Thursday, September 21, 2017

Europe 8/17 - Germany : Miss You Already, Berlin! Auf Wiedersehen!

"Don't worry about failures,
worry about the chances you miss
when you don't even try."
- Jack Canfield
one of graffiti at East Side Gallery, the Berlin Wall, Germany
Day 9 - Thursday, 22 June 2017
I feel like I don't want to rush in Berlin, visiting places as much as I can and decided to be more relax during my trip in Europe, in this case, Berlin, I have no designated destination in that morning so I decided to explore around the neighborhood on the other side.

Let's say I will just do some park hopping for today and just walk around the area. Passing the Volkspark and I can say this park is soooo big. Volkspark Friedrichshain is a large urban park on the border of the Berlin neighborhoods of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. In this park you may find lot of monuments, sculptures and works of art. Lot of people do jogging, biking or just sitting there. It is also recommended to explore around Berlin by bike.
I love those buildings colors
wander around Volkspark
did you spotted the graffiti?
found a nice kids playground
Along my way I saw some market, cafe or bars, as I am heading to Treptower Park where it said there was an Abandoned Theme Park there and I love visiting theme park. So after such a long way of walking for about 5 km and at some ways that I passed there were too quite and I wondered where are all those people at? Even I passed such a silence road where nobody around me and all I can see is just some construction..haha..depend on my GPS to go to Treptower Park

I never imagine the park is that big..and when I arrived at Treptower Park hmm..yes I  planning to find this Abandoned Theme Park but too tired to walk around again I basically on that morning I only saw parks but didn't really exploring the park hehe.
felt like I am in a road trip and finally find a market :)
in this point where I felt tired of walking and I didn't see people around me
what a big park @___@
It's like a time capsule haha
I just like to see that house with greenies
waiting the metro back to Alexanderplatz
From park hopping, I decided to go back to Alexanderplatz area haha. Sitting at the Coffee Shop because rain is coming, well, the first rain during my trip in Europe. I saw some people who just came out from Decathlon and bought raincoat there then use them right away haha, good idea.

I went back to the shop that I actually already been yesterday but this time I bought couple things like yay finally I bought myself a backpack at Decathlon, there was promo price (40 Euro) so I was lucky, there are many compartments so I like this backpack. Anyway Decathlon have free Wifi and of course toilet for free :)

The weather made me decided to go back home and took a nap, haha, I felt like during this Europe trip I found myself doing it pretty often. I planned to go to the Berlin Wall where there are some murals but when I walked this morning due to haven't did some researches properly, I missed the place even I already been told the location of that wall. But, no worries because I ended up visit it at night.
Primark! :D
Alexanderplatz area
Galeria, the one that I told yesterday
back again to Decathlon
inside the Alexanderplatz station
McD always be my saviour wherever I traveled
We went to Kreuzberg area at night, it's an interesting area, you may spotted some graffiti on the buildings, cafe, bars or club. This area was pretty crowded, comparing with the one that I saw in the morning, well I like this area, it feels alive with people, I saw a lot of young people hang out around here. I guess it would be nice to sit down there enjoying coffee during brunch. It's night already and we are planning to heading to the one that's on my list if I go to Berlin, The Berlin Wall. 

The Berlin Wall that I know is the one that with murals, I saw the Berlin Wall already yesterday when I had Free Walking Tour but that's not the one that I want to see. So I feel so lucky because yeay, finally I can see the Berlin Wall that I want, East Side Gallery. You haven't seen Berlin if you didn't go to see this Berlin Wall :p

We passed this classic bridge at Kreuzberg through Oberbaumbrucke Street to go to East Side Gallery, the bridge looks old but very nice, after the bridge, the area become Friedrischain. Kreuzberg the former of West Berlin while Friedrichshain the former of East Berlin.
inside the U-bahn
passing this bridge
East Side Gallery was once the Berlin Wall that now become the longest open-air art gallery with 1.3 km, it's also the longest continuous section of the Berlin Wall that still exist. After the wall came down, there were 118 artist from 21 different countries painting the wall immediately and so it's become officially an open-air gallery on 28 September 1990. This East Side Gallery located on the banks of the Spree in Friedrichshain, the nearest U-bahn is U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor or Warschauer Stra├če (S-bahn or U-bahn). Dmitri Vrubel’s Fraternal Kiss is one of the best known of the Berlin Wall Graffiti paintings.

So many nice graffiti on the wall and I love to see that, some part of me love arts so yeahh..feel lucky to see some and it's a looong wall to check them out. We walked until the end of the wall. Surprisingly there was a strong wind over Berlin and dang! the downpour was coming. Waited at one of cafe on the banks, named Floating Lounge waiting for the rain to stop. 

one of the best known of graffiti at East Side Gallery, a Fraternal Kiss by Dmitri Vrubel
"My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love"
a multi purpose for some major events like concerts, sports shows or events
Floating lounge on the banks
Yes, I am in Berlin! :D
Anyway, if you around that area, Kreuzberg, I recommend you to try Burgermeister, it's located in an old toilet so basically it used to be a toilet. We had late dinner at Burgermeister and I tried the burger, ohhh so yummy! the portion is soooo big I can't eat it all alone. Don't forget to try their Chilie-Cheesefries (3.1 Euro), bit spicy but really good, the Burger start from 3.5 Euro. I also found that European really love to pair any kind of food or situations with Beers, example like this is junkfood but they prefer drink Beers instead of Softdrinks.
Burger with Chilie-Cheesefries, soooo tasty!!
Strolling around that area gave me impression about Berlin where full with arts, graffiti, street performances, freedom, different people and cultures, full with history, young people, dynamic and not too pricey, what a fun city to be at. There are lot of things to be explored in Berlin and I hope I get a chance to come back there to try different things again in Berlin even I might just sit down on the park and took a nap like I did in Switzerland, trying out some coffee shop, cafe or street food and might do some shopping again :)

I would be very sad if I already go to Berlin but I didn't get a chance to check that East Side Gallery, so I was lucky to be able to go there at night and seeing another different side of Berlin. We initially planned to visit a place where there was an abandoned airport if I am not mistaken, so I hope we can see that one day. It was my last night at Berlin, kinda sad and want to stay longer, miss Berlin already. I was totally had a great fun in Berlin, in addition I met this super nice person and Berlin might wouldn't be the same without him, hope to see him again around the globe or especially at Indonesia! :) 
Grazie, Gabriele! :)
Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon on my next travel diaries where I am heading to the next city which is Prague but I will have stop over for few hours at Dresden! so exciting~!!

Have a great day and the best is yet to come to you!

"Never say never" :p


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