Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trip to Yogyakarta (again)

I was planning to go to Yogyakarta this year but haven't decided when, I found this trip but at beginning its kinda impossible since most of them already bought their ticket few months ago and the train ticket was sold out already. They are going to Jogja by economy train, I tried looking for airplane ticket but expensive for me at that time but luckily few weeks before the day I got free train ticket from one of participants, the host, she will lend me her id card so I decided to join this trip, yeay!! lucky me!! ^^ I went to Yogyakarta, 10 - 12 May 2013 (3D/2N). Actually I was a little bit worried at D-1 because the one who have my ticket haven't contacted me yet so I was like should I pack my things or not? but they said..just pack your bags so okay I packed my bags.

Day 1 - Friday, 10 May 2013
She hasn't contacted me yet around 6 PM, still at office and waiting for the good or bad news..going or not going still on my mind plus I don't even know which station and what time for the train, kkk xDD so I just continued my work until got phone call from them. Tik..tok..tik..tok..finally I got a call!! so we made an appointment about what, where & when at that train will leave from Jakarta (Pasar Senen Station) at 10 PM. Anyway I can get in with my friend's ID Card~~yeahh ^^b

Day 2 - Saturday, 11 May 2013
The train was so punctual, I like it, we arrived at Lempuyangan Station around 6.30 AM (journey took around 8-9 hours). And the first thing we've thought is breakfast because we were all starving at that morning. Then we went to Kalisuci Cave at Gunung Kidul to do river tubing. That was so much fun to do that. We all wet, actually I don't know that we were going to do caving and I don't like that much but it was fine, I enjoyed it. So next destinations are exploring Gunung Kidul Beaches, we went to 3 beaches on that day : Siung Beach (Pantai Siung), Jogan Beach (Pantai Jogan) & Indrayanti Beach (Pantai Indrayanti). When I visited Siung Beach, it kinda bring me reminiscence on 2008 when I visited this beach for the first time with my old friends. At that time not many people know about this beach but now I saw many groups on that beach. I went to the top of the hill on that beach. Feel relieved being away from the city, hmm I mean my city :D near that Siung Beach, there is Jogan Beach..for me this beach was not really special coz it's not like a beach in common, there is just like waterfall so we just spend few minutes there and decided to come back to the city but in our way back, some of us were curious with Indrayanti Beach so okay..we decided to go there for a while. This Indrayanti Beach was commercial already, so there is some management to manage the beach but the one that I like is that beach is so clean, no one throw rubbish on that beach. And it was sooo crowded on that beach so I don't really like it. It almost 6pm so we need to go to the city, we're planning to go to Malioboro to do sightseeing BUT our car had a problem with the brake and then we stopped our car in the middle of nowhere..since the road was really dark, kinda slope road so we expected the replacement for our car will come very soon. We tired already & after almost 3 hours waiting in the roadside, we are famished then we decided to go to nearby stall to find something to eat. There were 2 cars for this trip, one is avanza & another one is ELF, the car which got a problem is ELF. We found toast, fried rice, fried noodle & boiled noodle. Finally we got to eat~~~ ^^ and of course our planning to go to Malioboro was cancelled coz we arrived at our hotel on 11 PM. Good night~~ sleep tight~~ coz tomorrow we need to wake up at 4.30 AM.
inside the economy train

Tugu Station~~


at Kalisuci River Tubing

Siung Beach~~~ ^___^

look at the sky & the seaaa~~ ^^

View from the top~~

They did extreme sport, I think ^^;;

be careful~~ ><

it's like a bird, right?

Jogan Beach..see! not like beach as usual :D

Indrayanti Beach


sit on the roadside~~~~ >_____<
Day 3 - Sunday, 12 May 2013
We need to get up in an early morning, because today we're planning to go to Borobudur Temple & Kaliurang so we woke up at 4.30 AM! X_X and went at 5.30 AM, there were funny moments when we went to Borobudur Temple, because there were 2 of us where came from Libya & South Korea which got an Asian look so my friends bought them for local price IDR 30,000 because for foreigner IDR 190,000. Too expensive! and wondering why this happening in every country, different price for foreigners >< soooo..we told them to not say anything when get in but the officer was more smarter than we thought because they try to ask something to customer which gonna made them like hear "%&*!^(&^#)#))#^%!@&**" and they will get confusing because then don't understand what's the meaning. So the officer asked them where do you come from & started try to take a look their ID card. So one of them need to pay for tourist price and luckily for one of them no need to pay for tourist price coz she worked at UNESCO, haha lucky her! ^^b
Unfortunately since we need to wait for about 30 minutes more, so we already running out of time to explore Borobudur at that morning so we only had like an hour to explore Borobudur Temple, pretty sad >< Anyway when we went to Borobudur Temple on that was soooo full!!! so many student there, maybe they went for study tour or whatever. And since there were also 2 of our friends who Germany, sooo many student took their pictures even asked to take pictures with them, haha XDD from there we went to Kaliurang area, to Ullen Sentalu Museum which consist with Java History, pictures are not allowed inside the museum but there is a few spot to take picture. This museum is really cool!! cozy!! great architect!! great interior!! great painting!! recommended!! hehe if you have a plan to go to Kaliurang you need at least once to visit this museum, entrance fee IDR 25,000 (local) IDR 50,000 (tourist). I will go back to Jakarta by Train at 3.30 PM so we were rushing after explored the museum, we went to eat at Jejamuran Restaurant, still near Kaliurang area, everything made from mushroom, not too expensive and delicious!! i like it!! so we had lunch then we went right away after finished our meals, all of us not in the same train, my train at 3.30PM some of them at 5 PM. So thankfully the driver knew the road so well. And when we made it!!! the train already came and we arrived around 3.25 PM, after our car has stopped we run as fast as i can because we didn't want that train leave us~~~
but thanks God we made it very punctual~~~ ^^ what an excited journey & so many good & fun stories I had! XDD
it was sooo crowded~~~ kkkk xDD

Group picturesss~~~ :D
Its Borobudur Temple!! ^^
Ullen Sentalu Museum~~ recommended! ^^b

too bad it's blur~~~ :(
I found butterfly~~ kkk ^^v
i thought it's like Scary Movie mask ^^;;

I forgot the name but its mushroom & yummyy~~ :)
Maybe I'll make the itinerary with details later, sorry lately I didn't make itinerary in details like usual, but for those who read my blog, thank you for coming & read my blog...kkk xDD next journey~~ hmmm will see!! ^^

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