Sunday, November 26, 2017

Itinerary Europe Summer 19D/18N (Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Vatican)

"We only live once so
follow your dreams and
never say never!"
- Justin Bieber
Französischer Dom at Berlin, Germany
It's finally here! The blog post where usually people will try to find or ask first about traveling which I save the best for the last :p

It took me few months to finally be able to finish my travel diaries for Europe trip, such a longer post ever! phew! Hopefully you enjoyed reading it and could feel what I feel during my Europe trip where I would be glad to share it to you and for sure it is my treasures. 

Personally, I felt I did great for my trip, starting from my preparation (check out here to see my blog post about Things to Do and Tips to Save Budget for First-Time Solo Traveling in Europe), my route for traveling where I booked multi-city instead of round trip, taking care myself before the trip and especially during the trip because I travel solo and for sure I did have lots of FUN for this Europe trip!

Happy reading and save my itinerary if you like for my First Europe Trip in Summer (19D/18N) at 14 June - 2 July, 2017. Total Budget for this Europe trip is Rp 13 million exclude Flight and Visa. During this period, I visited some countries or cities like Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium, France (Paris), Switzerland (Bern, Thun, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Basel), Germany (Berlin, Dresden), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), Italy (Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Rome, Milan) and Vatican.

Is it too much? haha xDD maybe some people will think how come I could visited all of that, how much the budget, or maybe some people in other hand thought, are you enjoying it? since you will hop on hop off the city and keep moving around. Well, for me, I truly enjoyed all of it and no regret at all, for the first timer I felt I made right decision and I didn't feel exhausted by moving around like that, it's always full of excitement everyday!! In fact, Europe will always there and you can come back, I guess if I go back to Europe I will stay longer at some cities because I knew already from my first time visit.

OHH..another thing you should know, actually for this trip I didn't really make proper itinerary like I usually did like Korean Trip or Japan Trip because usually I will make itinerary in details before I go and I will make the actual itinerary after the trip to share in my blog. This time, before I go, my itinerary was filled only by countries or cities without the details regarding places to visit. I prefer to go show and let it flow this time by asking my friends, tourist information or people that I met during the trip.

I will put my travel diaries in details below if you missed my previous diaries, so it will make you easier by click on it :

So I made this itinerary special for you after I finished my Europe Trip, sorry for not being too details this time, I would be happy to help with your questions in comments below or drop me message on my facebook or instagram (@tritamj). I will try my best to answer you :)

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I hope this information would be useful for you and hope you can enjoy Europe too! Auf Wiedersehen! xoxo

See below for my Itinerary Europe in Summer (19D/18N), click to enlarge or download from here :


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