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Trip to Bogor – Culinary Part 1

Hollaaa..actually it’s just one day trip though :D. On Friday, 02 September 2011 we went to Bogor for culinary coz I heard it’s a good place to do culinary, it wasn’t my first time to Bogor but that was my first time to Bogor to do culinary & sightseeing. After browsing, asking people about good place for food etc. here we one day yummy trip to Bogor :D there were 3 of, Ulfa & Monic who also on CS. Me & Ulpe took train from Lenteng Agung Station around 9am with Economy Train (IDR 2.000) to Bogor for about 45 minutes. From there we’re planning to go to our 1st destination, Jl. Suryakencana (Surken) with cab 02 green color, will meet Monic there. This area known as China Town in Bogor.
Locket Station at Lenteng Agung Station
Economy Class to Bogor only IDR 2,000
Economy Train
1. Soto Kuning Bogor Pak M. Yusuf 
Jl. Suryakencana, HP. 08129051210
We decided to try this because it looks crowded & name for this stall has similar with the one that I read on somewhere blog which recommended but actually it’s different. In here you can choose your own meat for @IDR 6.000, rice IDR 2.000 but I like that soto beside Soto Betawi.

     2. Talase
Same place with the man who sell Dodongkal, this is stewed taro with sowing scraped coconut & brown sugar IDR 3.000.

3. Bakso Malang Putera Arema 
Jl. Suryakencana No. 295 (Gg. Aut) Bogor
We ordered Bakso Bakar IDR 10.000, meatballs but it looks like Sate with peanut sauce also, sooo delicious..^^b

sooooo nyummmyy meat balls ^^b

4. Es Bir Kotjok 
Next to Bakso Malang Arema
Made from Ginger, Cinnamon, Palm Sugar & Granulated Sugar IDR 3.000 feel fresh when drink it..

5. Es Pala Mangga Sirsak Aming 
If you like Asinan or something fresh from spicy-sweet-fruit you should try this..I tried mango IDR 4.500, next time I will try nutmeg-pala  & soursop-sirsak :)

6. Mie Sehat Resto 
Jl. Suryakencana No. 303 Telp 8380114
There are 3 types & color of noodles here : Green, Orange & Purple Noodles. Green from Japanese vegetables, orange from carrot & purple from beet. We tried orange one IDR 17.500, feel lil bit different with noodles that I usually eat (read : chicken noodles-mie ayam) more elastic & of course delicious & healthier also.
Orange Noodles :)
Price List
7. Asinan Jagung Bakar 
Another asinan, made from roasted corn plus they add cucumber slices IDR 10.000
Inside plastic bag :

8. Dodongkal Keju
    After 1,5 hours waiting to buy & eat this Dodongkal due to food hasn’t ready yet, finally we made it. It tasted like Kue Putu, made from steamed cornflour, palm sugar with sowing of grated coconut. IDR 10.000 for big portion, IDR 5.000 for small portion. But we bought IDR 3.000 coz we almost full & small portion doesn’t look small for us :D

From Surken we went to find Asinan Gedung Dalam at Jl. Siliwangi with cab 02 & here our next destination :)

9. Asinan Gedung Dalam 
Jl. Siliwangi No. 27 C Telp 0251 326843/ 313099
I loveee Asinan Bogor especially Asinan Buah (Fruit) from here, this place always crowded. For Asinan Bogor, I recommend this place ^^b IDR 14.000
I LOVE IT!!! ^^b
10. Roti Unyil Venus Bakery 
Asinan Bogor & Roti Unyil (tiny bread) both of them are items which usually never forgot to buy for  gift, they are a lot of taste of tiny bread IDR1.300. To buy this tiny bread you should ready to compete, feel the hot, get sweat with another buyers xPP
always crowded~~
Price List~
After Surken, Asinan Gedung Dalam & Roti Unyil Venus..we went to Bogor Botanical Gardens IDR 10.000, we have to go inside because we want to go to Café Dedaunan ^^ that café is located inside that Garden.
IDR 10.000 inc. insurance IDR 500

11. Café Dedaunan 
Inside Bogor Botanical Gardens
Always wanna go to this café when I’m at Bogor but hasn’t any chance to visit it until that day. Looks surprise when I saw the price coz not to expensive for café that selling view also. I ordered Dedaunan Punch IDR 15.000, papaya, orange with strawberry ice cream..fresh & delicious.
Cafe Dedaunan
View from Cafe Dedaunan

Mix Fruit Juice & Dedaunan Punch


We spent few minutes at that Café before continuing our destinations, at beginning we just want to go to that café then out but because there was a thing to find nearest exit gate which actually closed that made us have to go around & around to find the exit gate so we spent like almost an hour to get out from garden ^^;; even when we felt already reach the main gate after walk around & around esp when we asked a woman where the exit is she said “that way” we felt excited to go on her direction but suddenly we find out so funny coz actually we went to Café Dedaunan way again..aigoooo >__<

Kapok Tree (used to fill inside pillow)
Bougenville Flowers

12. Bogor Permai Bakery 
Last destination for today, I tried bread filled with fla milk IDR 6.200, i like the fla..they put much inside the bread. I heard this shop is legendary bread shop at Bogor.

Few of food stall or restaurants haven’t opened yet already. I still have another food on my list that I have to try next time. Soo from Bogor Permai we crossed the street & took cab 07 to go back to Station. We took commuter AC around 5.30pm IDR 7.000 to Lenteng Agung Station ( ± 1 hour). 
What a happy-yummy-culinary-short-trip experience that I had for that day, can’t wait for part 2~! coz I still have another food to try on my list at Bogor ^^v
Locket Station at Bogor
Commuter Train with AC IDR 7,000
Train Route
Inside Commuter Train

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