Monday, November 20, 2017

Europe 16/17 - Italy : From Rome to Milan, My Last Night for Europe Trip

“To travel is to live.” 
- Hans Christian Andersen
Duomo in Milan, stunning!
Day 17 - Friday, 30 June 2017

My friend already left Rome last night but I am still here, my train for Milan is at 12.20 PM this afternoon. I don't wanna go somewhere so I am just laying down at my room until check out time at 10 AM. My train will leave from Rome Termini Station, so I left my hostel and stopped by at the market to buy couple things before heading to the station. I found this Conad City Market where actually it's cheaper to buy there comparing with others market. I also tried to shop using the self service one, it's an unique experience for me.

Rome Termini is a big station and there are lot of shops inside the station. They have some brands at the station like Mango, Kiko etc. While waiting for my train I visited those stores and going upstairs to the foodcourt, sit there and waiting. Anyway in my opinion, it's quite hard to find someone speaks in English because Italian most of them speak their own language, sometimes when I already clearly ask in English, they still reply in Italy where for me seems roaming because I don't get what they mean.
too bad I just found out on my way leaving Rome to Milan
self service :)
Roma Termini Station
You can check the schedule there
another shopping time?
waiting for my train at Food Court
time to get on the train
what a nice train :) *happy Rome - Milan, 39.9 euro by Frecciarossa
I took Frecciarossa train from Rome to Milan, 39.9 euro, the journey take about 3 hours 10 minutes to Milano Centrale (Milan Central Station). It was a fast train, I arrived at Milan around 4 PM, so far when I was in Italy I prefer to take train because it's more convenient to take train in Italy.

Once I get off at Milan Central Station, hmm it feels different already, the ambience, the weather. It's lovely weather in Milan, it's more clean too in my opinion. I went to my friend's apartment, this time I used Couch Surfing for my last night in Europe. I can't believe my travel almost come to the end.
after around 3 hours, hello Milan!
my train :)
what a nice station
continue my way to Metro
nice Metro!
so clean :D
Put my bags and got a ride to city center, I wandered around and woww..stores are everywhere, this city will make me broke by shopping haha. Some people said Milan is a place for shopping and I guess it's true. The most famous site in Milan is The Duomo (Milan Cathedral), for sure you shouldn't missed this place. It took centuries to build and after latest restoration it become more impressive than ever. I really love the details, the colors, it looks stunning. I didn't get a chance to get in at that time. In front of cathedral is a large square where used to hold events, concerts or others festivities.
time to explore Milan
shopping, people?
Duomo di Milano :)
look so niceee!
that is Galleria
the details are impressive!
look at the details on that door!

Next to Duomo, there is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where so many branded stores inside. The interior looks so wonderful and the ambience looks great. I bought gelato (4 euro) there because it looks yummy and yes true, it was so delicous! From Galleria, I wandered around Milan and enjoying my day at that time.
so beautiful!

yummy, craving for Gelato in Italy!
sooo yummy! 4 euro
I also try to find Decathlon where I looked for in the map and then I walked to that store. Well, for sure I still want to find something there haha. It really great because there is also Decathlon in Milan. This store is so big because it is a largest sports store. There are so many selections in that store, for those of who like traveling, sports etc would love to visit this store. In addition, the price is not that expensive, I bought couple things there. Not far from Decathlon there was a building where I lately found out it's Sforzesco Castle, was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, on the remnants of a 14th-century fortification
wandering again
Hello again Decathlon!! hahaha
I love the sky!
Sforzesco Castle
I love this side
chilling out after work?
Vending Machine for Metro
Metro Ticket at Milan, 1.5 euro 
Going back home and apparently there are another Couchsurfers from Belarus, so we had dinner together on that night with delicious Homemade Pasta. Had fun for sure for my day one in Milan. Pasta, Wine and had chit chat during the night, what a nice day.
time to cook! not me haha :p
let's eat!! :) Thank you Sergio for your hospitality! it's yummy!!
Thank you so much for reading my travel diaries and I'll see you very soon.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I always the photos that you took kak XD

    Those explained the great of Milan *.*

    1. Zahrah! thank you so much for stopped by here :)


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