Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trip to Lombok 1/4

I really want to see Lombok so when i bought this flight ticket CGK-Denpasar, its already on my mind but i heard public transportation in there is difficult so i still thinking about whether i go or not since i was alone too, and it will cost more than normal. Should i took ferry boat for 5 hours from Bali to Lombok or fast boat 2 hours around Rp400.000 >< then i got information 2 days before my flight..there was promo ticket for airplane ticket. I browsed immediately then tadaaa Rp280.000 for one way Lombok to Denpasar. I was very happy coz it took only 35minutes and cheaper than 2 hours by fast boat kkk..i tried to book the ticket at night but its error so i tried again in the morning and woww..the price became Rp170.000 from Rp280.000 the day before my flight so i booked immediately including Lombok-Denpasar Rp210.000 with Merpati Airlines! What a lucky me :) this was a little story before my journey begin again this year ;) I went to Lombok-Bali, Friday 19 - Monday 22 July 2013 (4D/3N). In this trip I didn't really prepare, just go show..all i want is to see Lombok by myself :)

Day 1 - Friday, 19 July 2013
Such an early flight i took in the morning..i ordered taxi to leave on 4.30am but it hasn't came yet until 5am, kinda annoyed in an early morning >< But finally i decided to go to Lombok coz I got a travelmate too..she already at Lombok and we are planning to meet up there. Arrived in Bali then I didn't plan to go anywhere & prefer to stay while waiting my flight to Lombok in the afternoon. I was amazed because now Ngurah Rai Airport was soooo different since my last time visiting to Bali in 2011. Tick..tock..tick..tock..waiting for my next flight..i was waiting around 5 hours at the airport..zzz and that was my first time to board with Merpati Airlines, I got seat no. 2! it was amazing coz usually i got around 10 something or 20 i feel like got a hot seat for my flight ticket kkk xDD but i was surprised with the small! they only have 14 rows & left-right with 2 seats..and in additional they have propeller on it, okay..I made myself calm down. Actually it kinda made me scared a little bit :p they only have 1 door, on the back. But thankfully it run was so fast...only 35 minutes, so when the airplane just took off..i feel like only a few minutes then another announcement came for telling us to get ready for landing, hihi :D From airport I went straight to Senggigi by Damri Bus (Rp30.000), just go out from main entrance, that bus already waited there. Route for Damri is Airport - Mataram(Rp20.000) - Senggigi (Rp30.000). It took around 1.5 hours from Airport to Senggigi & around 30-45 minutes to Mataram.

always love to take this view!
Ngurah Rai Airport..still renovation~~

Seat No. 2~~~! kkk small this airplane..only fit for 28 passengers!

New Airport at Praya, Lombok

it was very easy to find this Damri Bus..
When I arrived at Senggigi, I went to travel agent to looking for shuttle to go to Gili Trawangan, so I got information from a friend that she got Rp60.000 for shuttle & boat to Gili Trawangan. So after some negotiation from Rp75.000, I got Rp55.000 for shuttle & public boat to Gili Trawangan. My suggestion is comparing price with Senggigi & Gili Trawangan for ticket from Gili Trawangan to Senggigi or Mataram, you better not to buy at Gili Trawangan, at Senggigi they offered me for return ticket including boat for Rp70.000 but I rejected coz I think there gonna be someone who sell shuttle ticket at Gili Trawangan, there is but a little bit expensive. When I arrived at Senggigi, the first thing I should do is looking for hostel or hotel, there was a man helped me to find cheaper hostel but the location is in an alley, Rp60.000 for a night. So cheap but the location was kinda..umm..i don't dare to live in coz in that hostel was so empty..only one room occupied. So I said maybe no and I want to find another place so my choice is Hotel Elen, Rp110.000/night with fan, bathroom inside, pretty good for me. And so many traveller lived there, so I thought..okay..I'll take this. Senggigi is like Legian at Bali, but not really crowded like Bali, I'm having a stroll at night around that area & went to Senggigi Beach..try to catch up the Sunset but failed due to I just sit in the seaside restaurant & have a drink. It was a perfect place if you go there with your boyfriend..hmm..someday I will go back! :)
Hotel Elen
no beautiful sunset for that day ;( XDD happy to see that family..
resort at seaside~~ i forgot the name ^^;;

nice restaurant..the view was amazing~!! ^^b
Senggigi..main road~~
i had my dinner there~~ Angels Cafe
Ayam delicious~~!! Rp35.000
Good place to buy souvenirs at Senggigi~~ ^^b

So after Senggigi at Lombok, next destination will be Gili Trawangan~~ if you google on it, that place was soooooo beautiful!!! very recommended...see ya~! ^^

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