Thursday, September 3, 2015

Work-to-do at Coffee Institute

Lots of work to do and I think I gotta bring home my work and do it extra on weekend. So I asked my friend who also might need to do their paper or task on weekend and I ended up went with one of my best friends since playground.

We went to Coffee Institute nearby Senopati area, it was on renovation in the ground level so we take upstairs and sit in the corner when we thought the high level of seat would properly for working. In fact I would rather to choose the sofa cause it looks so tempting. But keep reminding to myself, work work and work.

Since we came before lunch time which around 11 am, the cafe looks still quite empty, the interior looks nice, pretty dim light, some sofa and standard chair. The wifi are good and that's great since I need that to do my works. Sometimes I prefer quite place to work with some music that easy listening and I found it in this place. I ordered Lychee Tea (Rp30.000) and Fried Butter Mayonese Chicken (Rp38.000) for lunch. The taste was okay and the portion was pretty much and enough for my tummy. The price was not too expensive and also taking care by good staff.

We were there for hours and when its almost getting dark, there were more people coming and its getting noisy so we decided to finished our work which actually still hasn't finished yet cause it turns out we did chit chat too for a long time before heading to the new place. Such a great and perfect place to work, but I suggest you to go before 3 PM or maybe before 12 PM if you intend to do your work or anytime if you just want to hang out with your friends or your special one ;)

Coffee Institute
Location : Jl. Gunawarman No. 71, Senopati, Jakarta
Open : 10 AM - 11 PM
Price : Rp25.000 - Rp50.000
IG : @coffeeins

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