AC+toilet) Rp60,000 from Lebak Bulus - Bandung (Terminal Leuwi Panjang), no need to reserved ticket by online booking etc. just go there and pay tix inside the bus. No schedule for the bus but they will depart every 30 minutes or waiting until passengers are full. Journey usually take 2 hours if no traffic jam but since its holiday season so it was kinda traffic jam, around 3,5 hours. Our first day, we rented a car Rp 500,000/day (Including Gasoline Rp100,000, Driver Tips Rp50,000). The driver picked us up at terminal and from there we went to our hostel (Chez Bon Hostel at Jl. Braga No. 45) for check in. Along the way, we stopped a while to buy Batagor Riri (Batagor : Fried Meatball+Tofu with peanut sauce Rp10,000/pcs), so delicious! :) Our hostel was nice, clean & friendly staff, Chez Bon Hostel, lil bit pricey for hostel but not bad. We took Dormitory Room (16 Bunk-Beds) female only, bathroom inside, AC, breakfast, locker for Rp120,000/person/night. Our first destination is Jl. Riau to have our lunch at Karnivor Restaurant, they said its happening right now at Bandung for youth people so we would like to try it, we ordered Sirloin Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Bamboo Afrika and Ice Thai Tea, love the Steak and Cordon Bleu but not the Bamboo Afrika even most wanted is written on it >< Steak around 30-60k, you can have monster menu 1kg meat for around 200k :D. Then another stop for culinary was Bakso Cuankie/Batagor (Meatball) it was yummy but too bad we were fulled due to the meat at Karnivor Restaurant, so we ordered 1 portion(Rp12,000) for 3 of us.

inside the Bus Primajasa
Batagor Riri :) yummyy
BATAGOR~~~ <333
Chez Bon Hostel
our dorm ;)
Karnivor Restaurant~~
inside the karnivor rest. nice interior ^^
let's meet our meat~~~!! :D
Bakso Cuankie..
soooo tasty~~~ love it!!
We asked the driver to go to Bukit Moko, the highest point at Bandung, located at North of Bandung. The journey took around an hour from Jl. Riau, i heard from Bukit Moko, we can see Bandung city in 180 degree. We need to going up by foot coz some road were being fixed (asphalt) so about 1 km we walked until Waroeng Daweung, a restaurant which has a nice view & located on the top. We waited for the sunset there, we arrived so early but that's okay. Better than too late due to traffic jam :p Don't forget to bring your jacket or sweater when going up there coz the weather gonna be cool. We got to see sunset there around 5.30 PM then we going down at 6, continuing our trip to Jl. Riau where there are so many factory outlets along the way, start from Heritage until The Secret. Then we decided to going back to hostel and had dinner at somewhere that i didn't know exactly where is it but seriously the food were so tasty, we ordered Batagor (Rp28,000/4 pcs), Kwetiaw Goreng (Rp15,000) and Otak-Otak (Rp15,000/10 pcs). Everything we ordered were so delicious. Too bad my battery was off so i couldn't take picture >< From there we went directly to our hostel, shower and get ready to have a stroll at Braga area. The atmostphere there was like Legian at night, we get out from our hostel around 11 PM then had a nice chit chat at Omalia Restaurant, some restaurant already closed at that time. We chatted until the restaurant is closed, around 1.30 or 2 AM in the morning :p
Waroeng Daweung~~
the view~~ :)

too foggy~~ that's bandung city by the way
tried panorama pics kkk ^^
enjoy sunset~!
lovely sunset <333

Kahlua Milk it! :D
ladies time on saturday nite~~ ^^ (Dhe,Manda&Me)
Day 2 - Sunday, 29 December 2013
Happy Sunday~! Finished exploring North on our first day so we will explore South on our second day. Actually we didn't explored but only visit one place called Kawah Putih (White Crater). From our hostel, looking for Alun-Alun that take a bus Damri until Terminal Leuwi Panjang (Rp4,000) around 15 minutes. We departed around 8 AM from the hostel. From Terminal Leuwi Panjang go to Terminal Ciwidey by L300 (ELF/Mini Bus) around an hour (Rp10,000). From Terminal Ciwidey took Yellow Angkot (Public Car) at that time we had a deal with one of drivers there. There were two group who will go to Kawah Putih too so Rp50,000/person (round trip until Kawah Putih location including entrance ticket Rp15,000) actually you can get cheaper..Another alternative is you can take yellow angkot until Kawah Putih gate Rp 5,000 (cmiiw) then take shuttle to Kawah Putih location Rp25,000 (shuttle round trip including entrance ticket Rp15,000) so the cost in total Rp35,000. Due to traffic jam so we joined others group and pay Rp50,000/person even in the end we have to add Rp5,000 coz there were couple in our group who didn't come on time, we arrived at Kawah Putih location around 12 AM and decided to meet up again at 1.30 PM maximum 2 PM but this couple wasn't coming back until 2.15 PM, actually me & friends want to go home around 4 PM from Bandung. Around 2.30 PM we decided to leave, and that's why we must pay additional cost Rp5,000, kinda unfair since we wasted our time & money for that irresponsible couple who made us wait for them ;( Kawah Putih or White Crater, actually almost the same like Tangkuban Perahu, prepare with your mask if you can't stand with the sulfur smell, but for me it's not really smelly like the one in Tangkuban Perahu, they sell the mask for Rp5,000 so expensive! at Kawah Putih we can see the crater more closer, but the officer keep telling us to not staying there more than 20 minutes. A very nice view at White Crater, Jade-Green color of the water surrounded by Green Trees. From the main gate of Kawah Putih until the location took around 30 minutes and the road was kinda rough and going up. Too rough and our driver was not really good so few times the car stopped and we need to get out and going up by foot, the road was like 45 degree >< I love the weather, cool weather so don't forget to bring your cardigan, jacket or sweater. Soooo crowded at Kawah Putih at that time..bad traffic jam..we spent 3 hours from Kawah Putih to Terminal Leuwi Panjang and another 3 hours from Terminal Leuwi Panjang to Jakarta. We got too much sleeping at the car haha! Tired but Fun for my short weekend getaway~! ^^
Braga in the morning~~
Check Out and ready to go~!

Yellow Angkot..after few times in-out-in-out to walking
shuttle car to kawah putih
going down to the crater
sooo many ppl at that time~~~ nice color!!
meteor garden style haha!
My Primary Cost :
Bus Primajasa (Lebak Bulus-Bandung-Lebak Bulus) Rp120,000 + Chez Bon Hostel Rp120,000 + Car Rp 150,000 + Transportation Cost Rp79,000 = Rp469,000

Meals Cost :
Batagor Riri Rp30,000/3 = Rp10,000
Karnivor Restaurant Rp163,000/3 = Rp54,000
Bakso Cuankie Rp12,000/3 + Aqua Rp1,000 = Rp5,000

Ice Lemon Tea Bukit Moko = Rp6,000
Batagor,Kwetiaw,Otak2 Rp79,000/3 = Rp26,000
Omalia Restaurant = Rp83,000

Late Lunch at Terminal Leuwi Panjang = Rp19,000
Total Meal Cost = Rp203,000

Total Cost for Bandung : Rp469,000+Rp203,000 = Rp672,000

From the cost I can tell this was semi-backpacking style coz i did spend a lot for many good food at Bandung :D So this was my last destination for 2013, Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year 2014~!! ^^ to all my readers hehe :p thank you so much to read my blog and hopefully you can have a happy new year ahead, make your dreams come true and wishing the very best for everyone~!! have a nice trip with your lovely one and God bless!! ;) see you next year at another story ^^

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