Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lombok 2/3 - Snorkeling around Gili Air, Gili Meno, Sate Rembiga #gemeztrip

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
- Coco Chanel

Day 2 - Saturday, 14 April 2018
Had a very nice sleep, breakfast at hotel then we strolling around and playing on the beach in the morning before check out time from Kelapa Luxury Villas, we plan to explore another Gili like Gili Air or Gili Meno and do snorkelling. We were heading back to beach when we tried to catch sunset yesterday by bicycle.

Feel the breeze, sunny hot day, go into the water by the beach or just sit down there. Enjoying our time, our last day at Gili Trawangan.
Breakfast in the morning at Hotel Rp 90k/person
ready to explore :D
the wave was way too high to reach that swing -_-
play with the water
Back to our hotel and pack our things then we go to the pier by Cidomo (horse carriage) Rp 150k/one way and taking the boat to start exploring the island or do snorkelling. Snorkeling was one thing that I missed during my first visit but glad to make it happened in this trip instead. For me personally, the spot for snorkeling was not that nice, I guess we did snorkeling around Gili Meno and also Gili Air, ohh I guess now it would be hard for me to see a nice spot since I've been to one of the best snorkeling spot which is Karimun Jawa.

We had our lunch at Gili Air, the restaurant was pretty full, lot of tourist there. I had my fried fish, rice and also honey lemon ice, this honey lemon ice is so refreshing on that sunny day.
Gili Trawangan
go with this boat for snorkeling and back to Mataram
MJ nails of holiday ig : @uknowmj #mjnailart
the water is clear :)
ready for snorkeling
snorkeling time, anyway I am taking the picture so it's not me haha
we ate on that restaurant
happy yummy happy tummy, lunch time!
After that we go back by boat to Mataram and heading to Senggigi, check in to our next hotel, Svarga Resort (see the review here), superior room (Rp576k/room/night). The hotel interior is very nice, so many greenies, with cubicle rooms, unique elevator. We had some rest, and because it's really hot, I went to their pool on 2nd floor where it turned out infinite pool and it's nice, so I swim there. I also tried their body massage before going out to have dinner.
Svarga Resort
the bed :D
Infinite Pool <333 but it's really hot at that time haha
still..we go to swim! haha
We went to Sate Rembiga for dinner, well well it's quite spicy but it's so delicious, I recommend you to try this satay, made from beef. We ate a lot on that night. After finished we went to shopping mall at Mataram area and we pay visit to our friend's parents also parents in-law, where apparently her parents in-law house love to paints and the paintings are awesome, he also has his own room where he usually do all the works.
sunset? :p
Sate Rembiga for dinner, yum!
sooo yummy!!
visiting my friend's in law house
so nice! everything painted :)
Before we heading back to the hotel, we went to the some stores to buy gifts. If you want to buy souvenirs or gift or snacks, better to buy at Mataram, because if you buy them at Senggigi, the price will be more expensive since it's touristy places.

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