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Europe 11/17 - Austria : Explore Vienna in One Day and Eating Indonesian Food!

"Everyday may not be good.
But there is something good in everyday."
It's like a hidden treasure in Vienna, too beautiful! at Michaelerplatz, Vienna
Day 12 - Sunday, 25 June 2017

Today is actually Eid Mubarak (Idul Fitri) and this is my first time being away from home on that National Holiday. I will have a full day to explore Vienna because my bus will leaving at 10 PM to Venice, Italy. I will take overnight bus with Hello Bus on that day.

Starting by taking a tram nearby my friend's apartment, bought 24 hours ticket already for 7.6 Euro. Anyway, most people in Vienna talking in German. I get off at Schottentor station and I start walking from there. First spot is Rathaus, a city hall of Vienna which constructed from 1872 to 1883 in a Neo-Gothic style, located at Rathausplatz in Innere Stadt district. There is a big and nice park in front of it, and when I went there, I think they just had an event in front of the building.

Across the building you can see Burgtheater, originally known as K.K. Theater an der Burg, then until 1918 as the K.K. Hofburgtheater, is the Austrian National Theatre in Vienna and one of the most important German language theatres in the world, another beautiful building. Not far from that you can see Austrian Parliament Building, along the way from Rathaus which is also beautiful.
Schottentor Tram Station
Magnificent Rathaus
the park in front of Rathaus
Austrian Parliament Building
Continue my walking and I passed Museum of Natural History Vienna and heading to the back where I can see nice public square with some monuments, fountains and green space called Maria Theresien Platz. There are also Museums Quartier if you want to keep walking to the back of Maria Theresien Platz, but I didn't check that and heading back then crossed the road because I saw a place which looks interesting.
Maria Theresien Platz
Passing Weltmuseum Wien and explored those area and glad I did because once I arrived at Michaelerplatz, everything looks so marvelously beautiful. You should visit this area if you go to Vienna, totally recommended! Highlight of Vienna Day Trip! I wandered around, I saw Catholic Church of St. Peter along the way and also St. Stephen's Cathedral, went inside, it's a beautiful church. This area is pretty crowded, I guess it's one of famous site in Vienna. I also bought magnet fridge around there (2.9 Euro). They provide free water to drink on the street, Trink Wasser means Drinking Water :)
Weltmuseum Wien
Schmetterlinghaus - The Imperial Butterfly House

looks so nice
wonderful white buildings
Catholic Church of St. Peter
St. Stephen's Cathedral
inside the St. Stephen's Cathedral, mezmerising view
I love it!
Vienna souvenirs at the shop around that area
From there I am planning to see Schönbrunn Palace so I took Ubahn (Metro) to Schönbrunn Ubahn Station then walking from there. It took about 10-15 minuets walk from station to the palace. It was really hot at that time. Apparently the palace is very big and wide. Schönbrunn Palace is a former imperial summer residence located in Vienna, Austria. The 1,441-room Baroque palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in the country (source : wikipedia). There are vary options for ticket but people usually buy the 24 Euro ticket (Classic Pass).
Schönbrunn Palace
Maybe since I feel I walked too much already so I don't think I want to enter the palace and exploring more, so I was just there, sitting and starring the palace and people around me, then I decided to go. I went to Karlsplatz and found McDonalds there so I had my late lunch there (4.9 Euro) and sitting there with aircon inside which is totally refreshing. It's Sunday so shopping mall are closed in here so I am glad when I saw McDonalds are open :D.

Wander around the station, I saw a park so I am heading there, get some Gelato for 1.5 Euro and sitting in the park, anyway Gelato is very tasty, I love it and it's cheap! I am sitting in front of Karlskirche, a baroque church located at Karlsplatz, beautiful church.
I am so hungry! haha *yum
Tasty Gelato only for 1.5 Euro
sitting in the park
Another park called Schweizergarten, I went around and decided to sit on the park and all of sudden rain is coming so I ran off and saw a station, Wien Hauptbahnhof to wait inside. There is a shopping mall but for the shops mostly closed but there is Interspar Market where opened so I bought couple things there and sit in front of the market waiting for the rain. I also went up to the foodcourt and bought a pie (1.7 Euro) from McDonalds. 
beach in the city
beach anyone?
yum yum!
Pie 1.7 Euro what pie was that haha
I decided to go back to my friend's apartment, it's still raining though but I actually brought my rain coat. We had dinner together and it's been a while since I eat Indonesian food there, my friend cooked Tempe Mendoan, Fried Rice with Egg and Salad with Fetta Cheese. She cooked Tempe very well and tasty, you will keep eating more and more.

My bus leaving for Venice at Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gurtel), again, I almost late, I didn't know before because the name in the Ubahn Map and Google Map are different. I looked for Wien Hbf but there isn't, I asked a lady at station and she said the name in station is Südtiroler Platz - Hauptbanhof, it's same actually *phew, Südtiroler Platz is the old name. I was bit panicked at that night because I don't want to miss my bus. The Wien Station is very big and the bus terminal are located outside the station. I booked Hello Bus (overnight) for 29 Euro. The Bus is good and I heard it's still quite new. 
Tempe Mendoan <333
yummy dinner made by Becca, thank youuu!
inside the Tram
Wien Hauptbanhof
crossing the road then found my Hello Bus
inside Hello Bus off to Venice!
Vienna, Austria, first time seeing Metro where the station is very deep and similar like Singapore or Korea, like 3 levels unlike others European countries that I visited, it's pretty expensive in here and everything in Vienna are beautiful white buildings everywhere. Anyway my friend, Becca, also made a blogpost where I am happy to be featured at :), check here and check her traveling stories too.
me and Becca enjoying our dinner at her apartment, thank you so much, B! :)
Thank you so much for reading my travel diaries and I'll see you soon at Venice.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Baru baca postnya euy... kereeennn... perasaan waktu lo disini ujan ya... tapi kok gambarnya bagus2?? XD
    Keep writing fabulous posts! ;)

    1. Hahaha..ujannya pas lagi di taman n uda sore itu..bis ujan ga ada foto di luar ruangan lagi :p

      Anyway thank youu uda main2 ke sini, Becca! :)


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