Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trip to Tunda Island

Hi everyone..for this trip i just found out through facebook 3 days before d-day, so this is kinda last minute trip. i decided to join because i haven't any plan yet for weekend and work made me so exhausted and i really need weekend getaway to refresh my mind. But d-day actually I still figure out whether i join the trip or not..i feel like wanna go back home soon,take a rest but in other side i'm curious with this island plus it's cheap too. So around 3pm i decided to join~! I went to Tunda Island, 24-26 May 2013 (3D/2N). Tunda island is located near Banten province and located around Sunda Strait. Tunda means Postpone or Pending, so some ppl called it Postpone Island or Pending Island, whatever they want :D
Day 1 - Friday, 24 May 2013
Meeting point at Slipi Jaya at 9pm, i went there straight from the office around 8.30pm. There were 9 ppl on that night, 2 ppl will go from Bandung and will meet at Terminal Pakupatan, and 3 ppl will go directly to Karangantu. From Slipi Jaya, we went by public bus (find Merak destination) @IDR 15,000 and alighted at Terminal Pakupatan, the journey took 2 hours, from Pakupatan we went to Karangantu by chartered public mini bus (angkot). When we arrived actually we wanna go directly to Tunda Island but we couldn't finally we decided to stay for 1 night and will leave in the morning. Anyway there were 14 ppl in total for this trip ^^

Pakupatan Terminal
Day 2 – Saturday, 25 May 2013
We left around 7.30 AM, and the journey will took around 2 hours, after about more than an hour we got something unexpected. The boat didn't work, so we have to wait in the middle of ocean for about more than 30 minutes. So some of us were fishing, sleeping etc. etc. we have to wait until the other boat coming to help us by pulling our boat until Tunda Island. I can't imagine what will happen if we insist to go to Tunda Island in the dawn like 1 AM or 2 AM O__o. We arrived around 11.00 AM then went to our guest house. Anyway in this island there is no electricity from 6 AM until 6 PM. Most of our activities around this Island were snorkeling all the time, Our first day on this island we went to 3 spots to do snorkeling, There were few spots where we can see the coral so clearly even from the boat, cool! XDD This island is like Tidung Island but the difference is there were not many tourist, only local people. Population around 700 ppl for that island, maybe not many ppl kknow about this island, so do I. In the afternoon after snorkeling we went trekking to go to Utara Beach, chased sunset but failed since there was so cloudy. Anyway the beach was not really beautiful for me.

Harbour at Karangantu
Good morning~~ ^^

what a bright sky! ^^
We found Jellyfish :)

Get ready to Tunda Island~~
we found it when fishing~

our boat getting pulled by that boat ><
nyumm~~ :)

Jumping to the water!
Snorkeling~~ ;)
i love the color~~~~
blue starfish ^^
our night snack :D

it's dinosaur~! XD
trekking to the beach

yikesss~~~ >__>

this is it~~ taste like squid
Full Moon~~

Day 3 - Sunday, 26 May 2013
Always failed to see sunrise in the morning & prefer to sleep more :O that morning after having our breakfast, we went again to do snorkeling, explore the island with the boat before going back to Jakarta. We went to 3 different spots to do snorkeling and this time was really awesome spot!! You can see the coral very clearly from the boat..So our activities were like snorkeling, swimming, chatting, jumping in the air, fishing, find scallop etc. That was so much fun..meeting new people again~~ we went back to Jakarta around 2 PM and I arrived at my house around 11 PM.
JJaaanggg~~!! ^^b

See how clearly that water~!! COOL!!
I took the picture from the boat~~ NICE, right?!
villa to be rented~~
Our guest house~~ the pink one

kiddy goat~~
ready to going back to Jakarta..zzzzz
Group Pictures~~ XDD
See you again in my next destination~~~ ^^v

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