Friday, September 4, 2015

Best Korean Beef - Born Ga

I decided to make a review for this restaurant, Born Ga because beside I love Korean food, this restaurant also offering good price, good food & also good service. This restaurant decorated with the usual look like the other korean restaurant but more modern and looks exclusive from the outside. This is definitely one of the best restaurant to have Korean BBQ.

On my first visit I ordered Samgyeopsal (Rp100.000) for 180g per serving, samgyeopsal is grilled pork belly. This is my first Samgyeopsal and I was surprising since the price was not too pricey. They will grilled it at our table, first thing in Korean restaurant that you may find it generally, they will serve you with Banchan (Side Dishes), at Born Ga they will give 7 variance such as Kimchi, Sweet Potato, Salad, Radish etc. The Banchan will change occasionally so you wouldn't find it bored and I love all their banchan, so delicious. Please take a look my first visit banchan below and later on I  will show you my 2nd visit of banchan. They also give us free ocha which is very good.
I loveee their Banchan!!
waiting for my samgyeopsal ;)

Many times I heard about their korean beef was the best, so I ordered like many people recommended and it written in the menu, this is the best & most famous menu. Woo Samgyup (Rp190.000) for 150g per serving, thinly siced beef brisket dressed with Born Ga's special sauce, and they are right! this thinly beef is sooo delicious, they will offer us how do you want your meet to be cooked, standard or dry, and I choose to mix it. And yep dry is the best and I heard many people will choose the dry one. They provide any kind of vegetables leaves that we can use to wrapping our meat with some kimchi, radish, garlic & dipping in woo samgyup sauce. You can mix as you please for the filling.
Banchannnn ;)
woo samgyup
can't wait to taste it!! xDD
heaven! soooo deliciousssss
grilled finished
After you finished all your meal, they will offering us for free desserts, there are 3 options, Ice Coffee, Omucha & I forgot what is the last one. On my first visit I choose Omucha, tasted like fruit punch, sour but fresh. And the second visit, I choose Ice Coffee and I also get fruits, Watermelon. I love the Ice Coffee, it just so good and I love it. So Born Ga was made my tummy very happy and I would like to recommend this place to all of you especially who like eating Korean food ;) One thing that amazed me is they provide mouthwash to rinse & clean our mouth in the toilet which the first time I ever saw it. For the price, I think it is not too pricey comparing with another Korean Restaurant I ever visited, the price are below Chung He Su San a little bit. But I was really satisfied with this restaurant, quality of food, service, place & everything.
My dessert :p

Born Ga
Location : Jl. Bulungan Raya No. 14 Blok M
Open : 11.30 AM - 10.30 PM
Price : Rp70.000-350.000

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