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Europe 17/17 - Italy : Such a Sunny Day at Milan to end my Europe Trip, Grazie!!

Don't overthink about it. Just Go.

beautiful church, San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, Milan, Italy
Day 18 - Saturday, 1 July 2017

Last day already? huhu..time does fly too fast especially when you're in holiday. My flight still at 10 PM so it means I still have one day in Milan. In the morning, I accompany my friend to do weekly groceries shopping at Ipercoop Market, such an interesting thing for me since I joined what usually local people do. And mostly in Europe, they avoiding use plastic so they will usually carrying their own shopping bag because sometimes you need to pay like 0.5 euro per plastic which is quite expensive for plastic, so if you're not bring your shopping bag then either you will put all the stuff in your bag or you want to pay for the plastic.

The supermarket located quite far from center city, but my friend said the price is good in here, it's also a big supermarket and that's true. Once I entered the supermarket I feel like I should buy something in here haha. The pasta selections are very nice, and everything is cheap, how I love it! Too bad, I only can buy several things because my backpack already full already, wondering how will I packed my things later.
I am blessed with this sunny weather during my Europe Trip
time to do groceries shopping :)
I love Apricot! 
passing the San Siro Stadium
looks more closer
am I in Berlin? haha the grafitti remind me that
so many badges on the car haha
Back at home to put our shopping items, my friend took me around Milan by motorcycle which is nice. We went to the church which my friend recommended, San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, from the outside you can't see it but when you enter the building, it is stunning. Most of the paintings inside the church will remind you with all the Bible stories, that was really great. It's also Free to enter this church, attached to this church is an archaeological museum. We also explored and see some buildings like Santa Maria delle Grazie, a Church with Da Vinci's The Last Supper, Fu*k You monument which is quite unique and shopping area where I ended up spending my time super long in here, which is back to Duomo area.
Santa Maria delle Grazie, Da Vinci's The Last Supper
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, let's go inside this time!
nice isn't it? :)
look at those beautiful paintings
Fu*k You Monument
planned to go inside but apparently they closed
I asked my friend to left me there, then I went around again. I also went to find Long Champ store where I thought it would be easy to find anywhere but apparently there is only one store there and I went there but the collections and offers were not as good as Berlin.

I walked around again through Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and I just go inside like H&M, Uniqlo, Mango, Zara, Pull n Bear, OVS, Foot Locker, etc etc around it and wow I can't believe with their prices because mostly are sale so SALE are everywhere in Milan, such a heaven!! It remind me with Amsterdam and I am totally in love with it. You can find so many bags at Mango or Zara only for 20 euro, or T-Shirt at Pull n Bear only like 3 euro or even in H&M, so so cheap! I can't resist it so I bought few bags, clothes etc. haha wander around some store like Rinascente Milano Department Store etc.

There are also AC Milan Store and Football Team store just right behind Duomo Milan, I am not a fan of football but I am just curious so I went inside the store and it was nice, Football Team for those who want to find your favorites there like Franscesco Totti, etc. I guess I spent my time too much for shopping so after that since I thought I should go home now, take my backpack and then go to airport.
lining for Chanel? wow
sale sale sale
AC Milan Store
Disney Store
shoes, anyone?
lovely Duomo Milan
Football Team Store next to Duomo

I went to Malpensa Airport by shuttle bus not far from my friend's apartment, bit confusing at that time but thankfully I met a nice lady on the street and she took the same way like I did so she accompanied me to the shuttle bus pick up point, cost 8 euro for the bus and it took around an hour to go to the airport.

Arrived in the airport, checked in my bags. My flight at 10.10 PM and will arrive at Abu Dhabi in the next morning at 6.25 AM. Had a nice flight with Alitalia on that night, maybe they are on the same group with Etihad because actually I booked Etihad but the airline operated by Alitalia for my flight back to Abu Dhabi.
taking my airport shuttle to Malpensa Airport there
cost 8 euro
Malpensa Airport
I love that sky color
waiting for boarding
so hungry, thankfully there is covenience store at boarding  place near the gate, 4 euro
Alitalia airline :)
Day 19 - Saturday, 2 July 2017

When I arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport, I felt dejavu because again I arrived at Abu Dhabi in early morning with the same Terminal and will move to another Terminal to my Jakarta flight which is the same Terminal when I want to go to Amsterdam, haha. Well I'd love to go back again for sure. I slept on the nice bench around my gate and well, I slept very well because when I wake up, it's apparently boarding time. I wonder if I didn't wake up on time, well, so grateful that didn't happened to me :p
back again to Abu Dhabi Airport
awesome they have shower room for free!
remember 1 lt only for Indonesia hehe

When I was in line for my flight, I found so many Indonesian already in the line, most of them were same like me, just go back from Europe trip. My flight was at 10.45 AM and will arrive in Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport) at 10.40 PM on Sunday. Well, I felt in my country already even on the plane. Anyway, I think that was a longest flight ever for me around 8.5 hours and all I can do was just sleep and sleep, but I tried not to sleep that much so I watched some movies, series, listening music etc. Because I will arrive at Jakarta at night so I need to make sure to sleep according Jakarta time later because I will go back to work on the next day which is Monday! No jetlag for me because it's still normal hour for me.

I remembered there was a weird passenger on the plane, because he keep disobeyed the rules, like when we want to landing, you're supposed to be fastened your seat belt but he walked around and even if you're landing already you still need to sit, but this passenger was stand up immediately soon after the plane touched down. They are not from Indonesian which I felt proud of, because if that's Indonesian, I would feel embarassing with his attitude.
back with Etihad
why did I choose this menu on the plane? haha I want pasta! lol
snacking time
some chocolates that I bought during Europe trip, I ate some already
stuffs that I bought in Europe, hehe
including this new backpack! hihi only for 39.9 euro
So, yay!! finally I finished writing my travel diaries for my Europe Trip and soon I will share you my itinerarty with the details, this trip was a greatest trip for me so far!! I totally enjoy it TOO MUCH!! I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!!

Have a fabulous day!

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