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Korea 3/11 - Dalkomm Coffee, SM Town Coex Artium and Nightlife at Hongdae

“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” 
– Henry David Thoreau

Still on Day 3 - Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 (see part 1 here)

I'm starving already so time to hop on the next place that I missed yesterday and get my lunch there, SM Town COEX Artium, found this place by reading some references and planning to visit this place suddenly, at first I didn't plan to. From Anguk Station heading to Samseong Station (Samsung) Exit 5 or 6, and having late lunch at McDonald haha..general junkfood restaurant that you may find mostly wherever you are and became my saviour. 

It's interesting to see their order system, no need to queuing like usual and order your food, they have more and more automatically way to do that. All you can do is just heading to the one of LED and order from that big screen, get your queue numbers and heading to the cashier to pay since I am foreigner so I need to pay cash but for local, they could pay with their local card. Pay and wait for your numbers to be called, the tricky thing is they do have screen but the numbers to be called is totally random, so stay awake and don't miss the screen to see your number stated on the screen, since they mention the number in Korean haha. It's kinda a new experience for me and I love seeing new things :) I am ordering burger, french fries and mineral water for KRW 4,000.
Place your order there and pay in cashier below

Finished and get ready to SM Town COEX Artium, time to meet my long lasting favorite idol from time to time :) did you still remember who are they? hehe, you will spot the place right away since they have big signage that you won't missed it. There are 5 floors and each floor consist of different part, once you enter the building you will see SM Town artist pictures everywhere. 

So, 1F Welcome Zone, 2F SUM (Celebrity Shop) you can shop your idol souvenirs here such as hat, t-shirt, CD, mug etc., 3F SM Town Studio, if you want to experience real artist things such as vocal/dance training, M/V studio, photo shoot, recording etc, they have some packages. 4F SM Town SUM Cafe/Market, like the name, it's cafe, some cute SM Town idol cakes are there, quite pricey, the decoration looks nice, you can also buy some souvenirs, I forgot what floor but they also display the awards which won by their artist also many pictures with the signs. 5/6F SM Town Theatre, you can watch some shows and they also put 3D print out statue, very big, almost the same size like the real one, I met Changmin :) where's Uknow Yunho? but too bad there isn't. Anyway I will make another special blogpost for SM Town Coex Artium.
Dugeun..dugeun.. lol xD
the main entrance of SM Town Coex Artium
Homin, my favorite :) should be additional 3 more :)
Next is Apgujeong because I want to go to SM Everysing to buy some CD since the one in Myeongdong closed already and I just knew it yesterday when I went to Myeongdong. I wander around Apgujeong Rodeo Street and try to find SM Everysing, bit lost since I forgot to setting the map to offline. But luckily I still have those feeling since the place was kinda familiar and it was my second time to that area. And I was kinda sure the building is around the corner but something was off, try to ask the shopkeeper but mostly saying they don't know. Apparently the shop was changing already, I don't know if it's closed or move to another area, too bad. So I went back to station and plan to heading to Cental Park area.
Found Dalkomm Coffee at Apgujeong Rodeo Street
The Galleria Mall
There was unexpected moment, the train was late, I waited almost an half hour but train is still not coming yet, and then an hour. Most people were furious about it, actually I only need 1 station from this train and transfer at Gangnam-gu Office but since almost an hour and I don't want to wait any longer, I went upstairs again and I saw some people lining at subway office so I asked and they said you can get refund for the ticket so I joined the lining and got back my KRW 1,250. I got the money and the officer said sorry. That was pretty fast to do refund I think :). I also saw an old guy mad to an officer, feel bad to the young office that get scolded from that old guy ><

Walked to the nearest bus station and asking a help about what bus number to go to Gangnam-gu Office Subway, so I hopped into the bus and take the subway to Central Park area at Incheon, it's quite far and took a long time, it was almost 2 hours from Apgujeong and it became longer since there was bit unexpected thing happened and kinda delayed my time more than an hour.
lining up for refund :)
got help from a guy to ask some directions

inside the bus
Arrived at Central Park area by subway to Central Park Station (Exit 1) and amazed with this area, looks modern and remind me with SCBD, Jakarta, you will spot Tribowl and the bridge and what a cool beam lights everywhere, planning to go to this area because I want to go to Dalkomm Coffee, coffee shop that became famous because of Descendants of the Sun drama on Episode 2, one of filming sites haha. Tribowl might become popular since Lee Min Ho recently filmed his new drama, Legend of the Blue Sea in Episode 1 and I went there already. Besides, this area is where the Daehan, Minguk & Manse (Song Triplets) live, you may spot the apartment and this park, they played around here a lot :) 

I wander around the park along the way to Dalkomm Coffee. Walking and walking, it's pretty far actually, when I walked that night, I arrived Central Park around 6.30 - 7 PM, walking through the park and I spotted interesting things, so many people gather there, it's White Rose lights! so there are so many white rose LED at night, they will turn on the light and it looks so beautiful. The park was so crowded. I went there a while then continue my way to Dalkomm Coffee. 
Tribowl where Lee Min Ho filmed the newest drama.
Legend of Blue Sea Ep. 1 Lee Min Ho
sorry for blurry ;(
Pretty White Rose Light
Uwaaaaa...happy to see those flowers :)
Early Christmas Tree
I was folowing my map and finally I spot the coffee shop, they also put the banner Descendants of The Sun (DOTS) in front of it, yay!! My friend waited there already since she just arrived in Korea and we're planning to explore Korea together :) Alternative way, you can get off at University of Incheon Subway Station Exit 4, and go heading towards the Central Park side, through Convensia-daero. It's closer to alight on that station but I prefer Central Park since I want to explore Central Park area more.

Felt excited to be inside the coffee shop, and my friend took a seat right in front of the spot where the filming happened, Descendants of The Sun Episode 2, you may see the dolls sitting face each other and also big captain doll. I ordered the same drink like Captain Yoo had in the drama in another episode since they filmed in Dalkomm Coffee a lot and in another branch, Welchesher Red (KRW 4,800) the taste was sour! hahaha..enough to wake me up at that night. Kinda feels good to be in the cafe and have a break since I walked too much from the morning. We went back to Seoul around 8.30 PM.
Yeayyy, Dalkomm Coffee
Descendants of The Sun ep.2, break up scene ;(
poor Kwangsoo in the corner ^^;;
Back to guesthouse at Hongdae, take a shower and ready with our sleepwear, but it's kinda shame if we didn't maximized our night at Hongdae, so without changing our sleepwear, we just put our coat and go out exploring Hongdae at night, maybe about 11 PM. Along our way we spot night snack stall!! And ohhh I loveee it and this thing is one of things that I missed a most in Korea, cheap night snaks :) I ordered Tteokpokki, the price still the same KRW 2,500 and for Odeng KRW 500. It was sooo deliciousss, love Tteokpokki too muchh. 
Night Snack Stall! Awesomeee
delicious and generous!! love it to the MAX!
It was fun to explore Hongdae at night, the night is still on in Hongdae, At Hongdae playpark, you may find so many Korean or foreigners chatting, beers and some play the music or even sing. Don't forget to try famous Banana Uyu in Korea, uyu means milk in Korean so Banana Milk! soo tasty, really! Highly recommended to try, KRW 1,300. See, even at night I ate quite a lot haha. You can also go to some club in Hongdae, some club was in Halloween themes, so fun to see. Wandered around until 1.30 PM and decided to go back to guesthouse, along the way we also saw Picasso Street Art, planned to start the day in early morning! We plan to go to Gyeonggido area :) Be ready!
The night is still on!
Happy Halloween people!
Hongik Playland
I drink this a lot in Korea :) so yummy
Traveler, Local and more gather in the park
Hit the balloon and get your prize!
Picasso Street Art
Another Song Joongki commercial, too bad we haven't tried that beer :p

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