Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trip to Vietnam - Cambodia 2/5

Day 2 - Fri, 14 Mar 2014
We decided to explore the city on that day by walking, it's quite far actually kkk..with a good map from the hotel we started walking to Reunification Palace (VND 30,000) by passing the Ben Tanh Market area, War Remnants Museum (VND 15,000) not far from that Reunification Palace. War Remnants Museum, hmm this museum have lots of picture when US attacked Vietnam by dumped 20 millions gallons of chemicals including a very toxic Agent Orange on 1962-1971, the chemicals could kill, birth defects, cancer or other illness, have disabilities, health problems etc which shattered my heart when i saw those victim pictures ;( Had lunch at Diamond Plaza (Food Court, 4th Floor) across the Notre Dame Cathedral and  went to Old Saigon Post Office, too bad when we went to Notre Dame Cathedral it was closed, they have time to open to public actually. I bought my fridge magnetic at Old Saigon Post Office for VND 10,000. Nice architecture and it was a place to visit for tourist since so many tourist inside..kkk :p 

Pham Ngu Lao Park
Ben Tanh Market in the morning
Ben Tanh Market
Reunification Palace tix VND 30,000
view from the top floor of Reunification Palace
You can chill out & buy some drinks there..really hot!
i might couldn't sleep if the room like this @_@
suddenly i thought of kim jongkook :D
War Remnants Museum tix VND 15,000
in front of museum, there are so many planes
i love the colors :)
too many pictures that made me shattered in this museum ;(
had a lunch at Lotteria, Diamond Plaza kkk VND 35,000
Spring Roll VND 35,000
our saviour to have free water :p
Diamond Plaza, it was small for a shopping mall
The Directory for the street on HCM
Old Saigon Post Office
still running and so many tourist inside :)
they use the box for ATM
I bought my fridge magnetic here VND 10,000

Notre Dame Cathedral
We keep walking again until Saigon Opera House and the weather was definitely so HOT!! we decided to go to Highlands Coffee, it was like Vietnam Starbucks and you may find it everywhere, same like Trung Nguyen Coffee. I had Hazzelnut Jelly Freeze and that was delicious ^^b Saigon Opera House located around City Hall area, the ambience feel like high end area because you will find lots of branded stuff there. But since my foot is really tired and feel like wanna break my leg so I didn't go to those mall to see inside even actually i'm so curious and it's good to do market research, kkk but well i didn't do it and didn't care about market research things during my holiday this time :D 

The Hotel was just interesting to see :)
Just open if there is a show
Saigon Opera House
Mine was Hazzelnut Jelly Freeze VND 55,000
The famous Highlands Coffee
Visited Saigon River during our  way to go back to hotel, went to Saigon Square (hmmm..same like ITC in Jakarta), but we didn't buy anything there, for me it's not really interesting. Back again to Ben Tanh Market and time to shopping souvenirs etc. I only bought key chain VND 110,000/6 pcs. Back to our hotel, took a shower, rest for a while then go out again to have our dinner, we tried Com Tam nearby our hotel it's pork & rice, so delicious ^^ VND 25,000. Anyway we saw interesting things on that night, it was so crowded at Bui Vien Street, there were spots when you can just have a seat on the street, buy cheep beers and have chit chat with your friends.
the water was...>< hahaha
the highest building that you can see around Saigon River
Saigon Square
Shuttle Cock using your foot..haha..interesting

why there are no such equipment like this in Jakarta park ;(

ambience at night
Pork & Rice only VND 25,000, soo delicious!!
Thank you for delicious Com Tam :) :)

you may find a very cheep beer there
just take your seat on the street, grab cheep beer & chit chat

too light for me hehe..

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