Monday, September 26, 2011

Gabung Mulung Tidung (GMT) 2

I didn’t join GMT 1 at mid of May so this time at GMT 2, 17-18 September 2011(2D/1N) I joined coz I’m curious with this charity event & wanna be a part of it. This charity event organized by & followed by around 700 participants, 3x times more bigger than GMT 1 which followed by around 200 participants by paid IDR 190,000. One of my friend said GMT 2 is more organize. Big salute for the organizer who really care about one of Thousand Islands, Tidung Island & also the participants who joined this event, because it’s so sad if we see this island & there already too many rubbishes on that island. This charity event consist of 4 programs : cleaning Tidung Island, planting mangrove, planting cube stone in the sea & rejuvenation library.
Day 1 – Saturday, 17 September 2011
As usual if we want to go to Thousand Islands, we have to wake up in early morning. I left at 5am to Blok M then by Trans Jakarta go to Kota IDR 2,000. Met another GMTers at Kota then by charter car (we called angkot) we went to Dermaga Bahtera Jaya @IDR 5,000. Actually there were 2 friends who want to join but they cancelled last minute at night so I went alone. It’s already crowded when I arrived to Dermaga, I went to my team leader at group 10 to take my t-shirt, ticket, trash bag etc. (committee already managed our group). Then met another member of group 10, we got a job to clean Tidung Island on the sea side. We left Dermaga to Tidung Island at 8am & arrived at 11am. Our homestay was really really faraway, but it was a nice homestay. Got our lunch at our homestay then we go to pier to gather with others & start to work. We started to work around 1.30pm, our location to clean Tidung Island was quite near that Love Bridge. My teammates were really nice n cohesive. After we finished our job, few of us jump on that bridge, and then we crossed that bridge together to Small Tidung Island & do swimming there. At night we have activities with Tidung people there. There were performances by inhabitants, GMTers, F.A.Q with Regent with his institutions, Green Peace  etc.
Group Ten!! ^^b
All this people will clean Tidung!!! :)
Get ready to go to Tidung~
practice yell lalala yeyeye~!!
start to work~
my team :)
Love Bridge & Banana Boat!
Mermaid at Small Tidung Island~ :)
Have fun for sure!!!
Sharing Food ^___^
The Band~
Sing & Dance together~~~
Truth or Truth :D

Day 2 – Sunday, 18 September 2011
Woke up in early morning then we bike together from our homestay to Love Bridge, it’s a free can do snorkeling, biking, ride canoe, banana boat, holy colors game, swimming, jump on that love bridge, play kasti (Indonesian games, similar with baseball) etc. I did bike to Love Bridge n having stroll there, watch people who jump on that bridge, do outbond, sat on the seaside & move to another spot, enjoying the breeze then suddenly few GMTers came to me and... SPLASHH!!! Holy colors begin!! Sheesshhh I was surprised but time to take revenge..LOL xDD but that was really fun, splash here & t-shirt messed up but colourful, after we already almost got colourful then we saw another group from another community gather at that field, then we did splash to them..that group activities were ruined by us hahaha but afterward we play Kasti together. GMTers VS That group, end with GMTers victory ^^v Around 1pm we all get ready to go home & packed, we left Tidung around 2pm back to Dermaga. I got a lot of new friends there, thanks for made this event!! I hope Tidung Island will always clean :) 
Jump on that Love Bridge or Banana Boat?
Outbond IDR 35,000
Holy Colors~!!!! xDDD
Back!!! ^^

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