Friday, September 9, 2016

Tasty Korean Restaurant at Cheongdam Garden Senopati

Did I tell you that I love Korean food? Yes..I love it too much especially when I feel like I haven’t ate vegetables in a while so I prefer to eat in Korean restaurant, hmm or I just telling that for excuse to go to Korean restaurant? haha lol but few things that I love eating in Korean Restaurant is they will provide side dishes in advance called Banchan in Korean and it’s for free and also the green tea or ocha are also free flow :)
generous banchan :)
I came to this restaurant, previously named Hanyang Garden and they change their name to Cheongdam Garden. I asked the waiter and she said they just changing the name but overall is same. The first experience with Hanyang Garden is spectacular and pleasant for me so when they changing their name I feel like want to coming back and try it out again. One day at night after office hours I came to this restaurant.
I ordered Seafood Champong (Spicy Seafood Stew) Rp95K well, I’m flattered and so happy to see their services, excellent, I got generous Banchan with 9 plates on my table and I was surprised regarding how generous they can be, I was alone but they gave me full service. To be honest at that time I was so hungry so I think I came at a perfect time. Everything is delicious, the portion, taste and price is worthed.

my favorite banchan :)
Seafood Champong
I still couldn't forget about how satisfied am I during my last visit so I came back again on next week. This time I would like to try Jaeyuk Dopbab (Spicy Pork and Vegetables Bibimbap) Rp115k. I put my order and while waiting for my meal, banchan start coming. Surprisingly this time I only get 6 plates for my banchan this time. I feel little bit sad about how inconsistent they can be to customer, I asked some waitress and they said depend on how many people for a table, the meal that I ordered is really tasty and I love it but I don't know I feel like eating in a not really good atmosphere because of that small things are just make me kinda hard to swollen the food also kinda lost my appetite haha. In addition, I just came here a week ago and in a week they already change how they treat customer, wow. That's really too bad, but the food is really tasty though. Thankfully a waitress save my mood because she remembered me and I asked her about this changes, so I got another plate of banchan of salad, yay!!
banchan ;(
Jaeyuk Dopbab, yummy <333
addition banchan that I got finally 
There are so many korean come to this restaurant, for ocha is free flow and you can also refill your banchan too, just ask them and they will get you another plate. At the end they will offer you dessert like fruit and coffee or korean drink which I forget the name but tasty too. If they forgot to give you dessert just ask them.

I think I will go back to this restaurant because I love the taste and price is worthed, they serve more banchan too :) 

Cheongdam Garden
Location : Jl. Senopati No. 43 C, Senopati, Jakarta
Open      : 11 AM - 11 PM
Price      :  Rp80.000 - 850.000 (Food), Rp20.000 - 150.000 (Drink)


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