Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trip to Belitung - 3/3

Day 3 - Thursday, 24 October 2013
Due to unpredicted weather we decided to rent a car to Gantung- Manggar (East Belitung), Car+Driver IDR 350,000 not including gasoline, we filled up for IDR 100,000 (IDR 6,500/ltr). We went to Mie Atep Belitung for breakfast, no longer there was Wisata Kuliner Team coming for shooting their TV program. I saw them already on my first day so I took a picture with the host of that program. From Tanjung Pandan to Gantung will take about an hour, our first destination is Batu Mentas, actually there is a waterfall, river tubing activity, outbond etc. but to go to waterfall you have to do trekking first so we didn't go at that time & keep going to our next destination. For the entrance fee is IDR 10,000.
me & Pak Bondan...mak..nyusss~~~^^b
Entrance to Bukit Mentas

i don't know what is this animal called~
Since Belitung is famous because of Laskar Pelangi movie so we went to the Elementary School of Laskar Pelangi, actually it's a replica, Literary Museum (Museum Kata) by Andrea Hirata was next, by paid IDR 2,000 only you can enter the museum, I love the interior of that museum, Andrea Hirata is a novel writer of Laskar Pelangi. Moving to next location in Gantung which is also last place to visited in Gantung is Bendungan (Dam) Pice at Lenggang River, they said it's become one of touristic place because of Netherland Architecture but for me nothing really special on it :p
Elementary School of Laskar Pelangi

the classroom~~
Entrance to Literary Museum

Rainbow Troops Novel in various language version
Entrance Fee IDR 2,000
Pice Dam (Bendungan)

It's on the one route, so after Gantung we went to Manggar. Manggar is a famous place as 1001 Coffee Shops town so we want to try coffee in this area, and if you went to Losari Beach, Makassar there are gonna be so many Pisang Epe (Banana Press) on the street, in this area so many Coffee Shops. The coffee tasted different, light feeling. We also had meals in the restaurant at Manggar, this restaurant was facing to the lake. Then Serdang Beach was next destination, not too many people on that beach, the beach was lovely, there was replica of Sand Island...kkk, after relaxing on that beach we went to our last destination for that day, Burung Mandi Beach but along the way to the beach we stopped by to Vihara, i heard it's the biggest Kong Fu Chu temple in Belitung, built on the edge of hill at Burung Mandi mountain. Since there is a mountain behind the Burung Mandi beach so it made this place are different from the others. For me not really recommended hhehe :p
Restaurant facing the lake at Manggar
Fishball~~ oishii~~ :D

Coffee at Manggar IDR 7,000
You can buy souvenirs there..
Serdang Beach~~
there is a pile of sands in the middle~~
Yunho saranghaeyoo~~~ <333 hahaha
in Halloween Edition Nailart
the Vihara along the way to Burung Mandi Beach
The view from Vihara~~

Burung Mandi Beach
Seaweed anyone?
Day 4 - Friday, 25 October 2013
I had morning flight back to Jakarta at 7.30 AM, so my host took me to airport at 6.15 AM and it took only 20 minutes to arrive at the airport. Airport Tax in Belitung is the cheapest price I ever paid IDR 11,000. I don't believe it at first but it's truth...kkk xDD
Boarding Room
Here is my itinerary in this trip, if you have any question, drop me comments or shoutbox, thank you so much for reading my blog...hopefully it can help you guys while you have a trip to Belitung, I didn't write my meals cost, coz I ate a lot on this trip...kkk I want to try almost anything, maybe for each meal around IDR 20,000/meal & for souvenirs it always depends on, right..but totally for my budget in this trip was less than 1 million (all in). Pls just click the picture to enlarge. See you again~~~ :D


  1. halo, mau tanya. saya coba cari host belitung di cs kok tidak ketemu ya? adanya yg di bangka

    1. Hi, Emang kalo di CS ga ada lokasi Belitung jd semua gabung di Bangka & host di Belitung jg ga banyak ;)


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