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Korea 7/11 - Jeju Island : Udo Island, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Manjanggul Cave, Black Pork Street

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” 
– Roy M. Goodman

Day 7 – Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016
Made a deal with the driver to pick us up at 8 AM in this morning, so we were ready before 8 AM and having our breakfast. The guest house provides bread, jam, cheese, egg, juice, tea or coffee. You can use the kitchen and don’t forget to wash it after you use it. We had a good breakfast in the morning, they also provide free Jeju oranges and of course the orange is so tasty.

We stayed for one night only because my friends will go back to Seoul at that night while I am still staying in Jeju for another night with different guesthouse. We checked out in that morning and I had a postcard sent from that guesthouse to a friend. That was my first time sending a postcard which I found that kind of simple thing but memorable, it’s also cheap (KRW 1,500) for card and stamp. Today's schedule? Explore East Jeju Island :)
one of post card that you can send from Jeju, KRW 1,500
our rented taxi
Our first destination for that day is Udo Island, located at East of Jeju. Journey took around 1,5 hours from our guesthouse to East Jeju. Our driver took us to the Seongsan Port and we need to take a ferry to Udo Island, you will need to write your name, birth date in a small form, ticket for round trip is KRW 5,500. The journey took about 15 minutes to Udo Island (Cheonjin Port) and we left around 10 AM.
ready get on board to Udo Island
inisde the Ferry
We planned to take ferry back at 12.00, we had couple things to visit on that day. Arrived at Udo Island, four of us are separating, because two of them will rent a motorcycle or bike and ended up with a bike to strolling the island (KRW10,000/bike). Me and another friend prefer to explore the island by walking, I don’t think it would be worth it that much to explore the island. From the port we saw a red lighthouse so we took pictures there and heading to the right side, saw couple of Haenyeo (sea woman) or female divers, wonder how heavy all the equipment that they carry on.
Welcome to Udo Island
Spotted Haenyeo ( Sea Woman )
looks heavy

And then we planned to look out the other side of the island, it might would be interesting to explore around island but I don’t feel like want to doing it, so it’s enough for me to stroll around the port, met a cute puppy there haha, and ohh they have different kind of vehicle to be rented there and some of that are my first time to see, interesting. We enjoyed the breeze, take a seat there, and I am enjoying my milk :) Bored already and finished around 11 AM and go directly to our meeting point to wait the others to come.
soo cuteee
playing with this cute puppy awww~~ (credit pictrure : We)
Tick..tock..tick..tock..we are waiting and enjoying FREE Wifi inside the meeting point, watching televisions, start hungry and 15 minutes to 12, my friend came but she separated with another one, which made us late to board the ferry. Bit panicked looking for her because she could not contactable, and around 12 she came. It’s too late and we need to wait for another hour. 
our Ferry back to Seongsan Port
Personally, I don’t really recommend Udo Island to visit unless you want to rent a bike or motorcycle and strolling the island but I think there will be more nice places to visit beside Udo Island, so if I am going to Jeju again I think I will skip Udo Island. First, it took long time to go there, Second, the view is not that worth it and Third, kind of waste your time and also not really optimizing your cost for rent taxi. We were starving but thankfully we brought our bread from the guesthouse for snack haha

Heading to the next place is Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak/ Sunrise Peak, it’s rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. There is a huge crater at the top of it with diameter 600m and 90m high. Seongsan Ilchulbong is one of UNESCO World Heritage. Admission Fee is KRW 2,000.

My advice is prepare your snack and drink well, the heavy one like onigiri or kimbab. We were starving at that time and it’s raining again, we planned to go to Lotteria to buy meals (take away) but I didn’t know it will took that long for our meals. But I need one since I’m famished and to go to Seongsan Ilchulbong you need to climb up the stairs, around 300 m. Sheeshh…kind of hate to waste my time to wait my meals.

Once I got my meals, heading up directly to Seongsan Ilchulbong, it’s pretty long way to go up, exercise in the rain. One of my friend already headed up first while the other two decided to not going up. So I went up alone and really, the stairs were somehow it’s too steep and I’m freakin’ tired and exhausted. Thankfully I had my mineral water since I think I will need one and yess it helps.
Sea woman performances down there
Ready to going up?
Okay..good luck! legs feel like want to break, bit shaky and I sweat too much. Keep going, up and up and finally I reached the top! YAY! I met my friend there, she looks so tired, same like me of course haha, it took me around 20 minutes hiking to the top, I kinda rushed a bit because we were running out of time. The view from the top is so beautiful, I love it!
Seongsan Ilchulbong
time to going down
Jeju Souvenirs that I found there KRW 3,000
Finished and the driver was hungry so we need to go to have meals again even actually we were full already, we supposed to tell the driver that while waitinf for us or when we are in Udo Island, he can have a lunch there. Surprisingly he took us to a quite expensive restaurant, seafood hotpot U_U we had a Seafood Hotpot in Medium Size (2-3 person) and extra 2 rice, total cost KRW 59,000 so KRW 14,750/person.

Seafood Hotpot came and it’s still alive! I can’t believe what I saw and pretty scary to see, they are stil moving. The portion was very generous and the lady help us to cook and cut all the seafood. It’s expensive but it’s worth it so it’s okay, I don’t think I will not try that one if the driver didn’t take us there, so eating Seafood in Jeju is checked :)
happy tummy happy us
Before my friends heading to the airport we left the restaurant around 3.30 PM and go to Manjanggul Cave, another UNESCO World Heritage. It is one of the finest lava tunnels in the world and is designated natural monument. They only open 1 km of the 13,422 m for tourist inside the cave. We didn’t have much time so we went there directly, Admission Fee KRW 2,000/person. It took almost 30 minutes to reach the monument and need to back with the same way so it would be 2 km walking. I don’t like cave actually but since this is UNESCO World Heritage and mostly people will visit it when they go to Jeju so I think I would give it a try. They put some light inside the cave.
1 km to go
Manjanggul Cave
Rushing and rushing, and then we go to the airport, the driver afraid we couldn’t afford to reach the airport on time. All of us hoping they wouldn’t late to the flight, because if they did, ohh okay let’s pray the very best. Our driver drove pretty fast but to bad there was a heavy traffic there. I was thinking ohhh Jeju could also have traffic jam? Wow..They started checking another flight ticket just in case and well must be quite expensive.

Arrive in airport and they start running immediately! And turned out they made it and didn’t miss the flight, they told me the officer was very helpful, phew, great news! I asked the driver to take me to my guesthouse called Starjjang Jeju Airport House, located not far from airport, since it’s already passed his schedule I told him it’s okay for me to pay using meter taxi but he said no need, ohh thank you Ahjussi, jjang! I put his contact on my previous post :) if you need to rent taxi like us.

I arrive at my guesthouse. Going up and when I enter the guesthouse, ohh I love the ambience, the color of the guesthouse is totally same like picture, it’s clean and yeay I got my 4 bunkbeds room for myself, so it’s like private room for me, hooray! Inside the room, aircon can changing to be heater so I use it to dry my clothes and I’m hanging my clothes like everywhere, it’s pretty cold at night and I used heater.
my "private room" :)
love all their variants especially Banana!
Finished taking shower I asked the staff of the hostel, the staff was so friendly too, for every customer that came, he will ask how they were doing etc in a friendly way, nice! I strolled at that night from guesthouse and heading to the east side, passing and window shopping at Jungang Underground Shopping Mall, also I found many shops and live music performance, watching for a moment. Wander around and looking for Black Pork Street. Get in to the one of restaurant called Hwaro Hyang to try black pork, KRW 18,000/portion. It’s quite pricey but delicious :) I met a new friend there from Philippines, we talked a bit and even exchange our facebook, nice to meet her, she’s traveling alone and explore Jeju by bus, cool! 

It’s late already so I decided to go back home, it took around 1-2 km to my guesthouse by walking, I also found Daiso there and a market during the way and I bought some chocolates and snacks. Mostly things in Jeju is quite cheaper than Seoul so I love it.
Black Pork Street
Black Pork KRW 18,000
met new friend from Philippines, Grace :)
Hwaro Hyang restaurant
nice music performance and free :) *happy*
bought some Jeju chocolates there
found Daiso hoho
some snacks that I it!
My last night in Jeju is well spent and had a nice sleep that night. So lucky I could met travel mates there, so we can share taxi cost, room, food etc together, what a fun trip in Jeju. Too bad we didn't take picture when all of us special wearing Batik for last day in Jeju :p

Thank you very much for reading my blog! In a few days we will close 2016 and wow it's 2017, do you have some Travel wishlist? don't just plan it but just book it! hoho :) 

Have a wonderful time with your loved ones and I'll see you soon.
Nice to meet you girls! Ranni, Jo and We :)


  1. Kak mau nanya, itinerary nya bikin sendiri kah? Atau ikut travel agent?
    Those picture are stunning! So colorful and refreshing. I wanna go to Seongsan Ilchubong so bad T_T it has great scenery~ it just remaining me of TVXQ's concert in Jeju a really long time ago (2005) heheheh xD

    1. Itinerary nya bikin sendiri, Seongsan baguss aku sih suka banged and such one of old great memories yaa klo TVXQ :)


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