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Japan 7/10 - Tokyo : Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, Harajuku

"Travel when you are young and able, don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be" - unknown
wie wunderbar! what a happy face surrounded by flowers

Day 6 - Thursday, 21 April 2016
From Osaka now we are in Tokyo by Willer Express Night Bus, something happened in the bus. Well, we walked too much yesterday and we have to sleep in sitting position so in the morning when I woke up I can't feel my foot and when I check it, my feet was getting bigger or swollen..hahaha...I put some traditional oil in my foot and try to give some massage and I also raise my leg, sorry for the one that sitting next to me >< just hoping the circulation of my blood will work properly, since my foot is can't fit in my shoes yet because of swollen, such an experience xDD our bus stopped in Shinjuku and from there we take subway to Asakusa cause we will stay around that area, our hostel named Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel, booked from Agoda. Reaching Asakusa we walked through Kaminarimon Gate and passing Nakamise Shopping Street and decided to go to our hostel immediately, can't wait to take shower again :)

We walked around 15-20min to look out for our hostel and we even ask the police officer, he helped us to look up his map. People in here are really great help along our journey to Japan and I'm glad for it. Our hostel actually pretty close with Asakusa View Hotel, located in the alley before the hotel. We put our bags in the hostel and asked to shower in that morning. The hostel was looks like a hotel and pretty dark inside but actually no worries because everything is really clean :)
Our Tokyo Subway pass 72-hour :)
Our Willer Pass arrived at Tokyo from Osaka
they alight us here
Since we are in Asakusa already so we kinda explore Asakusa, passing the Nakamise Shopping Street, Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate again, woahhh it was really exciting walking around this area, so crowded. We are heading to Asakusa Station to go to Tokyo Tower, we alight at Daimon Station and go through Zojo Temple to Tokyo Tower, on the first of Tokyo Tower there is One Piece Shop and Cafe, I went inside the shop and woahhh..I guess if you really like One Piece, you won't go home from this place and feel like want to buy everything there haha..One Piece is big in Japan because I see One Piece everywhere.
Kaminarimon Gate, so crowded, will pass this along our way to hostel
my trolley bag :p
the bathroom at hostel, very clean :)
Hair Dryer available, tap water can be drink
awesome *happy*
interesting way to close your shop
magnet fridge
Sensoji Temple
Nakamise Shopping Street, nice!
Zojo Temple with Tokyo Tower as the background
Tokyo Tower, yay!
One Piece Cafe
One Piece Merchandise Shop
Next stop is Shinjuku Gyoen, we planned to visit the park in the morning when we arrived in Shinjuku but we are so tired so decided to go back later and now we are visiting this park to hunting Cherry Blossoms and hope to find it :) We are starving so when we go out from station we saw a restaurant so we had our lunch there, I had package for ¥550. Shinjuku Gyoen will close at 4.30 PM and we went there at almost 4PM so we don't have much time to wander inside, to get in you should buy ticket on vending machine, ¥200. The park is quite big, we followed the path and yeahh we found the traditional house which was interesting and found cherry blossoms,  yeayy, even though it's not like I expected because some of cherry blossoms already fall but it's just nice to find few of them. We stayed until the park is closed then we off to Harajuku, so excited!!
my lunch set ¥550
Shinjuku Gyoen
cherry blossoms :)
soo beautiful even mostly fall already
It's rainy when we arrived Harajuku, we went to Meiji Temple directly and it's almost closed too in half an hour. It's free and from the gate to the temple took around 10 -15 minutes walking. The temple was nice, it was impressive that in Harajuku where the crowd are gathered and there is a temple nearby, and when we entered temple area, it was quiet and looks so different, such a swift things in Harajuku. The rain was pretty harder and we need to wait few minutes inside the temple before going out because the temple also will closed soon. Went to the alley, I just followed the google maps to find Harajuku Takeshita Dori, but did little variation so we went inside the alley and it was fun to see new things, I saw the salon that full with boys inside where they doing perm or haircut etc. hahaha and maid cafe or cute cafe too. Harajuku Takeshita Dori is interesting spot you won't be missed, so colorful with variations of shops, too bad it's rainy. We went inside Daiso to shop while waiting for rainy, Daiso in here is really big and so many good things, I feel like I want to but nearly everything because so many cute things and the price is really cheap :) if they don't have price tag, ¥110 (including tax), some have price tag.
Omotesando area
Meiji Temple in a hurry before closed
Meiji Temple
wander around Harajuku, found this salon
Takeshita Street, should visit :)
I know it's night already since we spent our time longer in Daiso, haha, but we keep going to Akihabara, still raining ;( and it's almost 9 PM when we arrived at Akihabara. We saw  Uniqlo there and well, woman things, we go inside and shop again many cheap things in Uniqlo Japan, actually you might want to check GU (second line of Uniqlo) but we didn't. We satisfied enough with Uniqlo. Since it took a while in Uniqlo so when we want to explore Akihabara, mostly shops are closed already, we didn't really explore that much in Akihabara. We saw the AKB48 building that closed already. Mostly shop that still open is Pachinko, we kinda hungry so we looking for restaurant that still open and well we found Yoshinoya, yeay! I had pork for late dinner ¥330, while the beef ¥380. Yoshinoya in here is really different with the Indonesia one, here we eating in the bar hoho. We were sooo tired and from there we went home to our hostel.
and we went to Uniqlo again eventually
Akihabara, anime and manga place
lots of stuff like this
my Yoshinoya for dinner, pork ¥330
Sensoji Temple at night, we passed this street along our way back
Don Quijote

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