Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trip to Melaka - Singapore part 1/3

My replacement off once again is almost nearly expired so I asked for 2 days off on the next Wed & Thu since Friday was National Holiday, don't have any plan to go somewhere but on Saturday I was re-thinking when my boss asking me where am I going during day-off, she asked me, traveling? I said no then on Saturday, just realized that I think it would good to travel again, so I was browsing on website, looking for open trip and I found Dieng trip then I asked the operator then she told me that the trip already fully booked so I try to search airplane ticket to Singapore or Malaysia, these 2 countries always offer good price ticket, I used to find my airplane ticket, this is one of my favorites website to find airplane ticket. Here we go, I got good deal for airplane ticket, so I decided and bought ticket to go to Malaysia first on Tuesday night and since I haven't went to Melaka so I was thinking to visit that place straight from KLIA, I took Malaysia Airlines (MH848) Rp389.574 from CGK-KUL (KLIA) on Tue 28 Apr 2015 time 22.00-01.10 and back from Singapore, Sat 2 May 2015 using Air Asia (QZ265) USD 49.81 (Rp669.575) SGK-CGK time 02:25 PM - 03.10 PM, around 5 days, that was my first time using MH and I thought that was a very good deal for me, free 30kg baggage and just found it, it already included airport tax when check in from CGK, supposed to be Rp150.000. Actually I was kinda afraid little bit cause lately there were accident happened to this airlines, MH370 or MH17 and it happened not long time ago so yeahh..and since I went alone for this trip so yeahh..I went straight from my office at Slipi and I decided to go with taxi which so expensive, around Rp150.000, not forget to pay the toll fee >< but luckily that I already mentioned above and I just found out that we don't need to pay the airport tax again, so yeahh..happy! I asked the officer, how many ppl are going tonight with this airplane and she said less than 30 ppl..and I was like...ohh...kayy..MH, alone, night and less than 30 ppl. Well, just leave the rest to God :D waiting on boarding then it's time..I admitted their service was very good, they give us snack and they will also offer you drinks and you can have some more again, just tell them, they also give us blanket or pillow if you want it, you can watch or play the music too since in front of you, you can find monitor, and do those stuff, use the earphone that they will give you later on after take off. The bad things were the weather, because you know..I don't like the feeling when the airplane was taking off but the seat belt sign hasn't turned off yet, I feel like I'm not safe :p this time I found it like that, the seat belt sign wasn't off for long time, and the turbulence was kinda scary, very scary for me. At first I tried to entertain myself by watching movie or playing the good music but I can't  cause the turbulence was kinda bad and the seat belt sign wasn't turning off during the journey, it was off but only couple minutes, and back to ON again, I just hoping that these 2 hours will end immediately and let me landing safely. Finally I heard the announcement for landing preparation, I was like thank God! the landing was bad, I don't know but that was the first time that I felt that bad, I don't know maybe because of the pilot or its just the runway was just bumpy. But most of all I just think at least I am safe. Couldn't ask for more of that :) so I declared let's start the holiday!! escape from bad & annoying things!! yeayyy!! 

Day 1 - Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Malaysia is one hour ahead of Indonesia so its around 1 am when I arrived in KLIA, I planned to stay in the airport then take a bus in the morning to Melaka. One thing that I regret was I put my backpack on baggage so I need to get my backpack and its after immigration, because I saw the nice bench to sleep is available before immigration so I couldn't used that, sad..and get another bench to sleep, far from comfortable like those bench but I don't have any choice, I stayed around the belt after I took my backpack, it was very hard to sleep, actually because you still to be aware, since you are alone. So I tried very hard to sleep and I already set my alarms so I wouldn't be late to wake up in the morning and go to KLIA2 to take my bus. I might sleep for about 4 hours and decided to go to KLIA2 by KLIA Transit by pay 2 RM, it was very fast only few minutes. After I arrived I went directly to go to Bus Terminal, I got a new pair of shoes on my way to terminal..special price :) The 1st bus to Malaysia at 7.45 AM and the locket open at 07.30 AM, I took Transnasional Bus KLIA2-Melaka Sentral 24.3 RM, the journey will take around 2 hours so I had a good sleep on the bus, and since there was no bad traffic it only took 1,5 hours to reach Melaka
first time using MH
inside the airplane
get ready to take KLIA Transit only RM 2

Inside KLIA Transit from KLIA 1 to KLIA 2
find my bus ticket to Melaka
The ticket to Melaka RM 24.30
inside the bus and will take about 2 hours KL-Melaka
Transnasional Bus, took that pic when arrived at Melaka Sentral
you can buy ticket to Singapore at there..
Melaka Sentral
I already made an appointment with my friend, she stayed in Melaka and we haven't met for months or maybe years? :p we met at Ujung Kulon trip and finally we met again there in Melaka. She and her husband pick me up at Melaka Sentral, met at Mcdonalds, and before we go I bought ticket to Singapore for tomorrow, I took 707 Travel Group bus on 07.30 AM, Melaka Sentral - Queen Street 26 RM. From Melaka Sentral they took me to my guest house named Discovery Cafe & Guesthouse at Jl. Bunga Raya No. 3, taking care my administration and they showed me my room which is kinda surpised because its different building, just walk a lil bit and across the road, there we go Discovery Gueshouse, its on 2nd floor, I took dormitory and bought it on (another my favorite when searching for place to stay) for 12 RM and 12% deposit include it, but I was lucky there was promotion so I got free for deposit and I only need to pay 10,56 RM when I arrived. And mostly hostel or guesthouse will take key deposit and you can get i back when you checking out, key deposit in here is 20 RM. Not bad for the price and it was very cheap for one night, less than Rp50.000 with good location, friendly staff, hot water for bath and they give me map & explanation which is helpful. Anyway don't forget to bring padlock because some hostel provide locker without padlock and I get used to it so when traveling I always bring my padlock & travel universal adaptor. Finally I take a shower and it was so refreshing, I asked my friend to wait for me before we started our tour the Melacca :) excited!!
I took mixed dormitory at Discovery Cafe & Guesthouse
Place for laying back :D

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