Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bali 2/3 - Hop onto a Nice Place with Good Vibes called La Brisa, not totally Basic, right?

"Don't change so people will like you.
Be yourself and the right people will love the real you."

Chilling out at La Brisa - Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Day 3 - Saturday, 27 January 2018

We had bit of family photoshoot from our hotel facility in the morning and today we already got our car changed into the small one. Our first destination for that day was Ubud, it took about 2 hours by car. The journey took us quite long yet made us starving again and get ready for lunch even we already had breakfast in the hotel before we left. We went to Bebek Bengil at Ubud, had lunch there, the food was great, the ambience also looks very nice, there also rice paddies over there.

changed into Elf :)
stopped by along the way to Ubud
Bebek Bengil Ubud

After that we heading to Sacred of Monkey Forest, located not far from restaurant. Entrance Fee is Rp 50,000, I went there already but I guess different entrance, it looks different from where I went 2 years ago. In here you will find a lot of monkey, Uluwatu is far beyond this place if you want to compare the total of those monkeys. Don't forget to beware of your belongings. We walked around but not really explore that much.
entrance for Monkey Forest
monkeys are everywhere

Next place we were heading to La Brisa at Canggu, lately lot of especially young people went to this cafe. Apparently they have minimum charge per person, Rp 200,000. It's quite expensive but nowadays lot of place like this, located on seaside and have minimum charge. The interior or decoration of this place is very unique and so nice, with touch of Carribean, facing the sea and one of selections place to see sunset. No sunset again since cloudy and the wind is so strong. We spent some time there to relax.
nice deco!

fresh coconut!
my grandma on the swing :D
La Brisa at night :)
Day 4 - Sunday, 28 January 2018

Started our day by going to the church at GPIB Ekklesia near the airport, then we headed to Kintamani, took about 3 hours. Anyway I found unique facts about the church location, apparently church, mosque and temple for Hindu are located in the same area even church and mosque are built side by side which is so touched, no matter what your religion is, you are Indonesian :) By the time we arrived there it was downpour, too bad we couldn't see the Batur lake or even mountain clearly because it is definitely cool view if the weather was nice, I went there already where I saw in the clear sky and it's very nice. We had our lunch at the top of area of Kintamani, it was buffet restaurant, Kintamani Grand Puncak Sri Restaurant.
OOTD wannabe lol
cloudy :(
Indonesian food, buffet concept
Mount Batur and Lake view

We also had a chance to stop by the rice terrace, another side of Tegallalang and had a quick stop and shot. We had a plan to meet our relatives at the town so we had to return. We went to Cultural Village Kertalangu to relax and waiting. There are restaurant, rice paddy, swan, fishing etc. Then we visited our relatives and had dinner together at Gelato Massimo, Sanur. Apparently this place was the one that we intended to go but due to the big bus yet small road, we can't go. This restaurant is so crowded, Italian food and famous with their gelato, the gelato have so many flavours. The price also not that pricey so you should try.

From dinner we went back to our hotel and I went around at night and met my friend there, enjoying my last night at Bali :)
Tegalallang, another side
Cultural Village Kertalangu
Gelato Massimo

Thank you for reading my blogpost, have a great weekend with your loved ones!


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