Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trip to Hutan Mangrove PIK

Yeayy..time to have fun weekend by join one day trip, actually I joined my friend's plan to go to Mangrove Forest at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). We went on Saturday, 17th of January 2015 start in the morning met another friends at 9 AM at Monas Transjakarta to take a bus called BKTB to PIK. It took so long to wait the bus, since the officer said there are only 4 bus for that route. Thankfully after loooong waiting, the bus arrive and we got a seat. It took around 1,5 hours to that place. Ticket for Transjakarta is Rp3.500 and we should pay additional ticket for the bus, Rp2.500.
Entrance ticket for Hutan Mangrove PIK is Rp25.000, camera is not allowed inside that place and if you use it they will charge you Rp1.000.000 but handphone & tab are allowed. The place was not to crowded when we came there & not to big. I love the air at that place since the place are soo greeny..and I just love it, but that's it. For me there is not something special about that place. Anyway the restaurant was still closed so we only have noodle (indomie) for lunch. You can also do canoeing, it cost Rp100.000/boat.

Busway ticket
If you see this building, location is not far from it
Let's look at the pictures down below and see what are you thinking, in my opinion maybe you can go there in the morning cause it will be very hot in the afternoon, and after that you can have or try or doing culinary around that area since PIK have so many cute & unique restaurant with their concept and you don't have to go to mall again. Usually there are some ppl who will use this place to have pre-wedding photoshot. For me this trip was so so, hehe, I love the part that I can have a nice air and see the green colour, and that's it for me :D. See you on my next post & thank you for reading!
Entrance gate
greenie day~~ love it!

me & Indie
the bridge
on our way to see the beach?
beach is not recommended ;(

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