Saturday, May 7, 2016

Japan 3/10 - Tokyo : Get Excitement at Shibuya Crossing and TMG Buidling

View from TMG Building 45th Floor

Finished explore the nature now it's time to explore the city

Still on day 2, arrived around 6.30 PM, our second time in Shibuya, first one in the morning haha, so we explored a little bit before heading to Shinjuku for Willer Bus terminal, from Terminal we passed and stopped by Flying Tiger Copenhagen, they sell things that super cute and you may find or buy souvenirs there :) you may find start from ¥50, ¥100 and vary. Then our next stop of course the famous Shibuya Street Crossing which was amazing thing to see and experience ever!! When the lights turn green for crossing, gosh, they cross like  from crazy!!! We also met Hachiko..ohh I mean the Hachiko Statue :), this cute dog and well known for its loyal and the movie was super nice, touched my heart and I cried when watching that movie, the Richard Gere version is the nice one for me :) don't want to become spoiler so you better watch that movie if you haven't yet. Shibuya was really crowded at night..maybe during daylight too. 
Hello Shibuya!
the famous Shibuya Street Crossing
takes time to take picture here haha
Hachiko Statue <333
Awww this cat is so cuteee
Get our luggage and we are heading to Shinjuku Station by JR Yamanote Line, ¥160. (only 1 station), you can also use Toei or Tokyo Metro and stop at Nishi-Shinjuku Station (M07) or Tochomae Station (E28) where closer to walk there than Shinjuku Station but you need to transfer. Our Willer Bus for Kyoto will leave at 10.35 PM so while waiting for that time, we also had a chance to visit Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) Building to see Tokyo view from the 45th Floor, Tower 1, FREE. Shinjuku Station was very big, it was tiring to bring our bags and walked to TMG Building, getting out from Shinjuku West Exit and walked about 20 minutes, which is so tiring and I almost think I can't go but we are keep moving on to stick with our itinerary and yeayy we made it, we always ask people if we don't know so it's make our trip was much easier. We go there around 8.30 ~ 9 PM, it's still open until 10.30 PM. Wow..we are in the 45th floor and you may see the night view of Tokyo, you can spot Tokyo Tower etc. It was pretty nice.
Coin Locker at Shibuya, we took the bottom left one, Large size, ¥600
JR ticket to Shinjuku
JR Station at Shibuya
view from TMG Building, sorry for blurry pic ;(
they sell souvenirs too at TMG building, 45th Floor
From there we are heading back to Shinjuku Station find Shinjuku East Exit and looked for Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal, 4th Floor, by an officer that helped us and give us the map, the terminal was very organised, you may wait the bus on the right platform, we asked the officer and they will check the bus schedule and tell us the platform number, we ate our dinner while waiting for our bus. Finally our bus is coming, and you're just bring the booking confirmation by printing your email and mention your name to the bus driver and hop in, if you have any luggage to be stored in the baggage, you can give to the officer. We feel very warm inside the bus and the seat was so comfortable, they provide blanket in each seat and there are also a cover to cover your face when sleeping, Japan is really appreciate people's privacy.
waiting for our bus, at Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal, well-organised
our Willer Bus to Kyoto!!
inside the Willer Express
Electrical Plug available :)
Anyway for Willer Express, please kindly check the information on their website whether you can store your luggage or not because it's depend on your type seat selection. Our price for Willer Express is a little bit pricey because we booked based on our schedule and location, actually they have 3-day pass which is ¥10,000 but it's only valid for Monday - Thursday and we left on Sunday so we should pay the normal price, they also have All Day Pass 3-days including holiday for ¥12,500 but after we calculated, normal price is cheaper than 3-day pass even only a little bit, it's ¥12,000 in total. Or you can adjust your schedule to get 3-day pass ¥10,000 or even cheaper than that by checking their website to see Monthly lowest price. 

So, I'll see you guys in Kyoto very soon while it's time for me to sleep :) :) :) thank you so much for reading it and we'll see lots of fun in Kyoto, a beautiful city that you won't be missed while you in Japan.

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