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Europe 5/17 - Switzerland : Bern, Thun, Interlaken and Grindelwald

It's the most expensive country but yet here I am,
a Solo Female Backpacker having her "me time" as a reward for herself
Yes, it was super expensive but worth it :)
Amazing view at Grindelwald, Switzerland
Day 6 - Monday, 19 June 2017

SWITZERLAND = my kind of me time :)


I took overnight bus by Flixbus (cost 29 Euro) from Paris to Bern, Switzerland. Why Bern? Simply because I want to go to Switzerland and Bern was the cheapest option if I start my Switzerland trip from there. There was a moment when yeah, it was my bad when the bus stop at Geneva, Switzerland, I thought it would be like 15 minutes stop so I went out of the bus and did a quick stroll around area. And apparently it’s just really a quick stop and the driver actually want to drop off some passengers. So, after a quick stroll, I want to go back to the bus and I was surprised. The bus already moved and almost left me there, then I stopped the bus and phew! I got into the bus again and they asked me “Where you go?” I said “Bern.” I don’t know what will happen if I didn’t get into the bus that quickly and what happened if they already left, haha, so careless.
seeing sunrise on the bus on my way to Bern
a glimpse of Geneva, Switzerland
After almost 10 hours on the bus finally I arrived at Bern at 8.50 AM, I planned to explore Bern little bit. Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and built around a crook in the Aare River. The currency in Switzerland is CHF (Franc) not Euro, my bus stopped at Neufeld Car Terminal and from there I took local bus to Bern Hauptbahnhof/Station. I don’t have any CHF to buy the ticket, at that time there were not so many people at Neufeld but I was lucky there was a guy passed and seeing me, then he asking me if I need a help then he told me about this ticket vending machine thus I can pay with Credit Card. I couldn’t find any ATM on Neufeld Car Terminal. So, I bought my bus ticket, CHF 2.6, get on the bus and I asked the driver to take me to Bern Hauptbahnhof.
my Flixbus arrived at Neufeld Car Terminal, Bern, Switzerland
ticket vending machine at Bern
Bus ticket to Bern Station
inside the bus
Spotted Indonesian promotion there, maybe it's tour and travel agent :)
It's not that far, only takes about 10 minutes, the bus will stop in front of Bern Station, then I went inside the station to find ATM and withdraw my money, took CHF 200 (Rate CHF 1 (per Jun 2017) = Rp13,975) from ATM. From there, I looked for Tourist Information Center, asking a Bern city map and things to see in Bern by walking, they already prepared even they have walking route as well and they can tell you how long the duration are. I want to store my bags at locker initially but I think I still can drag my bags around, in addition, it's Switzerland so I have to spend my money wisely.
Bern Station
ATM inside the station, I choose Post Finane ATM at that time
CHF 200, my budget for Switzerland
Tourist Imformation inside the Station
Just followed the map and the first thing to see is Clock Tower (Zytglogge), the ambience at Bern was totally different with Paris. Here is so calm, relax and I feel things in here are so well established by looking how considerable when they built a pedestrian which is also friendly for wheelchair where the main road is pretty bumpy with rocks. It's so beautiful, completed with the perfect sunny day and clean air :) Continuing my way and heading to Bear Park, passing the bridge and again being amazed by Switzerland when I see the color of the river is that blue, how lovely isn't it. I found some people smoke but still the weather is so clean. I almost feel that I am going to be so tired after slept on the bus for nearly 10 hours, but those fatigues are gone when I see the beauty of Switzerland starting from this town, Bern :)

Visiting this Bear Park where not so many tourist at Bern at that time, and when I was hearing this park's name is Bear Park, well I never thought if that name standing for the real Bear! You can see real bear over there and they have names by the way, haha. I spotted few bears there with the brown color, it's just Woww! what a surprise to see real bear on the city centre of Bern like that. This Bear Park is located near the bridge so from there I went back heading to station direction.
tram,flag,building ohh Switzerland! :)
A Souvenirs Stall
Clock Tower
the color of the river
at Bear Park
do you find the bear?
Along the way I found H&M and yes yess you can get FREE Wifi inside :p I also found a supermarket there and deciding to check that out, bought myself lunch there, at Switzerland they won't give you plastic bag unless you ask and you have to pay it. There's also Cathedral Munster (Chapter House) that you can check. Back to station and I decided to check Thun city based on friend's recommendation that I got while it's still aline with my route into Interlaken. Be prepare for shock with the price especially the transportation, I downloaded apps called SBB Mobile so I can check and compare the price for transportation intercity in Switzerland. At first I want to buy Swiss Pass so you can have unlimited ride but the cost was so expensive like CHF 220 so after my calculation, I decided to buy single ticket but I still need to manage so I wouldn't be over budget.

The Cathedral but in renovation
you can find some various display like this along the pedestrian
most expensive tumbler goes to Switzerland :) haha
inside Bern Station
inside Bern Station waiting for my train
inside the train to Interlaken

Train ticket price from Bern - Thun is CHF 16.6, the journey took around 30 minutes. Thun is located at the lower end of Lake Thun with the Historic Old Town located around 1 km from the shore of the lake and there is also a castle dates back to the 12th century. It feels like you are in the small village in Switzerland but I love this Thun city. It's just beginning of my Switzerland trip which we are about on the 2nd city but I fall in love immediately with Switzerland.

Once I arrived at the Thun Station, as usual I went to find Tourist Information there and ask the city map also interesting places to do walking tour by myself. Heading to crossing the bridge where the water was just blue as usual, seeing those houses rooftop with red-brick color, and you can spot a castle from there. Enjoying the breeze and I decided to sit on the banks, take a break, enjoying the view and lunch time. Observing around where people do jogging, take a walk with their dogs, sitting like me etc. What a grateful day that I had to experience all these good things.
Arrived at Thun Station
of course  first thing to look for, Tourist Information
Thun Station
passing the bridge over there
ohh the water <333
inside the bridge
do you see the tower over there, it's a church
enjoying my lunch by sitting on the banks (CHF 2.7)
drinks multivitamin drink especially Vit C (CHF 0.30
that duck color is beautiful
big doggy :D
Going up into the castle direction and since the place is little bit on the top, so prepare yourself, get inside the alley, climb up the stairs, etc. I am heading to Schloss Thun, it's a beautiful castle on the top. I didn't go inside, only stroll around area of that castle. Entrance Fee if you want to get in CHF 10. From there you can see the city from the top, so lovely. After that I also passing an interesting street called Obere Hauptgasse, full with shops etc. I was there only for about 2 hours but I like Thun and so happy to visit this place even just for a while. Back to Thun Station and get ready to Interlaken by train.
going up
and up again! phew
inside the church, no one inside but there was aircon, refreshing
Schloss Thun :)
I love it!
they have toilet there and it's free :)
Go buy your ticket there if you want to go inside the castle
the castle from the back
left or right?
nooo..I am going down now
blue sky I am lovin' it
ticket vending machine that you will find in Switzerland trip
locker price starting from CHF 5


The journey from Thun - Interlaken Ost will take about half an hour, it costs CHF 17.6. Initially I want to stay at Interlaken but I changed my mind and will stay at Grindelwald instead. Interlaken Ost was like a main station in Switzerland because wherever you want to go, most station will transit at Interlaken Ost. Before I am heading to Grindelwald, I decided to explore Interlaken a little bit. There are some attractions that you can find in Interlaken and the famous one is going to Jungfraujoch where 2 hours away from Interlaken Ost, Jungfraujoch or Top of Europe with elevation about of 3,454m above sea level and they have Jungfraujoch Railway Station which is the highest, it's so damn expensive to go there, about CHF 200 but you can get discount by having Swiss Pass, so if you really want to visit Jungfraujoch I would recommend you to buy Swiss Pass.
look at the view!
excuse me, am I dreaming?
loveeee loveeee
Ok, back to Interlaken, the station is very big and one thing that I can't forget when the train almost reaaching Interlaken was the view. The view was sooo beautiful, I can't stop admiring those views on the train. In front of the station, there was a big supermarket, Coop. Going to Tourist Information, get a map as usual. My first impression with Interlaken is too crowded and hot. I was exploring the area, going to some church and even though there are some attractions at Interlaken like Harder Kulm etc. I just feel to explore a little bit, Interlaken was kind of big and more city ambience so I don't really like it.
at Interlaken Ost Station
lovely church
inside the church, hmm so different from the outside

Went around by dragging my trolley bags were made me pretty tired after a while so I decided to go back to the station and I saw there was a park there and just laying down there, enjoying the view and I didn't realize I slept there. The weather under the trees were just too nice to having a nap there haha. Slept for a while until I realize it's time to go to Grindelwald. I stopped by Coop Supermarket where located in front of the Interlaken Ost Station to check the things there and amazed when I found so many chocolates there, it was dilemma for me because I feel like I want to buy a lot but after this I will go to Berlin by plane and it's impossible to put it on my bags because I don't buy any baggage. So, I just bought few things like yoghurt, chocolates, drinks etc. Anyway I also found a store there to buy souvenirs from Switzerland, yes it is expensive but I manage to buy my magnet fridge for only CHF 4 where the other store was around CHF 7 which is too expensive for me. In addition, mostly people in Switzerland was too humble and kind, it really made me so happy in Switzerland.
Japanese Garden at Switzerland
taking a nap with this view :)
waiting for my train to Grindelwald :)
inside the train

I am taking a train from Interlaken Ost - Grindelwald Grund about 40 minutes, CHF 15, will transit at Grindelwald Station. Leaving Interlaken Ost around 6pm and it's so amazing view when I almost reach Grindelwald. From city heading into small village named Grindelwald, and I love love love it! No regret for me to choose Grindelwald for a place to stay at Switzerland.
look at this beautiful view from the train
I think we almost getting close
arrive at Grindelwald Station
Transit and waiting the train to Grindelwald Grund
The village was sooo calm, beautiful, you can see mountains on the background which is too lovely. My hostel was so close with Grindelwald Grund Station and I was glad to choose this hostel, Mountain Hostel - Swiss Hostel (25 Euro/night) with City Tax CHF 4.2. It took 5 minutes to walk from Grindelwald Grund Station, I took the mixed dormitory room and the price inc. breakfast so it will save another budget. (Tips. Try to check in to your hotel first to get Visitor's Card, with this card you can get on the local bus for free and you can get some discounts for some attractions, worth it! I got this card in my hostel, you might want to check if your hotel will have the same policy like this one, it's a good deal anyway)

The view was just awesome and because it's summer so it hasn't getting dark yet even it's already 7.30 PM. I don't feel like going anywhere at that time so I prefer to stay at the hostel. They have hammock on the backyard with the spectacular view so I will just stay there until sunset which is soo beautiful and relaxing. It's like the best day for me to relax in this Summer Europe trip, no need to think about anything, just enjoy my day :) 

On that night I already brought instant noodle for dinner, at that time I feel like it's time to reducing my weight for my trolley bags..hehe :p. The instant noodle that I brought to Europe is the one that most people were talking about so I decide to brought some and give it as souvenirs. The hostel also provide kitchen so we can use it to cook etc which is totally cool, I love this hostel.
too good to be true
Mountain Hostel at Grindelwald
mixed dormitory room 25 Euro/night or CHF 26/night
behind my hostel, specta!!
laying down on hammock and seeing view below
what a beautiful view!
thank youuu Grindelwald!! I am in love with you!
Thank you for reading my blogpost, it's packed with pictures haha, got plenty of pictures though, anyway the next post is still talking about Switzerland and you will see a cool thing that I ride at Grindelwald, see you soon and take care!


  1. Your photos are amazing! Kak, you make me fall in love with Switzerland. And thank you so much, it already sumbitted on my wish list.

    1. Hi Zahrah! Thank you for your kind words, visited Switzerland is totally worth it, no regret! Hope you can visit it too someday, anyway I just posted the next travel diaries while I was still in Switzerland if you want to take a look :)

      Have a great weekend and Cheers!


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