Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fried Octopus Jjang!! Chunghae Soosan [ 청해수산 ]

Started from a friend statement "Fried Octopus in that place was the best, go take your taxi and say Cheonghesusan to your taxi driver!" And due to my curiosity I went to that place to tried that Fried Octopus/ 낚지 복음 at Cheong He Susan/ 청해수산 , Senopati.

After you put your order, the waitress/waiter will start serving you with Banchan/반찬/Side dishes in every varians and don't worry where they put things that you didn't order cause it's FREE! haha..yep yep you didn't read it wrong since it's really FREE, including Ocha.

I ordered Fried Octopus on my first visit according my friend recommendation with small portion (Rp180.000) cause I was alone. I got lots of Banchan and me totally love it too much, tteokpoki soup, salad, veggie pancake, kimchi etc. It was soooo tummy was very happy ;) ;) ;) especially when you mixed your rice with fried octopus..vert delicious, its quite spicy but I still like it. Rice is ordered separately (Rp15.000) and I don't know why but the rice taste so delicious too.
Fried Octopus/ 낚지 복음
the Banchan was totally awesome ;)
During my second visit, now with friends, we ordered Japchae (Rp120.000) stir-fried sweet potato noodles with meat, vegetables and Haemul Sundubu (Rp80.000), spicy seafood soft tofu stew, and we got different Banchan, apparently they will change Banchan menu periodically. And as expected all the menu taste was very good, we were so full, usually they will get us dessert also for free when we finished our meals ;) they will offer us coffee/fruit or there is one more menu that I'm sorry I forgot the name ^^;;
happy tummy ;)

There are so many Koreans eating there and sometimes we felt like we are in Korea inside that restaurant, I went there few times already since this is one of my favorites Korea restaurant. So I put title Jjang / 짱 means Great! in Korean. I learned Korean a bit so I can read and talk in Korean and until now I'm still learning my Korean.

Chunghae Soosan [ 청해수산 ]
Location : Jl. Senopati No. 49, Jakarta
Open : 11 AM - 10/11 PM
Price : Rp70.000 - Rp1.000.000

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