Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flashback : Travel Diaries 2016 #traveldiariesbymj

"If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears."
- Cesare Pavese

Hello everyone! It’s 2017 already and in this blog post, I want to summarize all my trip that I had on 2016, let’s get into it right away :)

January  : Pahawang Island
This is one of my bucket list and I never thought Pahawang Island will have a nice spot for snorkeling like in this picture, the water very clear, you can see underwater so clearly from your boat, so lovely and so many good spots in Pahawang, they really maintain and taking care the island. They also have nice beach with the white sands. Still remember when we insisted we need to go to Pahawang Island despite the weather which was still raining most of the day. You can see my full travel diaries here. Good place, good laughs, good friends and Pahawang Island was starting my trip in 2016.

February - March : Bali
Had a chance to go to Bali again and so many excited things happened in here, start from riding motorcycle for the first time by myself, going to hidden beaches which totally amazed me, met so many new and old friends, hop on and off to some Café that quite happening at that time, eat very well, visiting an orphanage, had a quite long yet great time in Bali! And on top of that free flights and couple days in a nice hotel :) read my full travel diaries here and you will see everything that I told just now hoho, this picture is taken at one of hidden beach, Green Bowl Beach.

April : Japan
Did you know I had this country name on my bucket list for long time and initially want to go in 2012, already bought the ticket but I didn’t fly at that time, I got KUL-TOKYO round trip for Rp1,5million (around $115). Well, finally I went to this country and I love JAPAN! The culture, dessert, building, food, people, how convenience, so many things to see in Japan even I get to see another Disney themepark and Harry Potter, experiencing Japan in modern and traditional, we also went to some cities and area like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kawagoe, Shimokitazawa and Mt. Fuji. The thing that made it more special is the season, Spring season! Finally I got to see such a lovely Cherry Blossoms in Japan, wohooo...everything was unforgettable in Japan, too much love for Japan :) Read my full travel diaries starting from my preparation here and itinerary here

May : Sangiang Island
We must go on trip this weekend!! And from any options and space available for us only to Sangiang Island at that time, so since we just want to have getaway A.S.A.P then off we go to Sangiang Island. We got to stay at homestay which very near the nice beach. It was my first time having trekking session beside snorkeling when so far I knew usually we will do snorkeling hopping if we go to an island, and wow the view from the top especially at Bukit Begal is really mesmerizing me, totally beautiful! We also did some Zumba on the beach, haha, what a fun open trip! Read my full travel diaries here. The picture is the highlight on that trip.

July : Karimun Java Island
Another bucket list is checked on that year. I was curious to the max with this island and glad to be able to go. On our first day there, we were welcoming by Sharks! Hahaha…we never imagine our first spot would be meeting the sharks, since we haven’t prepare ourselves to meet them lol especially we will have a chance to swim with them too, oh no! Karimun Jawa is the island that I will tell to everyone that you must visit this island! Truly beautiful indeed! Snorkeling spots are totally beautiful and that was my first time taking so long time doing snorkeling haha, even there is a beach that you wouldn’t believe if I said it’s in Indonesia, the water is very clear, white sand, totally spectacular! See full travel diaries here and get ready to see the beautiful things inside.

August : Yogyakarta
Say Yay for Short Getaway! Haha, had a lovely weekend at Yogyakarta, been back and forth to this city and still never fail me, always have something to see. In this trip I went to some nice new places where some of these places were quite attractive at that time, I also got to visit one of filming site the sequel movie named Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 where they took most of the scenes in Yogyakarta. See my full travel diaries here to check out some new places that we hunted.

September : Yogyakarta
The next weekend from Yogyakarta trip, I went to Yogyakarta again and went to another new places, in this trip I was proud riding motorcycle by myself hoho, it was pretty far riding the motorcycle, comparing with the one in Bali for a day. For this trip we went to couple filming sites of the movie that still happening at that time. Read my full travel stories here.

October : South Korea
Another bucket list for me that has been checked for that year and completed the season that I want to see in my life, haha, so that year I got to see Spring in Japan and Autumn in South Korea, yay! For the Winter, I already seen it during my first visit to Korea in 2012. Summer? It’s summer and rainy all the time in my country. This time, I went to some places that I haven’t seen yet and it’s totally wonderful, I feel also lucky since I could visit some cities, on this trip, I went to outside Seoul quite a lot, also I meet my old and new friends, my colleagues and even my ex. Boss. I went to Jeju Island, Busan, Gyeonggido, Suwon and Sokcho to see Seoraksan. I love Korean food and really enjoyed their street snacks, I can’t stop eating there haha, anyway I love Korea and on this trip, I think it would be my last visit to Korea since I already went to some places that I initially want to visit back in 2012 but turned out I really had a great time there and another places are keep coming. Perhaps, I left my heart in Korea so I guess I will come back again someday :) Read my travel diaries here and itinerary here. South Korea was my last trip in 2016 and what a sweet closing for my trip in 2016!

In 2017, I have some places that I plan to visit so I am fully excited for 2017! How about you, do you have any plan already in 2017? If you still not have or think about it then it's okay, there's a quote "Don't think it, just book it!" hoho. Have a great day everyone, enjoy your ride in 2017 and may your wishes will come true this year! Cheers! :)

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  1. What a great trip kak!
    Whoa, those places are incredibly beautiful. And the autumn in Korea tho. Momiji leaf (how to say that in Korean? Hehehe) getting yellowish and reddish. Romantic yet mysterious xD

    1. Thank youu :)

      Forgot how to write it in Korean hehe
      I also loveeee the colors in Autumn and Spring! ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Wahh makasihhh..mungkin bisa dicoba juga dikunjungi salah satu nya? :D

  3. Terima kasih sudah ikutan posting bersama Indonesia Corners yaa :)


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