Saturday, June 3, 2017

Quick Escapade to Stone Garden and Goa Pawon, Padalarang

"Happiness comes when you 
believe in what you are doing, 
know what you are doing, 
and love what you are doing."

Hey again! This trip was never plan before so it’s so sudden trip, just confirmed the day before. It's been a while since we had trip together, I think the last time is Karimun Jawa. Since me and 2 others friends could make it this time so we registered and just pick a place that we haven’t been there before also the slot that still available. We found this one, Stone Garden & Goa Pawon, Padalarang for Day Trip on National Holiday, on the 11th of May 2017, cost Rp185,000/pax but because we registered for 3 persons, so we only need to pay Rp179,000/pax.

Woke up in early morning because we need to gather at Meeting Point Plaza Semanggi at 6.30 AM, but I left my house around 6.30 AM, and arrived in 30 minutes later. It’s passed from the schedule and we left there around 7.30-ish AM. Arrive in the afternoon and basically we only have 2 destination for today.

Start from Goa Pawon, where we can go into this cave and there are Bath inside but at that time I couldn’t see it, we need to do trekking there but the track was not that hard, don’t forget to put on a mask because the smell is quite bad. But, be careful and choose the right shoes because it can be a bit slippery, I almost fall since I used casual shoes lol. For me personally, the place was so so, not really recommended. The cave was not really big, we spent like less than an hour there. Our guide said there are 3 photo spots that you should taken your picture at.
start from there
going up by short stairs there
spot #1
spot #2 :)
spot #3 under those light :)
going down to check the photo spots
going out from the cave

There are 18 people joined on this open trip, we joined Rani Journey operator this time and my first time. We took ELF car and maybe something wrong with the aircon because it’s really hotinside, so we had to open the window to get fresh air yet dusty.

To go to Stone Garden, we can do hiking to go up there but instead we take the Elf to go up there in maybe around 10-15 minutes by car. Going up there and arrived in a place called Stone Garden where you could see Stones like everywhere, it’s better than Goa Pawon because I like having fresh air there, even all I did is just sitting there enjoying the breeze, watching people took pictures but well I feel good to be away from the city and got this fresh air. This Stone Garden reminded me with Gunung Padang but the different is the shape of the rocks.

We spent like few hours there and left the site around 4.30 PM, stopped at Rest Area to buy some snacks or souvenirs if you want. I bought some snacks there and got a pants there lol, there was a factory outlet there and the price is cheap and the products also good.
I love the greeenn
lovely! <333
lemme take a selfie :p
is that eulalia grass the red one? :D
pretty big
In my opinion, the place is not that special but having fun with your friends are always fun for me, I hope we will have another trip together again.

Haha I think this time my blogpost is kind of so short hehe..but no worries I think I will have such a loooong story to share to you soon, please wait for it and thank you so much for coming and I’ll see you soon!
my crazy travelmates Febri & Nelly (dresscode : grey) can you tell that's grey? lol

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