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All About "Descendants of The Sun" : Dalkom Coffee, Seorae Galmaegi

"There is a way."
-Yoo Si Jin
(did you recall what scene? maybe you will remember after saw my pictures in this post :p)

Hello everyone! especially those of you who like this Korean Drama “Descendants of The Sun” starring by Song Joongki & Song Hye Kyo. On my previous trip, I visited few places related with this drama and decided to make a special blog post about it.

I know there are lot of fans for this drama (even me too :p) so I just hope this blog post would be useful for someone or you. There would be another blog post that will be similar like this, the different is this one would be special only for Descendants of The Sun while the other is not but also interesting to check it out. Anyway let's get started :

1. Dalkomm Coffee
Descendants of The Sun Ep. 2
You may find this Coffee Shop special since the drama filmed in this coffee shop few times in few branches, the one that I visited is located at Central Park, Incheon

Why did I choose to visit Incheon branch? First, Scene in this drama (Episode 2) where Song Joongki & Song Hye Kyo decided to break up so the main actors were there :D. Second, It’s located in Central Park which is the area where the Triplets (Song Triplets) live and I love seeing them in Return of Superman, Korean reality show, especially their episodes, they are just too adorable. Third, I could explore Central Park a little bit so beside Dalkomm Coffee, I can explore those area as well. 

Check my blogpost here when I visited this place.

Welchesher Red, KRW 4,800, he drinks this in another episode of Dalkomm Coffee
How to go to Dalkomm Coffee? 
There are 2 subway station nearby Dalkomm Coffee, University of Incheon St Exit 4 or Central Park St Exit 1. The nearest subway to Coffee Shop is University of Incheon, from there you can just walk straight through Convensia-daero.
If you have spare time I suggest you to get off at Central Park Station so you can explore those area little bit, you may find Tribowl which one of filming sites of Legend of the Blue Sea Ep. 1, White Rose LED park, Incheon Bridge Observatory etc.

Address :
Hang-dong 7(chil)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

2. Seorae Galmaegi (서래 갈매기)

If you still remember pictures above, it's the scene in Episode 13, when Captain Yoo and his friend are having leaves for 3 days and they planned to have drinks for 72 hours. The scenes are so funny and Captain Yoo was so cute :p. Here is the location of that scene. We were having our dinner back then and decided to go to this place, the food is delicious, the interior is nice, anyway they already opened their branch in Indonesia too, but I haven’t get a chance to go, bit too far, so I am glad I am tasting it for the first time here in Korea. 

Check my blogpost here when I visited this place for nice dinner.

How to go to Seorae Galmaegi?
Hoegi Station, Exit 1, cross the street and walk to the left, it’s not that far from the station, you can saw the signage after 5 minutes walk, the restaurant is on your right side

Address :
191-5 Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

3. Special Exhibition at Doota Duty Free Store
It’s not one of filming sites of Descendants of The Sun but when I went there, there was a Special Exhibition of Descendants of The Sun on Level 7, lucky me! in addition, Song Joongki is Mall Ambassador of that Shopping Mall at that time, so Song Joongki is everywhere inside and outside that mall.

I am so excited when I go inside that mall, took the elevator to Level 7 and Song Joongki standee already welcoming you, and it was an open area, consist of so many interesting to see. So many spots for taking pictures contain drama scenes background where always have Song Joongki standee banner standing on the spot.

Another things that amazed me is they made replicas of some of scenes, like the kitchen where Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo were having kiss scene after drinking some wine, also there was stairs when Song Hye Kyo climbing up to make her own recording which publicly playing through broadcasting stop and it turned out, Captain Yoo is there.

Also you may spot Kang Mo Yeon’s living room there. You can also buy some merchandise if you want like the Pictorial Album, Dolls etc. To buy it, you need to show your passport and let them know your flight schedule. It was so interesting for me :) 

Check my blogpost here when I visited this cool exhibition of DOTS :D

How to go to Doota?

Dongdaemun St, Exit 8, cross the street and you may spot it directly

Those 3 places that I want to share with you especially for Descendants of The Sun fans. And congratulations for Song Joongki & Song Hye Kyo for winning of Daesang & Best Couple at KBS Drama Awards 2016. Thank you very much for reading my blog and see you!
Congratulations SongSong Couple! :) (credit as pic)


  1. Hi! When did you visit Doota Mall?

    1. Hi there, I visited in Oct 2016, here the blogpost for reference :)


  2. H MJ, would the know if the DOTS exhibit still available? Im such a late bloomer of Songsong couple. Thank you!

    1. Hey! I checked their schedule and unfortunately its ended already on Nov 2016 ;(


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