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Hunting New Places at Yogyakarta : Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Hutan Pinus, Tebing Breksi etc.

"Better to see something once, than to hear about it thousand times"
-Asian Proverb
bit afraid to get up there but the view is spectacular! :)
Will do another getaway and I am always excited to do one or two or three and keep going haha. This trip already planned with a friend of mine such a long time but yeahh, well at least now we go. I already been to this city couple times, I shared already in this blog and looking for exploring new places again. Leave on Friday night 29th of Aug 2016 by Economy class Bogowonto train from Pasar Senen Station at 9.45PM and arrive in Lempuyangan Station, Yogyakarta in the morning.
Got to see lovely sunrise at Lempuyangan Station

Go-Car already in Yogyakarta and we were happy about it, 5 of us, stayed at Munajat Backpackers, Malioboro, Rp125k/room and for extra bed Rp25k/bed/night. We took Go-Car to our hostel and since still early morning came to hostel, we still couldn't check in because someone still inside the room, put our bags there and we went to have breakfast around the hostel, which is Malioboro. My friend bought satay in front of Malioboro Mall from the woman who selling it without asking the price first and woww Rp25k which kinda expensive for Yogyakarta. So, always asking price first wherever you don't really familiar with the place, just in case.
Munajat Backpackers
nice mural in the lobby
We rent a car because there are many of them and convenient to share the cost, Rent car Rp350k/day and Rp100k to fill gasoline. Our friend could drive so no need to rent car with driver. Our first destination is Bukit Panguk Kediwung, located at Bantul an hour from our place. There was someone who will guide us so we kinda relax, he said this place is kinda happening nowadays and not many people know about it, the road is like Puncak in Jakarta which always uphill and keep going up, and sometimes bumpy. Our gasoline already on red line and my friend bit panicked and we couldn't find any gas station anymore so thankfully we found someone who selling gasoline on the side of the road even some drama happened or can I say comedy? lol the location of someone that selling gasoline was in the mid of uphill so we kind of struggle at that time, and we need to get down and push the car, haha

There were only 2 groups on that hill, Bukit Panguk Kediwung, no entrance fee but you might pay parking fee, up to you. This place is a beautiful lookout, there are some spots that you could take nice picture, enjoying the lovely scenery, the breeze, the green color, damn beautiful! I took picture there (of course) sharing in my account and some friends asking me where is it? hoho if you go to Yogyakarta, this might to be consider to visit :)
parking site at Bukit Panguk Kediwung
standing there to see beautiful view
Second destination, we decided to go to Pines Forest (Hutan Pinus), not far from Bukit Panguk, stil at Bantul area. The weather is cool, I love it, and you can enjoy hammock there, you can rent by paying Rp10k for unlimited time. Some of my friends already visit this and I kinda curious and would love to visit too. Yeay I made it :)
Pines Forest
nice nice :)
From there we went to Tebing Breksi (Breccia Cliff), this place is also kinda new and people start coming here. That time was really hot, and the unique thing is there are Wayang carving in the stone. You can also climb up through stairs and I thought it would be very hot up there but I was wrong. On the top there were too windy so you wouldn't feel hot at all. Since there will be Independence Day in few days and to be exact on 17th of August there are some flags put in the few spots. I heard from the top you could see some temples and Mt. Merapi.  I couldn't really remember if I saw those temples or not but I remember so clearly that I saw Mt. Merapi there.
Wayang carves~~
Mt. Merapi could be seen from the top
We didn't get good sleep in the train so we kind of tired and decided to go back to hostel and get some rest before heading out again at night. I didn't get rest that much because I only have 2 days there in Yogyakarta so I take shower instead and wandering around Malioboro until Mirota Batik. There are so many good stuff and also cheap in that area and especially I always go to Mirota Batik even only for window shopping or just to get some cool air hehe, Mirota Batik is recommended for you, no bargain but they already selling for cheap price though so no worries :)
Coffee Stall that I found in Malioboro
Heading out to have some meals and my friends want to go to Mal Ambarukmo which I think kinda weird when you have bunch of shopping mall in Jakarta so why would you go there again in here. But it's okay, that was my first time too going to that mall, while with them I also trying new feature apps from Couchsurfing called hang-out and ended up meeting new friend from Lithuanian, which is cool and it was my first time meeting people from Lithuania, if you're not familiar where exactly is, it is at East Europe next to Poland.

Almost midnight and we didn't want to finish our night just like that so we went to Angkringan Tugu near Tugu Station to try out Kopi Joss (Coffee with charcoal inside), now they have some variations like Milk Cofee with charcoal (Kopi Susu Joss) so I tried that one. Just sitting down there over the mat with no chairs, that's just their style called Lesehan :) get ready to have some street musician keep coming over and over again expecting some pennies from you.
Angkringan Tugu
Kopi Susu Joss (Milk Coffee Joss)
 In the morning before leaving around 8 AM to Gereja Ayam (Chicken Church), I went with Becak to Bakpia Pathok 25 to buy Bakpia, famous cookies from Yogyakarta, took becak for round trip Rp10k, they will take you there and some shop that selling batik if you want, I went there too. I feel Bakpia 25 now is very expensive, for the 15pcs is Rp35k and for 20pcs is Rp40k. You can also see the process of making Bakpia there too. They have new place because I used to go to the factory that located inside the alley but this time, the new place is located on the side of street.
you can see making of bakpia pathok
This Chicken Church is abandoned and located in the midst of forest which is so incredible and need some effort to reach this church, you can park your car in the parking lots down there and you need to do some trekking to climb up the church. Actually it's not that far but since it is very steep so it's pretty exhausting haha especially if you don't exercise regularly like me lol entrance fee Rp10k/person. To go to the roof top which is the highlight of this place, near the door entrance there would be some people there that will manage when you reach the church. Put your name there and tell them how many of you and wait until they call your name. I wonder why they don't use microphone to call all people names since they shouted instead, and I bet their throat will hurt in the end of day haha. It took about half an hour until they call our name and finally we get to see the top, this place becomes famous because it is one of filming sites for Indonesian movie, this is a sequel movie with title "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2" literally if translate "What happened with Love 2", it was a good movie and for this sequel they filmed it in Yogyakarta. It was sooo beautiful on the top, you will only have 5 minutes on the top to take pictures whatsoever. Would be wonderful to see sunrise there and you could see Borobudur Temple from above which is so lovely :) what a beautiful lookout up there.
get ready to hiking a bit haha
well known Chicken Church
inside the abandoned church, waiting
going to the top of Gereja Ayam
My friends want to come to Borobudur Temple afterward so yeahh I went again to Borobudur Temple, I just found out that Chicken Church is located nearby Borobudur Temple. Entrance fee is Rp30k/person and if your foreigners, I am sorry to hear that you need to pay multiple times from local price. It was crowded when we go there and actually kinda bit lucky since the last time I went there it's season when so many study tour going to Borobudur as their destination so there are so many students come to that temple, super packed with people :D Wander around the temple for a while and leaving around 2 PM since I must leaving back to Jakarta first. My train schedule is at 6.35 PM and they take me there and arriving at Tugu Station around 4.30 PM so I still have some time wander around.
elephant inside the temple
on your way back you can buy souvenirs in that market
On that day I found out my travelmate when I go to Lombok (met through Couchsurfing) is also in Yogyakarta so we decided to meet up before leaving. Met her and her friend at Malioboro while having meals. I am taking Business Class - Senja Utama Solo from Tugu Station to Pasar Senen Station Rp250k/person. Seat was comfortable enough and other than that is not really different with economy class. Leaving on time and arrive in Pasar Senen Station around 4.30 AM which made me kinda hurry to go home since I will only have few hours to sleep comfortable on my bed before going to work on the same day.

What a short yet nice getaway this time, exploring new place is always exciting for me and glad to keep doing it until now. Actually there was little accident when I wrote this blogpost because actually I already finished write it, spent my weekend night for this but when I click save and due to bad connection, it didn't save and I press close button unintentionally and my blogpost is gone! :( so I need to write up again, that's pretty sucks, huh? I decided to move on and keep going, shit does happen though. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! Will have another travel blogpost very soon :)
kinda bit weird to see train in the middle of street @_@
group picture :) )

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