Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trip to Pulau Harapan

It was like..wow..haven't done travel much this year..not like usual and i haven't bought any tickets just yet so when a friend of mine was asking me to join a trip so i definitely would say yes! how i miss traveling too much and here i am..another lil bit escape from daily activities and problems which i knew it would always there and happened but at least i could forget and not think about it for a while..especially recently..i feel bad about it..but yeahh God is good and He has a plan for me and everything will be beautiful and right by His time and all you need is faith. Haha..okay well this blog suppose to be talking about my traveling so okay..my destination for this weekend trip is Pulau Harapan, one of Thousand Islands..still Jakarta, 3 hours by boat. Harapan means Hope..there were 3 of us and the other ppl since this is open trip arranged by Ngebolang.com so there were 30 ppl in total. We went there only for 2 days, Saturday-Sunday, 21-22 March 2015. I went with my ex coworkers, actually just 2 of us so it turns out we had additional member on last minute. Woke up in a very early morning 4AM, leaving around 4.30 AM, i took a taxi to Blok M Terminal (IDR 45,000) and took Trans Jakarta at 5 AM..meet my friends at Tosari and go to Kota then we took a bajaj (IDR 40.000) since the taxi didn't want to take us to Muara Angke (our meeting point), arrived on 6.30 AM and the boat leave on 8.30 AM..sadly is we didn't get any seat so we should sit on the side of the boat which is very hot! ;( luckily we already bought some snacks and drinks so we could survive..lol soo happy 3 hours!!
3 hours on the side boat :(
full packed @_@
Talk, sleep, try to read and failed, gossip so on..we did anything for 3 hours..haha..the boat was sooo full packed...I wonder why they insist to did that..while we could see the boat already full. So...after 3 hours then arrived!! having lunch together then hoping island to do snorkeling..and actually for me it was not so special for me ;p went to an island named Pulau Kosong but unfortunately there was a stall opened and selling food, and we spent our time there to take pictures. And last island for that day was called Pulau Bulat, usually it was an island to catch sunset. There was cloudy so we couldn't catch beautiful sunset. At night we could have barbeque.
the harbour at Pulau Harapan

pic taken from the boat :)

Pulau Kosong, but it was not like the name said haha
sunset at Pulau Bulat
Day 2, if you want you can get up in early morning to catch sunrise because I didn't haha I'm too lazy to woke up to see the sunrise, in the morning we explored another island like Pulau Bira Besar which I kinda love it since the island was lovely with the beautiful blue of the sea and the water was clean and you could do snorkeling there near the bridge. Actually that was beautiful but at that time I kinda had problem that made me over thinking and made me sad..haha I didn't really enjoy that moment on that beach, ashame. After that, our guide lead us to another island, actually the island that we visited is private beach so we couldn't go inside so we just hanging around on the outside and take tons of pictures but I love that place! our group was full with bunch of ppl with many character..xDD We finished the trip 10.30 AM then we prepared and packing, having lunch then go to the boat, when we go to the boat, our boat was already full and we all hope that we will get seat inside the boat because we definitely couldn't stand the heat if we sit outside the boat >< thankfully we got seat inside the boat and here we goes again 3 hours on the boat and back to reality...hmmm...I want vacation moreee!! kkkk
From Muara Angke you can take Bajaj to Kota (IDR 40.000)
Sate Cilung~~
at Pulau Bira Besar
ugh..that Sate Cilung hanging there kinda...-__-
we always took selfie..not me actually..kkk xDD
our boat ticket back to Muara Angke
So, the cost for this trip is IDR 365,000 all in for 2 days. I joined open trip by Ngebolang.com you could find them too on their website. Ngebolang.com team were well prepared, they took pictures all the participants even under the water and then shared the photos through their Facebook page and website soon as possible, great! Thank you so much for reading my blog and sorry that lately it would take too long for updating..^^;; Psstt...I will have another exciting journey soon that I just bought the ticket suddenly out of the blue..lol xDD
group pictures for this trip

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