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Sumba 4/4 - Tanarara, Waimarang Waterfall, Walakiri Beach and Last Day at Sumba Island

"If you can dream it,
you can do it."
-Walt Disney

at Waimarang Waterfall, East Sumba
Day 5 - Thursday, 15 October 2018

It's almost the end of our trip, huhu, bit sad if I remember to go back to reality, haha, this morning we will go to Tanarara Hill, another hill to check while at Sumba. Get ready to go and when arrived there. Wow, it's another beauty of Sumba that been offered to us. Such a different side of Sumba Island yet still beautiful. We enjoyed the view, taking pictures, going crazy on that hill since nobody is there but us. 
blue sky in the morning
breakfsat time :D
on the way to Tanarara
we can see like this along the way
and also this :)
Tanarara :)
wonderful Indonesia!
sit there enjoy the breeze and please my eyes
still at Tanarara
a little bit of photoshot with property :p
a mini bus at Sumba
Get on at our car and get ready to see Waimarang Waterfall. Again, we need to do trekking to reach the waterfall. The tracking was a bit hard especially when you almost reach the waterfall, you need to be careful, because the trekking looks like you need to walk from the top to the ground. 

This waterfall, hmm how to describe it, it's like a hidden lagoon, with the turquoise color of the water and even it looks like the private pool in the middle of the jungle. When I went there, it was a bit crowded, some people trying to jump into the water, taking a good picture without spotted others people were a bit hard. No stalls in this waterfall, you can find it up there at parking area.
start trekking
not arrived yet
this one?
no..but this one, finally arrived! Waimarang Waterfall
take picture :D
poor dog, they also eat coconut in here
another mini bus that we found at Sumba
Next destination is Walakiri Beach, a low tide beach and seeing mangroves are the icon for this beach, we stayed there until sunset and the beach is definitely beautiful during sunset. When we arrived, we were starving so we ate instant noodles with egg (Indomie - Rp25k), it was soo delicious, it's common for Indonesian people eating Indomie especially when they are on the beach or after snorkeling time haha, most people like it.

I almost missed the sunset but at that time it was too cloudy to see the clear sunset. Before we heading to hotel, we went to a place where they sell the fabric of Sumba which is handmade, They said, to make one fabric, it's really need some time. That day was our last night at Sumba.
welcome to Walakiri Beach
waiting for sunset
leaning coconut tree
enjoying our Indomie Rebus (noodle)
iconic Walakiri Beach
little tree
sunset at Walakiri Beach
Traditional fabric of Sumba

Day 6 - Friday, 16 October 2018

I am not a morning person so usually I will miss the sunrise time and prefer to sleep more, but this day our first itinerary was to see sunrise at Bukit Tenau (Tenau Hill), it's been a while since I waited for sunrise. We get ready in the morning without take a shower :p and going to Tenau Hill. We waited there until the sun came out. This hill is typically hills at Sumba Island, similar like Wairinding Hill etc. 
wake up early to see sunrise at Bukit Tenau
start come up :D
another side of Bukit Tenau
group picture with sunrise as the background
off to Bukit Persaudaraan, we saw a couple doing pre-wedding shot
good morning world!
From there we went to Bukit Persaudaraan, I thought the hill would be the same like others hills but this time is different, From the top we will find another beautiful view that offered by Sumba Island, what a nice landscape with those ricefields, the different color of each square was make it more beautiful and I like seeing those. Actually I never thougt to see this kind of view at Sumba Island, since most of them I saw hills or savanna, so seeing this was very nice.
Bukit Persaudaraan, sooo beautiful!
I love it!
buy some souvenirs?
inside the shop
Back to the hotel but we stopped by to buy few things like coffee etc. And then going back to hotel to take a rest and prepare for checking out. We also got a chance to see Horse-racing, we walked from our hotel because it's not that far. Luckily at that time, there was Horse-racing, the contestant came from some district at Sumba. It was free to get in and that was so crowded. It was my first time watching Horse-racing live and that was interesting. Some horse-racing that I saw were actually still a kid, and they just ride the horse without any safety, wow, amazing.
breakfast in the morning after seeing the sunrise
some people try to see the horse-racing from the outside
a glimpse of the city
ready to watch horse-racing, so full!
its coming!
go go :D
we're done and need to go back to hotel
it's getting crowded from the outside too :D
We only watched for few competitions and then we left to our hotel, get our bags then leaving to the airport, the trip itself actually finished around 10 AM. We went to Umbu Mehang Waingapu Airport (WGP), the fllight at 2.15 PM to Denpasar- Bali for transit with NAM Air, from there we go back to Jakarta by Citilink at 7 PM.
check in flight
boarding room, delayed for an hour ;(
see you again, Sumba :)
ready to get on the plane
inside the airplane
at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, check in machine and we also can weight our bags there
in Bali only for transit
can you spotted Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue? :D
bye, Bali!
(not) ready to go back to Jakarta
Here is my simple itinerary, not really details though, but I hope it can help you even a little bit approximately for this trip, I spent around Rp 5million, including the flight and open trip cost, find the details below and click to enlarge.
Itinerary for Sumba trip

Thank you for reading my travel diaries and see you soon!
crazy travelmates! haha xDD

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