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Korea 1/8 : TVXQ Concert Circle #with Day 1 - Exciting Korean Trip!

"I love you when I saw you.
When I touch you. When I feel you.
When I fall in love"
Tonight - TVXQ
sooooo extremely happy finally I got to see them again after many years~~~~
This is my 3rd time going to this country. I applied Multiple Visa (Rp1,332,000) this time so I got 5 years, the process was so fast. After I got my visa, I also checked Korean Tour Organization and there was another FIT (Free Independent Traveler) program again so I made an appointment with them to go to their office, submit and redeem my application (copy of flight tickets, copy of hotel reservations, copy of passport and copy of Korean visa), filled survey and got some freebies, including T-Money with KRW 10,000 balance and some discount coupon book. 

What I got for FIT program
It's not Spring season yet since usually it starts blooming around end of March or beginning April. I went to South Korea from Friday 8 Mar - Sunday 17 Mar 2019 (10D/9N) with Singapore Airlines (Rp4,456,000). But since we are curious about how Spring season in Korea looks like so we decided to hunt spring season in Korea,  that's why we plan to go to a city in South part where they will have Plum Blossoms not Cherry Blossoms, but crossed our finger.

I bought the tickets few months before and around February I got a very shocked news yet fully excited because Homin (TVXQ) will apparently have their encore concert at Seoul at 9 - 10 March, TVXQ Concert Circle #with sooo I was so excited and yesss I will watch their concert at Seoul, I try to find someone who can helped me to buy the ticket concert, and I got it. It's sooo hard to get their ticket and all of their tickets were sold out, the ticket cost 121,000 KRW for all class, I got it for Rp 2,350,000 per ticket (including ticket fee).

Day 1 - Friday, 8 March 2019

I had my night flight at 8.20 PM to Singapore, transit at Changi before taking my flight to Seoul in the next morning. Anyway for those of you who might transit at Changi Airport, Singapore, usually around 3 - 4 AM there would be some officer will patrol around and check your boarding pass, because when I was sleeping, someone waked me up and asked my boarding pass.
inside Singapore Airlines to Singapore

going round and round during transit time at Changi Airport
Day 2 - Saturday, 9 March 2019

Taking this flight was a very gambling situation for me because the flight will arrived around 3.30 PM where actually the concert will start at 6 PM. I was so lucky because I have a friend who already arrived this morning at Seoul so she can make an appointment with the one who hold my concert ticket. The concert held at KSPO Dome at Olympic Park. Once I arrived at Incheon Airport, I was soooo rushed to immigration then taking subway etc. it's been a while since I went to Korea but gladly I still kind of remember where to go. There was some problem with my sim card because actually I bought internet roaming package but it doesn't work so it's really hard to communicate while you also need to rush at that moment. Impossible to buy sim card first at the airport because I need to rush and I have not much time. 

I took subway from Airport to Hongdae (Hongik University) Station because I need to store my luggage, put my luggage at Raon Baggage Storage (KRW 7,000), near Gate 7, Hongdae Station then taking the subway again and damn! I got off at the wrong station, Sports Complex Station instead of Olympic Park Station because I don't know why I only think the location was at Sports Complex area which was totally wrong! it was kinda cold and all I can remember in that afternoon was full with running, the bus got off in other way so I just got off immediately and impossible to take another bus because it's one way, bla bla bla, so chaos and exhausted, I felt so stupid and guilty with my friend because she also have to wait for me because my ticket was with her, and I was late to the concert T_T late for about half an hour, around 5 songs. Anyway, I never did something like this and I was shook like how the hell this is really happening. 

So, I met my friend who still waited for me in front of the building and then get in to the concert hall (we sit separately by the way, because it's hard to get the ticket) and ohhh nooo they start singing 'Tonight' my favorite song ever! I was crying like a little baby, yes, you hear me right, I like them this much :p last time I saw them in 2012 so it took me around 9 years to be able to see them again.

I really enjoyed their concert, I know all their songs, I love them since 2007. That concert was kind of nostalgic time for me. They sang a lot of old songs, Hug, Before U Go, Mideoyo, Mirotic, Rising Sun etc. I sang along with all Cassiopeia around me, we shouted, smiled, laughed, such a happy moment for me that night. After the concert we were so exhausted and decided to go back to our hostel, we stayed at Hongdae. We took Airbnb and the place was very nice, the room is not very big but cozy enough and the location was soo perfect, I love it! The Concert hall is very nice but still remember how long the queue of the toilet, some bad moment happened on that night, kind of pissing me off, because I want to go to the toilet but the staff was not allowed me to go but I didn't care and just waiting for the toilet, it was sooo crowded.
why so stupid :(
Yunhoooo! :)
see that spotlight? :)
I had a blast that night!
still can't believe

Despite of chaotic on that day, I truly loveeee their concert and I miss them very much from the bottom of my heart. My friend only join me for one day concert and the next day concert I will be alone. I decided to watch them 2 days in a row. Thank you for reading my travel diaries and next page is coming soon :)
I put my lugagge there
How I miss these 2 :D

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