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Lombok 3/3 - End of (Holi)Day and Review Hotel at Lombok #gemeztrip

"Happiness is..not having to set alarm for the next day."

at Svarga Resort, Senggigi, Lombok

Day 3 - Sunday, 15 April 2018
Our last day at Lombok, we stayed at hotel until check out time, just relaxing at hotel, having breakfast there and bit disappointed with their service during breakfast, it's not happened to me though but I guess it would be nice if they add some people to help during breakfast time. We explored the hotel and took some pictures, wearing same dresscode, white color. Pick some spot and voila!

Check out time then we heading out for lunch, Sate Bulayak and it's located pretty far at Suranadi area.

We were famished and once we get there, we can't wait to eat. Bulayak Satay, the satay consist of pieces of meat and bit of spicy, Bulayak itself actually the name of the rice cake (lontong in bahasa) but it's soooo delicious, We get 20 pcs for one portion, I know it sounds a lot but you will love it and finish it like I did haha. The ambience of that place is really nice, there are also some place where the kids can even play on the river because the water is totally clean.
the view from the top when having breakfast
snap..snap..laugh xDD
Bulayak Satay, very tasty!!!
hopped into one of bungalows and eat there :)
Lombok Airport, (not) ready to go home, see you again, Lombok!
From there we went to Putra Lombok restaurant for sitting waiting for our flight time and heading back to the airport. Our rute to go home was Lombok - Surabaya then Surabaya - Jakarta. We had our dinner at Surabaya during transit. I remember when we were too relaxed on dinner and we didn't realize it's already last call for Surabaya - Jakarta, so we running all the way for boarding, haha! Way too relaxing for all day but we had nice refreshing for that weekend, weekend well spent with the girls! :)


[REVIEW - 1] KELAPA LUXURY VILLAS - Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Address : Jl. Kelapa Villa, Gili Indah, Gili Trawangan, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat 83355

Lately, private villa with pool is quite famous especially when you stayed on the island with friends. We choose this hotel, Kelapa Luxury Villas, 3-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool Rp 2,861,934/room/night (around USD 205/room) for 6 persons, @Rp476,989/person/night. The price was not include breakfast so it's cheaper. To get to this hotel once you arrived at Gili Trawangan, we took horse carriage for Rp 150k/one way. You can also walk if you want, around 2km from the pier.
Kelapa Luxury Villas, Gili Trawangan, Lombok
If you want to have breakfast in the hotel you can add Rp 90k/person for breakfast. The room is very big and it's not usual hotel, it's more open concept even the bathroom. Our room located nearby the receptionist. At the hotel, we can rent the bicycle for Rp 50k/day. The service was nice, the hotel ambiences also nice and so photogenic, everything is clean and managed.

Our hotel is around 2km from central at Gili Trawangan so it's quite silence and away from noisy especially at night, it took 5 minutes by bicycle to go to the beach to see sunset even we missed it :p

There are living room, kitchen, coconut as welcome drinks (free), towel and toiletries equipments and I absolutely love the pool! I love swimming so having a private pool like this was too exciting. Overall I like my stay at this hotel! Check the pictures below and you can tell :)
entrance to the hotel
receptionist on the left side
our room, kitchen, living room and coconut for welcome drinks!
can't wait to swim!
the bed :)
the bathroom
breakfast delivered to your room
still inside the hotel
pose! :D

[REVIEW - 2] SVARGA RESORT - Senggigi, Lombok

Address : Jl. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia, 83355

It's not that close with Central Senggigi but it's a nice place to relax, the hotel is full with greens! The design of this hotel is very unique, all with those box square cubicle concept, we stayed at Superior Room (Rp576k/room/night) including breakfast so about USD 42/room for 2 persons.
Svarga Resort, Senggigi, Lombok
I spotted their elevator is so unique, it's just one on the middle but run very slow and at some point I prefer to use stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. So many stairs and thankfully our room located on the first floor hehe.

The pool is really nice yet too hot if you want to swim around noon, an infinite pool with the great view of course full with greenies. They also have massage service, I tried but I still prefer the one that I used to go at Jakarta :)

I don't know but I guess open concept bathroom was pretty popular recently? because our bathroom in this hotel is open too, so watch out if you will feel the breeze especially at night haha. But everything is so clean in this hotel.

The minus point in this hotel was during breakfast because I thought it would be nice if the add some people to assist during breakfast, I found especially if you want to get omellete you need to queue and you can't just order then waiting for them to deliver it to your table, if crowded they might forget about your order. And when you come to your table, it's hard to find waiter that already cleans the table even provide the basic things such as spoon and fork, the breakfast menu is standard and not that fancy :)

Overall I like stay in this hotel. Check the pictures below and see it by yourself :)
full with greenies! <333
the elevator that I mentioned before
infinite pool, yay swim again!
the bed
shower with open concept
the view during breakfast on top floor
lot of nice spots to take pictures
Thank you so much for reading my blog and see you around soon because yess..I already have things in line to share haha, wait for it and hope you still enjoy reading it!

Anyway to moslems who reading it around the world, Happy Eid Al-Fitr, may you have a great time with your beloved families! :)

cheers and much love xoxo,

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