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Japan 9/10 - Tokyo and Kawagoe : Candy Alley, Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park

Optimizing Tokyo Subway Pass for our last day at Tokyo, it's a must! haha :p

Day 8 - Saturday, 23 April 2016
We are going to Kawagoe which known as Little Edo and we are so excited, haha I guess I tell this many times, because so true that we are very excited in this trip. We were heading to the final station that near the station that we will take to saving cost, this is one of my tips, instead of go to Ikebukuro Station and transfer to Tobu Tojo Line there to Kawagoeshi Station (¥470), it's better to go to Wakoshi Station and took Tobu Tojo Line from that station to Kawagoeshi Station (¥310), so yeah saving cost and optimize Tokyo Subway Pass 3-Day. The journey took around 1,5 hours to Kawagoeshi Station, with google maps that I prepared at subway, I choose to stop at Kawagoeshi Station instead of Kawagoe Station because by looking out the map, Kawagoeshi Station is nearer to the temple, heading to Kita in Temple, walking from the station around 10-15 minutes, it's free and we are happy haha. From there we are going to Tokyo Bell Tower/ Toki no Kane through Kurazukuri Street/ Old Storehouse Zone which was really interesting, The feel is more like Higashiyama area in Kyoto but this one is like more traditional, too bad the Tokyo Bell Tower is on reconstruction but well, the surroundings was amazing so we still have lots to see.
my bed on the above
the locker
Kawagoeshi Station
Kita in Temple
Hot Japanese Coffee
Going inside the narrow alley that direct us to Candy Alley, we found so many traditional shop selling unique things, my friends bought handmade glass, design is so cute and pretty. Not far from that shop, I found a petite coffee shop, ohh I love it and can't wait to try Hot Japanese Coffee, lately I'm into coffee and planning to try so many different coffee around the world, even in my country too :) Arrived in Candy Alley, and wow can you guess by its name, and yeahh they sell candy everywhere, so colorful and so many kids wander around and buy candy hahaha, kids love these things. Before heading to Tokyo, we had lunch nearby Kawagoeshi Station, It's ramen and since the menu is in Japanese so we kinda confused reading it, for me I can eat everything but my friends are moslem so they avoiding Pork and luckily there is a Japanese guy and telling us he can speak English, yeayy, so he helped us to order, thank youuu so much and we also ordered the one that he recommend, yummy :)
all about candy at Candy Alley
public toilet and very clean
even in the train this kid is reading his book woww
After Kawagoe we are back to Tokyo and going to Imperial Palace, actually this is not in our itinerary but Kawagoe is finished earlier so we still have much time to explore Tokyo, yay! Imperial Palace is also free, alight at Otemachi Station and walking from there, inside the Imperial Palace you will get token which is actually free and return to the officer when you going out.  In here you can enjoy viewing historical buildings that have been designated as nationally important cultural propertis as well as the rich colors of the four season, my favorite part is the garden which so many flowers there and how I love that so many elder sitting there and painting, around the Imperial Palace you might find people jogging there, how lovely and convenience city.
jogging jogging..what a decent place to do jogging, cool!
Imperial Palace
awww the flowers
awesomee and really nice to see
We also have time to visit Tsukiji Fish Market (not in our itinerary), it's best known as one of the world's largest fish markets located in Central Tokyo. Get off at Tsukijishijo Station, you may smell it, haha. There is big fish statue attach in the market so you will find it easily, Strolling around the fish market and yeahh we got to try Sushi there, eating Sushi in Japan is funnn..we just tried the small portion since actually we still full with ramen that we ate in Kawagoeshi.

Happy eating our sushi, we are going to Ueno Park, haha we still have time, no worries because our flight is at 11.45 PM today, Ueno, wowww it's really big surrounded by markets and the park is so big too, we saw some people doing picnic, walking their dogs, hang out with friends and amused to see people at there, we are just sitting there relaxing and commenting people that passing in front of us, haha. We also had time to check the market a bit, some souvenirs are cheaper in here so you might want to take a look, I bought fridge magnet there.
We eat sushi in this restaurant
Hanami? hihi
Ueno Market
And after Ueno we decided to go back to our hostel in Asakusa and actually we kinda curious with the market that we always passing during our way back, Don Quijote Asakusa, so we get in and well, we are happy to the max! Stuffs in here is soooo cheap, we bought chocolate, dorayaki and gifts in here, I am regret that  just knew it in our last day, we shopped quite a lot in here until almost 7 PM and after that we are back to our hostel and get our bags since actually we already checked out in the morning before heading to Kawagoe, but we put our bags there first. We brought quite a lot of things and time to heading to Haneda Airport.
love the left one but errrr bad experience at KL ;(
Arrived in airport around 9 PM, we scale our bags and ups overweight, so my friends open their bags again and manage into 10kgs, because we bought 1 baggage and sharing, 30kgs so each is 10 kgs :) We are so tired and sleep during the flight...zzz...zzz

Day 9 - Sunday, 24 April 2016

Waiting around 3 hours until our next flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta in the same spot in the food court then we go to boarding room because it's time. Got little problem because the officer checked our bags again and I still have my milk tea that I bought in Haneda boarding room and they want to throw it out directly without asking, I feel little bit sucks with the way they did that, because that lady shouted at me, ohh well shit does happened. I almost want to buy again and thankfully I didn't because at the end I need to throw it out ;( I thought there are no more checking because last time when we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Haneda and it's connecting flight they let me to bring in water etc. But I don't know why they doing that because when you are in the boarding room you can buy again though and bring it into your flight *sigh
I love Japan! This trip is so amazing, I prepared a lot for this haha in order not to get broke ahahaha because Japan is expensive. But I really recommend you to go to this country. If you have any questions you can ask me by dropping comment or message me on my facebook. Thank you so much for reading my blog and it's really mean to me if you read this and I hope you will find my blog useful or maybe giving you inspiration to travel :D In the next post I'm going to share you my itinerary, see you in my next post really soon haha.
Lia, Anggie and me :)

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