Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trip to Belitung - 1/3

It's been a while since my last trip, last month I supposed to have flight to Padang but due to sudden thing I need to cancel it >< This year was unbelievable coz I got chances to visit few places on my list, last time Lombok and now Belitung Island. I got cool promo tix return flight for IDR 110,000 with Citilink to Belitung (Tanjung Pandan), very cheap flight! Another solo traveling this time...I went to Belitung, 22 - 25 October 2013 (4D/3N). Belitung is located beside Bangka which I visited last year and one of Sumatera province, Bangka-Belitung. Belitung is getting more popular for touristic place since 2008, there was a movie named 'Laskar Pelangi' the film site was in Belitung, the movie has a great storyline adapted by from the popular same titled novel from Andrea Hirata, the story about the kids who called themselves Rainbow Troops (Laskar Pelangi) who eager to have good education in a really poor condition and promised each other to be something when they grow up, very recommended Indonesian movie.

Day 1 - Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Had an early flight at 6 AM, through Couchsurfing I got a host, the flight took an hour, from airport I took 'taxi' (Avanza) IDR 30,000 to my host's house. The airport was very small. From airport to downtown took around 20 minutes. First thing i found out so unique is there was no number for each house so it would be difficult to find an address there. I took motor taxi (ojek) to take me around on that day IDR 100,000/day.
Hanandjoeddin Airport, Tanjung Pandan
Mie Belitung Atep IDR 12,000
Start from 9 AM, my first destination is Tanjung Tinggi Beach, one of film location shooting in Laskar Pelangi, on this beach there were so many big granites with clear water and thankfully the sky was bright when i went there. I heard nowadays rainy will come in the afternoon so without wasting my time I went directly to Tanjung Tinggi, journey took around 30 minutes.
one of film site "Laskar Pelangi"
Tanjung Tinggi beach famous with their big granites..
uupss..I'm not ready yet :p
The second one is Tanjung Kelayang Beach, just took around 5 minutes by motorcycle from Tanjung Tinggi Beach. You can do hopping island & take the boat from this beach, boat IDR 400,000 for one day and the capacity about 8 - 10 ppl on board, hopping island will take around 6 - 7 hours. I will do hopping island on the next day so I just visited that place for a moment. From there I went to Bukit Berahu IDR 2,000, Bukit Berahu had a nice beach, cottages, swimming pool & restaurant with a good food also. About 5 minutes by motorcycle from Tanjung Kelayang Beach.
at Tanjung Kelayang
Bukit Berahu

Pempek IDR 10,000, delicious~! ^^b
Finished with Pempek and Ice Lemon Tea, I went downstairs to see the beach, I love that beach, the sands were soft. From there I told the ojek I want to go to Danau Kaolin, and there was downpour when we were on the way there so we had to wait for the rain. From what I see in the pictures & reality was sooooo different, that lake supposed to be had iceberg feeling when you see it but I don't get it coz it was sooo different, I don't know if maybe it already changed a lot or the driver took me to the wrong Kaolin Lake. Below are the pictures.
The Lake that I saw on google~~

Kinda disappointed with Lake Kaolin that I saw I went to my next destination, Traditional House of Belitung but too bad it closed already so I only got a chance to take picture in front of that traditional house, I asked to ojek to go to Tanjung Pendam Beach but he offered me to go to Museum so I said okay, went to Museum Tanjung Pandan IDR 2,000 for a while, the museum consist of history of Belitung and there were so many antique things and also a mini zoo on that museum. Tanjung Pendam Beach is the nearest beach at Tanjung Pandan, usually there gonna be many people on that beach, the beach reminds me with Pasir Padi Beach at Bangka. We had dinner at Belitung Timpo Duluk restaurant and the place was quite nice and sometimes during weekend or even weekdays it would be hard to find empty seat there, nice restaurant with cool traditional interior, i like it ^^ I ordered Gangan (fish in the coconut as a bowl with turmeric broth, IDR 35,000) and Otak-Otak (from fish also @IDR3,000), Gangan was one of traditional food in Belitung, not my favorite one :p

Traditional House of Belitung
Museum Tanjung Pandan IDR 2,000
inside the museum
there is Orang Utan inside~~
Tanjung Pendam Beach
Stall nearby the beach~~
Cakien IDR 15,000 at Tj. Pendam
Traditional Food at Belitung Timpo Duluk Restaurant
with my host, Halimah - Me - Dida ;)
To be continued....


  1. Hi MJ,

    I will visit Belitung this earlier april and im a solo traveler and prefer to use motor taxi. Do you have any idea where i can find motor taxi in Belitung? or contact at least? Thank you.

    1. that time I contacted Yus for my motor taxi driver 087896484556, IDR 100,000/day


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