Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Japan 10/10 - Itinerary Japan Spring 9D/8N (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kawagoe, Mt. Fuji)

Japan trip will be the one of the best traveling experiences for me :) such an unforgettable trip and amazing journey!
Spring season mission accomplished :)
I found myself little bit confused when I want to make this itinerary haha but finally I made it though :) Based on my experience (look out my itinerary) instead of 2 nights at Kyoto you better stay just 1 night at Kyoto and another 1 night at Osaka so after Nara and little bit explore Kyoto Station, I suggest you to take Shinkansen to Osaka in the afternoon so you can explore nightlife at Osaka like Dotonbori, Glico Man etc. Well, happy reading and save my itinerary Japan, 16 - 24 April 2016 (9D/8N) below if you want, happy traveling! Feel free asking me if you have any questions. To summarize, for this trip to Japan I already went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt. Fuji and Nara :) Cost for my trip is approximately Rp 11 million (USD 800) all in for 9D/8N, including flight, accommodation, meals, transportation, entrance fees, meals but exclude shopping :) check out below for details. Now, it's your turn to book your flight to Japan soon! 

If you missed my previous post, I will put it here to make you easier by just click on it :

How to apply E-Passport and Waiver Visa Japan
Day 1 - Things to do before you go to Japan and overnight at Haneda Airport
Day 2 part 1 : Kawaguchiko Mountain Fuji for Day Trip
Day 2 part 2 - Tokyo : Shibuya, Hachiko, TMG Building 45th
Day 3 - Kyoto : Kinkakuji Temple, Arashiyama, Gion
Day 4 : Kyoto and Nara - Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Todaiji Temple, Nara Park
Day 5 : Osaka - Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Castle, Universal Studio Japan
Day 6 : Tokyo - Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, Harajuku
Day 7 : Tokyo - Tokyo Dome, Shimokitazawa and Tokyo DisneySea
Day 8 - 9 : Kawagoe and Tokyo - Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park

See below for my itinerary Japan (9D/8N) and click to enlarge :)



  1. wah, itin ke Jepangnya komplit! mantap nih sist.. hehehe... belum pernah ke Jepang euy :D

    1. Waa ada yang main ke sini, makasih yaa bro..*senang* belom Jepang tapi rata2 tempat di wishlist aku, kamu uda pergi..serunyaa..hayokk ke Jepang..cuss :)

  2. boleh dong share kalau saya ke jepang dengan wheel chair apa mudahapa bs share itinerary via email?makasi

    1. Hi kalau aku liat sepertinya ga masalah ya n cukup wheelchair friendly, diliat selalu ada lift rata2 di subway..ini aku coba browsing2 bisa cek ini ya



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