Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cafe Hopping at Bali - Bali 2/5

Day 2 - Friday, 26 Feb 2016
Made a phone call to extend my motorcycle for another day and heading to the north, Seminyak area, there were so many list cafe that I want to try and got some list from my friends. Went alone to Seminyak and apparently I already rode around 15 km from my friend's house to Seminyak,'s a record for me lol xDD And here some places that I went for that day, mostly I drink ginger tea to warm myself and keep myself fit.
lovely Sea Circus :)

You can guess from its name, yup, Mexican restaurant. I found this place through GPS since GPS became my best friend during my trip. It's not that hard to find this place, many people are talking about this place because they have nice design interior so I came to this place and give it a try. They only open for the first floor because when I ask for the second floor, they said it's not open, yeah maybe it would open if getting crowded. The area was kind of big and they have different chairs, mostly tourist were there. Since I'm the only Indonesian there.

The price was little bit pricey for me, I only order small snack, Beef Tacos and Mineral Water, and it cost around Rp75k in total. The tacos was really small, I think it's not worth the price but you know sometimes there are certain place that only sell the nice interior and I guess this is one of it. The taste? Hmm so so. The waiter was kind-of-friendly-ohh-really, it feels like that, they only totally friendly with white people, haha but I get used to it, it happened all the time especially when I traveled in my own country, some will do that. I spent few hours there not because I love that place too much but it was because of rainy, so I need to wait until it stop. The waiter keep coming back to me and asking would you something else to order? Hmm..first impression for this place was not too good for me. Hopefully if I come again, hmm..will think twice though haha. The decoration looks really nice, you can see my pictures below and what do you think?
Beef Tacos

Sea Circus
The location was really close from Mexicola, from Mexicola to the right and left and you will find this place right away in your left. My friend said just have nice Ice Cream at Sea Circus, so even though it's rainy, I had my ice cream. I choose Espresso Martini for the flavor. My first impression is really nice and I saw some mural in front of their wall, amused with that and I just love it. This petite restaurant was so lovely, every waitress are keep smiling and serve their customer no matter who you are. I love this place, not really big and woww overload later, people keep coming and go. I was sitting there and chatting with few people. Family, friends, couples or solo traveler were there, worth the price. After having my ice cream which was delicious I'm having my Ginger tea, since my body feeling unwell due to unpredictable weather so mostly I drink ginger tea to keep myself warm. This restaurant is recommended if you go to Seminyak area, please do come :) For ice cream & ginger tea cost around Rp75k
the mural that already capture my heart, I love it!
Espresso Martini flavour, yummy :)
the toilet looks really nice

Potato Head 
Heading to the lilttle bit north to find Potato Head, it was rainy when I go there. This place was kinda fancy and they also have a pool so if you want to go swimming or having fun with your friends, I guess it would be fun. When I was there I found bunch of people inside the pool, drinking and having fun. The cafe is located on seaside, there were pretty crowded. I only had a Ginger Tea(Rp55k) while enjoying the view. The decoration was pretty nice, and I love the wall, made from the wood or look like window that have been organized and becoming a  wall even ceiling, nice!
the wall decoration looks nice
Even the ceiling too
you can swim here if you want

From there I went home and the rain's getting harder so I need to stop and waiting for the rain in the shelter. Since it will take 15km and I don't want to get sick, still have a long time to stay and need to work too haha Starving so I went to McD nearby my friend's house and at night we went to CS gathering at Warung Ipang, luckily we rent a car for the next day but the owner gave us the car at that night because he couldn't bring it tomorrow in the morning. We went to the gathering with that car and yeayy thankfully we did because it's still raining.

There were more than 30 people in that gathering, so many people..60% foreigners and 40% local. Got new friends there and also travelmate for the next day. Sharing cost would definitely help your budget :) It was fun but I found it was kinda hard to blend with another people especially big meeting like this, you can't really know each other since you hop in to new people and start talking and hop to another people and start over again, so I prefer small group though. But if I am out of town, I always looking for gathering in order to meeting new people and gaining new friends, each experience would be different, so far you will always get different stories in every meeting, bad or good thing and that's life :)

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