Friday, August 14, 2015

Say Hello to this cute Kitty - Hello Kitty Cafe

One thing for sure when I go to Korea is I must go to Hello Kitty Cafe, so here I want to share about it. Yeah..I love Hello Kitty, because it is super cute, and I remember I have a friend who doesn't like Hello Kitty said it's strange that it doesn't have mouth. And hahaha I just realized if Hello Kitty doesn't have mouth ;p But, I still love it. 

We went to Hongdae and looking for the place by map, if you want to check what I did in details at that day please check it on MJ trip to Korea I am totally in love with this cafe since I heard it for the first time and  even I finally found it & see it by myself, the interior, the food, the friendly staff, well me love it too much. Perfect place to hang out with your friends. 
Seeing all the cakes, waffles and all desserts are Hello Kitty was totally heaven for me. We ordered some waffles ;) The unique thing that I found in here is when you order, you will get a buzzer and when your order is ready, the buzzer will buzz and you can go to get your order done.
The Buzzer
This cafe serving coffee & desserts and there are 2 floors. I took photos like crazy there through nook & cranny. Even the toilet was soo cute. Really, cute overload in there. 
our cute table waiting for our order
toilet door :D
mean : Kitty doesn't like smoking ;)
cute overload~~ <33
wall decoration
2nd floor
nyammm ;0

They also sell some Hello Kitty merchandise, the price of the food not too expensive, If you go to Korea, try it, I will go there again for sure. But I heard they are move to the new place but still at Hongdae area.

Hello Kitty Cafe
Location for the new place : 18, Wausan-ro 19-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Phone No : 02-334-6570
Open       : 09.30am-10.30pm
Link         :
credit :

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