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Bali, It's Good to See You Again! - Bali 1/5

Had a business trip to Bali from 29 Feb - 4 Mar 2016 but since my annual leaves will expired on 29 Feb I decided to use it and extend to Bali earlier, so I went to Bali from 25 Feb - 4 Mar 2016 (9D/8N), so I stayed in Bali for more than a week :) It's been a long time since my last traveling to Bali at that time I went to Bali only for transit to Lombok and took my flight back to Jakarta, but I enjoyed one day at Bali before heading to airport even I got beautiful sunset too. My trip to Bali this time is not overloaded with itinerary because I don't have one actually haha all I know is I just need time to refreshing and away from the bustling Jakarta.
Stunning Waterblow! :)

Day 1 - Thursday, 25 Feb 2016
Took an early flight with Garuda Indonesia and I stayed with my friend at Jimbaran Uluwatu. From Ngurah Rai International Airport I took Uber, don't use airport taxi because I heard they are not using meter taxi and they charge so expensive like Rp150-170k from airport to downtown which actually if you use Bali Taxi (Bluebird Group) with meter it only takes around Rp35-50k. For Day 1, I rent a motorcycle..hmm it's thrilling for me because I never ride motorcycle by myself at Jakarta for long distance, I used to ride it in short distance, less than 5km, so I gathered my courage and let it gooo...haha I rent it at Jl. Uluwatu I and going around Bali with motorcycle Rp50k/day for automatic motorcycle, put your ID card to them. Fill gasoline for Rp15k at Gas Station.
My fave pic from the top!
After finally, we decided where we going to that day. We went to Warung Nasi Ayam Bu Oki to have breakfast (Rp25k) inc.drink. before heading to Nusa Dua Beach. It's love it too much! and no need to pay parking! we strolling around Nusa Dua Beach..playing on the beach and explore Nusa Dua Beach, the weather was pretty decent even though sometimes rain is coming for a while. Not too crowded and since there are so many nice resorts and hotel so the surrounding looks nice, clean, no trash around and not so many locals there. We also find the icon of Nusa Dua, which is the statue that I found most people will take picture at that Statue. But the highlight for that day is a place that called Waterblow, by coincidence we found this place, when you find the Statue just go and follow the path behind that statue and you will see Waterblow. It's so beautiful, you can see Indian Ocean for the view, it reminds me when I went to Sempu Island at Malang the weather was also very nice, I love it! Really hot so we had a fresh juice before going to our next destination
Nyam! I asked not spicy but still..:p - Rice & Chicken - 
Hello Nusa Dua Beach!
Riding bicycle? another option to strolling around Nusa Dua
The seaside view and in front of it is lovely beach~~~
The famous statue at Nusa Dua
Waterblow gate :)
Some fisherman, and the view is Indian Ocean by the way 
look at Waterblow behind me! waiting for perfect timing to capture this pic :p
another side of Nusa Dua beach
Our next stop is Jimbaran Beach, also FREE, been there long time ago for having Dinner when I went to Bali back in 2011. But since it was night so I can't see clearly what the beach looks really like so we went there to checking out. We found a nice spot, it was on the front one of hotel that provide free wifi connection and pretty fast :) *smirk* my friend played at the beach meanwhile I am just sitting on the beach and read a book, well FYI I decided to start reading books this year haha. From there we went to my friend's cousin and they were lovely, they let me to bring folding bed and mat to sleep at my friend's place. Parking cost Rp1k.
Jimbaran Beach
not too many ppl since it was really hot! haha
got few pages while enjoying the view haha
Ohhh..I really had a great time there! Wanna go back!
I was riding alone because my friend need to work, went around and round with no destination..haha..I don't know what to do..and decided to have some massage because my body feel unwell, so I am looking for a nice massage. Went to a Ballis massage place at Jl. Uluwatu II that located next to Warung that my friend showed me before heading to Jimbaran Beach before. I had dinner there and so cheap, meal and drink for only Rp13k plus free wifi :) then I got Balinese massage for an hour (Rp85k). And yeay my body feel so relaxing and ready to have a good sleep :) No more agenda for that night and I decided to go back and take a rest for that day
let me introduce my ride while I'm there! *proud* *thrilling*

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