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Must Visit Island! Karimun Java (Karimun Jawa)

This place filled my bucket list for some time and I'm happy to be able to put checklist now, how wonderful Indonesia can be!

I put this destination long time ago so I am very happy to visit it finally now. I am planning to visit it but still couldn't find perfect time. Then my friend asking me since they also really wanna go to this island and yeay I said yes last minute. 
Java tastes Madives
Leaving Jakarta around 5pm by bus from Terminal Lebak Bulus at South Jakarta, the bus named Muji and you can buy the ticket there, be careful with unofficial officer because they will give you higher price than usual. The ticket price is Rp210k for executive class but since it's not the official ticket it became Rp250k, there were some miscommunication but off we go to Jepara :) The seats were comfortable enough and we did have a good sleep on the bus. Arrived in Jepara around 5 AM and we get off around gas station, thankfully the bus officer woke us up that morning kkkk xDD we slept to tight to realize we arrived already. From gas station we took Becak to Jepara pier Rp20k/becak, met our guide and go to Karimun Jawa by fast boat called Express Bahari at 10 AM for 2 hours. We are so ready for Karimun Java Island!
do you see Muji write on there? buy your tix on that locket
our bus to Jepara, leaving from Lebak Bulus Terminal
inside the bus, they have toilet and hot water
driver will drop you there, near gas station
took becak to go to this pier
walking to our boat to Karimun Java
inside the boat :)
welcome to Karimun Jawa :)
I never thought that Karimun Jawa would be like that, I mean I thought it's really just an island but I was wrong, their pier is good and everything seems well-developed. Cars are there where the others island that I've been too were no cars and mostly will only have motorcycle, so when I saw cars, that's pretty amazing.

Someone picked us up to our guest house by car and our lunch are ready, that was my first time to live in a guest house but all people in that house are not having same schedule with us, some will start their trip tomorrow while me and some friends will start right away. After lunch we washed up and get ready for snorkeling whatsoever. Our first destination is "Meet the Sharks" at Menjangan Besar Island and the location is really near from the pier, it's just straight on the other side but kinda lil bit thoughts were there for the first destination lol xDD So many sharks there and this was an icon for Karimun Jawa, they don't bite so no worries, most people telling that otherwise they won't agreed to take picture inside the pool full with those sharks though.
get ready to our first stop
wohoooo *excited*
Some of my friends are kinda scared already but I'm telling myself to not really think of it and just jump into the water even though actually that thought tickling me haha, it's amazing to see actually those sharks will avoiding you :) some are still small and some kinda big, well, where else you will find many sharks and get to pretty close with them in the water? this is it, try this if you go to Karimun Jawa Island. You need to pay Rp40k/person, not include in the package.
playing with sharks for our first destination? @_@
keep calm and play with those sharks
must pay Rp40k/person
From there we go to snorkeling, common things to do if you go to an island, the water is so clear to see what's in under which so beautiful, we hop into another island and waiting for sunset there, Gosong Putih, we were the only one group there and you may find white sand dune in the midst of the sea :) the texture of the sand because the wave is really cool things to see. We saw the nice sunset there even though little bit cloudy. 

At night they have night market and we went there at night to buy dinner, range price for dinner Rp15k - 20k, so many stall selling meals and souvenirs like t-shirt etc. They sell t-shirt like Rp100k/3pcs. It is called Alun-Alun, the place, you will find many of this at some places in Indonesia like Yogyakarta, Bangka etc. 
off to snorkeling
look how clear that water is :)
"something" exciting happened in here lol xDD
look at those sands
awww the texture <33
waiting for sunset
enjoying the sunset
On the next day we will do another snorkeling for sure, what else? haha but this time is kinda surprising me where the water is so clear as usual and there were a lot of fish inside which made me so exciting and I never snorkeling in such a long time like that time. Time to go to another spot, Gleyang Island and ohhhh I feel like seeing Maldives, totally awesome and you must see it!! really..the beauty is too shit to describe because it is very wonderful. We took a while in that island, there were pretty many people there because I think it's a spot to relax and waiting your lunch while those men in each your boat will grill the fish for you to lunch. You can swing in the island, go to warung (little stall) to get coffee or another drinks or you could just laying down the beach, relaxing, feel the breeze and the sun. I love this island!
awwww...more clearer than yesterday
look at those fishes came to me :D
surprise surprise! Gleyang Island
me love it!! so much :)
another side of this island
awww...I love seeing this
they play train in the sea lol xDD looks so happy!
look this beauty <333
Next stop is Menjangan Besar Island, the icon of this island is the coconut tree that kinda laying down, haha. You will find many stall too there, the favorite snacks there is "gorengan" fried (banana fried, tofu fried etc.) plus ice orange or just sweet ice tea or noodle? hmmm..yummy. Back to guest house and of course we love to go to Alun-Alun, looking for snacks haha.
hop into another island
the icon, leaning coconut tree :)
For the next day is our free time, so we decided to go to Bukit Love by renting car 100k/car including driver. There are 6 of us, 2 of them is couple and we just met at Karimun Jawa. Start in the morning, go around 8 AM and actually the place is really near from our guest house, it only takes around 5 minutes by car to go there, entrance fee is 10k and you can exchange your ticket with free drink. All famous spots are in this one spot, not too big. You can finish it in an hour. Find below pictures to see whats inside this Bukit Love :)
big bird nest :)
Love Hill, Bukit Love
welcoming Pisces girl here :p
going up and relaxing there
so beautiful
Back to guest house, get ready for going back to Jepara by Express Bahari 2 hours, leaving at 12 PM sharp *amazed* and we already booked travel mini van to Semarang, Rp40k to Tawang Station - Semarang, from pier to Tawang Station was kinda traffic so we arrived around 6 PM at Station. Having our dinner and got a chance to Bandeng Juwana at Semarang to buy snacks or souvenir from Semarang, amazed they already have Gojek/Gocar so it really make us easier to go and the cost was not expensive. Back to Station to catch our train at 9PM, will arrive around 4 AM to Pasar Senen Station, cost for the train is Rp160k/person.
inside the travel
Tawang Station, Semarang
Bandeng Juwana
fish anyone?
good night everyone! *insidethetrain* back to Jakarta
This trip is amazing, we really had a lot of fun, 4 of us would definitely not forget the beauty of this island, and yeayy so happy! See you really soon in my next post :) Cost for this open trip is Rp850k for 3D/2N since we were using open trip organizer for this. I will share the details in the bottom of this page. First time for me to stay under the water pretty long and really enjoying the nature and the guides are really helpful, they helped us to take underwater picture, at first I kinda afraid but thankfully I made it :) Yeay I made another good step in my life #begrateful
Crazy travel mates! haha xDD
The itinerary for this trip that I got from the organizer :

Sometimes depend on weather or guide because they will change the sequence of itinerary.

Total cost for this trip :

This all cost exclude my expense when I bought snacks or souvenirs and when I went to Bandeng Juwana :p maybe I spent around Rp1,5 million for this trip.

Open trip (3D/2N) cost inc. :
Express Bahari Boat round trip Jepara - Karimun Java
Meals 5x
Transport from pier - guest house
Snorkeling gears

so happy to play with those fishes <333 finally I had underwater picture!


  1. Hello!im hulwa from jakarta and im interested to go to karimunjawa. Do you mind to share me the contact of the travel you use for the open trip? I would be so happy if you willing to, you can send me the contact via email thank you:))

    1. sent the email already, pls kindly check :)


  2. Hi i'm Lia from Bandung. I'm also interested with your itinerary. would you kindly send me contact person from your trip organizer to Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Lia,

      I sent email already, pls check

      Thanks for coming here!


    2. Lia, I got bounced back in my email stated the email address not found, is your email address right?

  3. ops i'm so sorry, it should be

    thanks MJ!


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